Yang Gang’s Interrogation

My sides!

I heartily approve. It was Donald Trump’s agenda or $1,000 bucks a month. That’s the choice the GOP has made by cucking him on policy for two years to prop up the racket that is conservatism after it was so soundly rejected in the last election.

The Washington Post writes:

“His ideas are wide-ranging. In the interview, Yang declined an invitation to place himself on the political spectrum, saying instead that he sees himself as “a problem solver.”

“I will take solutions from anywhere,” he said. “It’s not left or right, it’s forward.”

Yet, much of his platform would be at home on the wish lists of die-hard liberals — a fact that makes his sudden support among the alt-right even stranger. An article on The Verge documented Yang’s meme-fueled rise to ironic hero status among the 4chan set of the fringe right wing and the all-out white supremacists, as both groups have projected their views onto an obscure candidate.

“White nationalist supporters have been able to pick and choose statements from Yang to support the idea that he’s uniquely concerned with halting the decline of the white race,” wrote Russell Brandom in that piece.

Some of their data points: Richard Spencer said “everyone should take this man and his ideas seriously.” Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer has devoted multiple posts to him. WikiLeaks promoted his campaign, and dubbed him winner of the “2020 meme war.” He tweeted about the opioid epidemic and the rising death rate for white Americans, writing “We need to do much more.” And he appeared on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, where Carlson, incredulous, told Yang, “I sit with my jaw open. I agree with you so strongly” about the danger of increased automation.

His campaign has even seemed to court the seedier corners of the Internet, a move designed to appeal to a number of mostly male, mostly white voters who may have once supported Trump. In an interview with Vox, Yang said, minus the white nationalism and the bigotry, “I find the whole thing hysterical … Imagine seeing your face on dragons and whatnot.” …

Why would the Alt-Right be mad about this? They think it is a hilarious comeuppance that will accelerate the demise of mainstream conservatism.

Yang is offering $1,000 a month. It sounds like a New Deal to indebted Millennials and Zoomers working in the gig economy who aren’t interested in AOC’s Green New Deal. What could the average Millennial or Zoomer do with $1,000 a month? Pay off their debts. Pay for an apartment. Make a car payment. Maybe start their lives on a firmer financial foundation. It would make their lives vastly better and so, what a shock, suddenly the idea is rapidly gaining traction with them.

What on earth are the Republicans offering that can compete with the potency of $1,000 a month? Oh, are they going to build the Trump Wall? Are they going to secure the border? Are they going to end abortion or gay marriage or tackle any of these other fake issues they have grifted on for decades?

As a longtime populist political pundit who called it for Trump, I think Yang could walk into the White House through the center of the electorate.

These memes are gold.

I haven’t been this amused since November 2016. Please keep it up. I was leaning toward sitting out 2020 but Yang has my vote in the Democratic primary now.

Note: We haven’t been on the Trump Train since April 2017 when Jarvanka backed the first Syria strike.

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