Yang Gang Is Third Positionism

Who is Chairman Yang?

Why does he suddenly have a gang? Asks nervous and clueless establishment pundit.

Polls are a lagging indicator. Drumpf has taken a 4 point hit though since the cringe we saw on display at CPAC 2019. He is down to 39 percent.

Note: Infowars is doing its duty and shilling for Trump and Yang Gang’s response is basically lmao you’re not even on social media anymore.

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  1. Oy vey! This is reminds of the time my grandfather Rabbi Herschel Lieberman-Bagelbaumblattstein was gassed 600 times in the shower ovens before being turned into a soap lampshade! He was only three when she died!?

    • you’d be voting for 12,000 free Jewbucks/year;

      anyway, it’s just something to do on ‘lection day

      in case you don’t have something better to do…like

      learn bicycle repair or how to identify edible mushrooms.

      • Do you really think this chink is going to fork over $1,000 a month to everyone, what a joke. I’m embarrassed so many people are standing there salivating at the thought of all that free money. Pathetic.

  2. Might as well be a ChiCom that finishes this dying empire off. They own half the country already. Give em the other half and spend your YangBucks on more prepper supplies.

    “All your base are belong to us.” Ancient chinese proverb

    • Yeah, that Yang is not merely a DNC shill but also a ChiCom agent provocateur tasked with preparing the US for a soft takeover before the hard invasion is a distinct possibility. The Yellow Peril was not just a plot device from Fu Manchu novels.

  3. Yang is a Macron clone – a banking mafia bandaid on the root economic problem which is stagnant demand caused by over supply of cheap labor.

    If there’s no actual 3rd position candidate to support the next best option is the most anti-white one.

    Knocking down the Pelosi/Biden/Warren wing of the Dems so the more radical anti-white ones come to the fore would show white liberals the future.

  4. Yang is not pro-White. Neither is Trump, not is any other candidate. Nor is the US Government pro-White. Voting will not fix anything. The best hope for White Americans is a relatively peaceful implementation of Soviet-style tyranny (which is nearly accomplished and far more desirable than all-out race war) followed by a relatively peaceful collapse into a truncated White nation state.

    • “a relatively peaceful implementation of Soviet-style tyranny (which is nearly accomplished and far more desirable than all-out race war”

      if that happens every school will be made minority white, the race war will take place inside the schools, the white kids will lose and there won’t be a truncated nation after the eventual collapse cos there won’t be any white babies.

  5. Yang says he will not deport any illegals- he will turn them into citizens. He says they have to earn it- this means pay taxes and no felonies- not much of a hurdle , eh ? He is cool with the transgender thing . Bet he is also ok with tearing down Stone Mt. CSA monument in Georgia.

    How can any self respecting white nationalist ever support this guy ?

    • I have literally been sickened by some of the lickspittle comments on this site, drooling over this chink.

      • I don’t see why anyone could be mad over getting $1,000 month. I support doing it for the Millennial and Zoomer generations. Sounds like a great idea to me and I couldn’t care less that a chink is pushing it.

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