Beta O’Dork Announces Presidential Campaign

Why bother?

What is the point of the Beta O’Dork candidacy? Is he going to give anyone $1,000 a month like Chairman Yang? Is he going to accomplish anything in this polarized country? No.

This grinning loser couldn’t even beat Ted Cruz. It’s $1,000 a month and Drumpf: Season 2 cancelled, OR, another privileged White guy. Choose wisely, Democrats!


The Real Racists

Note: In Joe Biden’s case, it is another elderly privileged White guy and the Boomer Bowl.

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    • Yup, I actually looked it up since I double-check everything and you are right, she is a jewess.

  1. Leaving all else aside, just think of the mental difference between someone like James Madison or even Thomas Jefferson and the morons we now have sitting in the White House in control of a nation. Obama,Trump, Dubya, Clinton, the Peanut Farmer, Ronald Reagan. Christ Almighty, how the mighty have fallen!

    • Carter was a Nukular engineer of some sort on a U-boat. He was a delusional christian but actually somewhat skilled and unusually honest for a politician. On his second day in office, Carter pardoned all the Vietnam War draft evaders. He certainly didn’t do much good but I find it hard to hate him like I do the others you mentioned.

  2. as the old guard crumble (Biden, Pelosi, Warren etc) the banking mafia are trying to replace them with safe looking young soydems like Yang and Beta to keep wypipo sedated – the alt-right should be trying to derail this process.

  3. OTOH,

    if Biden puts Beto in as VP,

    he wins the ‘lection by carrying Tejas.

    Florida (demographic shift) and Penn (Phila. vote harvest)

    are already a cinch for the dems,

    so that’d kill Drumpf in the EC.

    (NB, FBI: “kill”, as in “defeat”)

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