Charlie Kirk: God Bless Israel

I’m with Chairman Yang.

It is Make America Great Again with Universal Basic Income, OR, it is Trump and this clown and four more years of Make Israel Great Again. It is being disavowed and deplatformed for the sake of MIGA, OR, it is being disavowed, replatformed and paid $1,000 bucks a month.

Note: Conservatives are against identity politics. Look at this cringe!

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God Bless Israel ?? ????

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  1. Charlie Kirk is auditioning for VP in a future MIGA administration, since it’s obvious that he’s following the Pence script.

  2. Did ya’ll see what Steve Sailer tweeted?

    “Pelosi complains “Jewish money” is an anti-Semitic trope. But what are #s?

    Among 2018’s top 50 campaign contributors, 56% of the $297 million given to GOP candidates/causes was from Jewish donors.

    76% of Democrats’ $361 million was from Jewish donors.”

    I thought the numbers tweeted by Battle Beagle were bad – 25% for Republicans and %50 of Democrat is Jewish money, but 56/76 now? My Jaw hit the floor. This is Bolshevism.

  3. Jesus Christ.

    Red Ice and Angelo couldn’t get enough Trump during the election. I was banned from their blog because I was explaining that Trump is the jew bag conman.

    I’m ready to hear something from somebody with some discernment and not these same people that GOT IT WRONG.

    At least you didn’t ban me from here (although I never go back and check that you actually ok’d my comments).

    • @BMan. Trump’s being widely smeared/attacked in the media seem to have made people in US buy the fake America first stand of his.
      The same tactics has proved itself very successful within the EU. What I have in mind is that people in Western Europe who oppose globalism have swallowed the myth about Poland having become the rescuer of Christian culture, just because the EU-bigwigs – along with the openly pro multiculti governments in Western Europe (Merkel, Macron, Löfven) – criticize Poland’s authorities for their “nationalist policies”. What those naive Europeans in Western Europe aren’t able to see is that the conservative nationalism in Poland is limited to the rhetoric against mass immigration from MENA. Not quite surprisingly, the open minded -aka anti-globalist Westerners – have turned a blind eye to the fact that Poland is the most eager country when it comes to aggressive propaganda against the “Russian imperialism”. Not a secret even if you do not understand Polish.
      The ignorance in Western Europe about the emptiness of Poland’s anti-immigration rhetoric however is understandable due to the linguistic barriere, since all info in English about Poland is thoroughly adjusted by the “nationalist” establishment.

  4. Kirk is PATHETIC. I’m glad the blaming of White women is subsiding a bit; men are supposed to protect and defend the Tribe. I can’t watch that Kirk bit. He’s an example of the WORST insanity of and TREACHERY of White males.

    • Which Tribe … our volk or (((The Tribe)))?

      IMO, the current year Murican “alphas” … cernovich, molyneux, the cheeto in chief, mike bibi’s pipi holder pence, lil’ Charlie above, are all trying their hardness, gosh darn it, to protect and defend (((The Tribe))).

      • WP, cernovich and possibly molyneux are of the (((tribe))). Drumpf’ beloved daughter ivanka and son in law are of the (((tribe))), and pence genuflect stop the (((tribe))) in the most shameless manner imaginable.

        Call the next case.

    • It’s sad that in this country you oftentimes have White Men of good racial stock standing like a big burly security guard defending Israel and all the Jews represent.

    • “I’m glad the blaming of White women is subsiding a bit; men are supposed to protect and defend the Tribe.”

      Truer words were never spoken. White MEN are responsible for ALL OF IT. Women are NOT to be blamed, AT ALL.

      It was WHITE MALES who, guided by Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, VOTED FOR women getting the vote.
      It was WHITE MALES who BOUGHT THE BIG LIE. It was WHITE MALES who did (((THEIR))) bidding, killing NS Germany, and killing THEMSELVES in BLOODBATHS like the Civil War the 2 World Wars.

      They also bought into the PROGRAMMING driven into their minds via radio and newspapers and motion pictures THEN television and “education” and CHURCHES who were also WEAPONS against the Aryan.

      While it is true that white women today, on average, are less than they should be the FAULT LIES ON THE SHOULDERS OF WHITE MEN, NO ONE ELSE. If White MEN had truly been MEN they would have KICKED the Christ killers out of the USA and every other European nation. And South Africa fell the same way.

      Good for you Denise!!!

      • 20th Century women sold out completely to the Jews which is why we are where we are today. Men were completely marginalized and driven out of the families. Mothers sexually mutilated their boys because some Jew doctor told them to, drilled their teeth out etc. Gave their children up to the (((education))) system. Single mothers are the driving force behind Millennial dysfunction. 95%+ the fault of women. Men are the victims not the perpetrators here.

        • WHITE MEN allowed EVERYTHING to happen. Jews were collecting taxes at (((Church))) doors in the Middle Ages. The LAST successful White Ruler was Edward I. White men have been literally selling out for sheeny gelte for CENTURIES. So you victim GARBAGE is beyond pathetic.

  5. O/T, “God Bless America”, the tune we’ve been forced to listen to since 9/11, was written by the Jew Irving Berlin. It was written in the days before Israel when Jews were pretending to be real White people.

    • Don’t forget Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the Jew. S. A. … cause weez all “proud to be muh Murican, where at least we know muh free”

    • More of the same, good ol’ irvingalso wrote both “White Christmas ” and “Yankee Doodle Dandy.” Oy Vey!

    • The God of the OT and jews is a demon; Jesus, the son of (which is how most humans can most easily perceive of an earthly incarnation) of The All Father, came to save all of humanity, even the jews (John 3:16+3). The jews are ascendant at this time because we live at the End of the Kali Yuga (aka the Juden Yuga).

  6. A Chinese token for “humanity first” and “universal basic income”. How socialist and how shlomo can you get? Whites governing Whites ONLY!

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