Dear Little Molly

Since you asked:

Chairman Yang speaks:

… and we will be getting paid.

THOUSAND DOLLA A MONTH to build this new populist consensus.

Here are the facts:

1.) First, we don’t like you or people with your tiresome SJW mindset who get mad over the dumbest things in life like being offended by inanimate statues.

2.) Second, we have moved on from Donald Trump who has failed us. We didn’t get shit out of the Trump administration and have decided that having Orange Cheeto in the White House as an avatar of rage pushing Kushner’s agenda has been working out largely to your benefit.

3.) Third, we realize that people like you need to be permanently marginalized in our society and the easiest way to do that is to elect this inoffensive Asian centrist.

4.) Fourth, there are a lot of disillusioned, highly talented, internet savvy people with lots of skills who supported Trump in 2016. Instead of voting to perpetuate Trump’s Boomer nostalgia and 1980s conservatism, we think it is a better idea to accept the $1,000 bucks a month.

5.) Fifth, when Chairman Yang is president and weed is legalized and everyone gets $1,000 bucks a month, student loan debt forgiveness, health care and other gibsmedat for disaffected White folks on the Yang plantation, the market for leftwing outrage will rapidly evaporate.

6.) Sixth, the fact that people like you and “journalists” are going to call us “racists” and “white supremacists” and “Neo-Nazis” for supporting Yang is deeply humorous on so many levels. The truth is that we are more like disaffected moderate ethnocentric populists who are willing to compromise. We don’t hate people like Yang for being Asian. We hate your retarded politics.

7.) Seventh, your friends in Silicon Valley have managed to rig social media since the last election so that the Alt-Right never happens again. The ADL is now in charge of censoring “hate” on the internet. Do you know what isn’t “hateful”? $1,000 bucks a month coming out of the pocket of Jeff Bezos.

8.) Eighth, $1,000 bucks a month is social insurance against doxxing and FU money to “journalists” and “watchdog groups” who whip up faux outrage mobs on social media. There has never been any money in populist politics, but there will be when Chairman Yang is president.

9.) Ninth, it isn’t against the rules to promote Yang and $1,000 bucks a month on social media. Why not just get back on social media and talk politics and economics?

10.) Tenth, have you given any thought to how easy it is to connect with normies by offering them Yang and $1,000 bucks a months? Most people aren’t obsessed with politics.

By electing Yang, we take out both of our political enemies with a single shot: crazy SJWs like you and Eddie and the scam that is Conservatism, Inc.

Your consolation prize is still $1,000 bucks a month. It will be a soft landing.

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  1. “The truth is that we are more like disaffected moderate ethnocentric populists.” I think I can argue everything I care about from a leftist unionist position. There is nothing left of (((conservatism))) that I give a shit about. When Jews control your money you are basically a free range slave.

  2. I vote fol Chang, he make me raff six mirrion time. Tlump no good, he awrays suppolt Islael. With jew, you rooze.

  3. Keep voting! That will fix it! The fresh new guy with bags of other peoples money is our guy!

    Problems with voting:

    Womens suffrage.
    Blacks allowed to vote.

    Neither were ever supposed to happen. On top of this factor in the illegal beaner votes. Now tell yourself that your vote counts when a black tranny mexican retard cancels out your precious vote.

    Stalin laughed at voting he knew it was just a tool for the elites to give the illusion of a choice. From here on there are no choices, except shitbag A or scumsucker B. Both of which intend to toss whitey to the wolves.

    • I’ve often argued that the entire system was broken the moment they gave Negroes the vote.

      Once you’ve given it to the most alien, hostile, intractable, small-brained species of hominid on Earth, how are you logically going to deny it to anyone else? “We shouldn’t give the vote to women!” “But, old chap, you already gave it to niggers, what? Who are you then to say we shouldn’t give it to our women? At least they’re white.”

      The door to disaster was opened as soon as the groid was made the political equal of the White man.

        • Precisely, but that doesn’t change my point one iota. I thought the cause of the groids getting the vote was so self-evident that it wasn’t necessary to rehash it in detail every time it was mentioned.

  4. I know Trump is NFG but moving to Yang reminds of a jilted lover finding his next love on the rebound. The grand per month is never going to happen (anymore than the wall is with all that that implies) but having said that I hope he stirs up a lot of shit for Trump and the GOP.

  5. Yes, I understand the monkey wrench aspect just as long as you don’t take the grand a month seriously. The open enemy left is less of a problem than the backstabbing “conservative” right. If the latter was really on our side we’d have won a long time ago.

  6. It is comical as fuck that everyone thinks this ‘free gibs’ money will just be doled out to everyone. This is the slant that also liked the ‘social credit score’ system of China. So if you think this money is going to Appalachia or the rust belt or anywhere like it, think again.

    This will be gibs for the ‘approved’ only, what would stop them from simply saying white males, due to inherent privilege are not eligible? Would there be an uprising? You’d have to turn off feetsaball and afroball for 10 minutes and drop your light beer to rise up. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat…

    This is another dupe just lie MIGA / Trump this time it is a rice n1gger instead of a NY J00 blowjob queen.

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