The Centrist Strategy

Where are you actually at on the political spectrum?

If you had to choose between Yang and $1,000 a month or MIGA and mainstream conservatism, what would you do? What is your gripe with conservatism? How valuable is Conservatism, Inc. to you?

Are journalists who live in a bubble right about you?

Are you really Far Right? Judging by what I have seen over the years, I think a lot of you are ACTUALLY quite moderate and somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum. You’re just angry because you have no representation in the Republican or Democratic parties.

Set aside identity politics for a minute. The thing you are mad about is that there is no place for White identity on either the Democrat or Republican plantations. There is no acknowledgement that you even exist. What would happen if White identity were destigmatized? What would it even take to do that? Someone like Drumpf could never do that because he is so polarizing.

What is your actual stance on the issues? Richard Spencer and Greg Johnson are described as “Far Right” in the media, but both have supported UBI and abortion for a decade. The truth is that many people in the “Far Right” are actually somewhere to the left of the conservatives. They have a blend of views that combines social conservatism with economic populism.

Yang comes out of nowhere and offers THOUSAND DOLLA A MONTH. In doing so, he refocuses the debate away from identity politics and to age, class and ideology. Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson and Cernovich are perplexed because all three have supported UBI for years. Most people in the Alt-Right actually think it would be a great idea to offer a New Deal to heavily indebted Millennials and Zoomers. Enslave the robots and let everyone start their lives on a firmer financial foundation.

Ask anyone in the Alt-Right what their opinion is of Charlie Kirk’s ideology and CPAC 2019. It is the Alt-Right because the bulk of those people are moderate ethnocentric populists, not rock ribbed conservatives like Jonah Goldberg and Charlie Kirk.

Do you support globalist free trade policies that impoverish the working class? NO.

Do you support spending trillions of dollars on endless foreign wars? NO.

Do you support rebuilding America’s infrastructure? SURE.

Do you support open borders and endless waves of immigration for corporations that want to exploit cheap labor? NO.

Do you support our current healthcare system? NO.

Do you support gun rights? SURE.

Do you support political correctness? NO.

Do you support universal basic income? PROBABLY.

Maybe I am seeing a mirage that isn’t there, but I think Yang has got it all figured out, which explains this sudden upsurge of interest and warming to him on the populist Right and in the Center of the electorate. The Obama and Trump years have been intensely polarizing and the middle of the electorate has been having a temper tantrum and shifting between these two poles.

Suppose Yang were to offer a compromise that consolidates the moderate Center of American politics. It would deflate the real extremists on all three sides: the AOCs of the world, Charlie Kirk and the Republican donor class and the Sean Hannity and Glenn Becks of the world. Yang offers legal weed, student loan forgiveness, universal basic income, peace and prosperity.

Mainstream conservatism or $1,000 bucks a month? It’s the funniest meme in years.

UPDATE: Yang issues standard boilerplate “anti-hate” press release to neutralize “journalists”:

Same as Drumpf and MIGA plantation.

Yang plantation offer THOUSAND DOLLA A MONTH

The sky is the limit.

Obviously, Yang can’t appeal to racism or anti-Semitism running in a Democratic primary, but HE CAN appeal to White populism. Trump’s trick was BUILD THE WALL. Yang’s is SECURE THE BAG. If you voted your social conservative values in 2016 and got nothing, why don’t you try voting your populist economic values in 2020 and settle for something?

Suddenly, you have a strange trend of “Neo-Nazi white supremacist” Republicans warming into moderate centrist Democrats. There doesn’t seem to be a “journalist” in America capable of figuring out why.

The MIGA plantation is scared:

Ratfucker Jack Posobiec now suddenly cares about “anti-White racism.” GIVE ME A BREAK.

Donald Drumpf has lost the “country leader” energy:

If memory serves, Master Feng was more accurate than 538 which gave Hillary something like a 95% chance of winning the presidency:

Note: The Trump Train came down this same track in 2016 which explains the Alt-Right’s relationship with Trump that the media could never figure out. It has since crashed after Trump reverted to mainstream conservatism.

The Yang Yacht is now sailing through all the favorite spaces of these voters and winning them over: Tucker Carlson Tonight, 4chan, YouTube, Joe Rogan, the Alt-Right, etc.

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  1. I think part of it is just the rather pragmatic way Yang talks about fixing things, rather than being so ideological. Also. its nice to have a fellow who looks at white folks, and doesn’t go “EWW” ! I warily supported trump. but he just kept letting me down. Yang is less likely to breed such outrageous behavior from his enemies.It might let him do something useful without full blown ideological warfare all the time.
    I’m like Hunter on guns. I grew up near Tombstone Arizona,{ yes THAT Tombstone} in a Agrarian Southern family. People had a couple guns for hunting and target shooting, and defense, But the keeping of dozens of military style guns, and the way people obsess over them gets a little creepy to me.
    Keep up the great articles, Hunter

    • He has come out and said he thinks Whites are the problem. Yangy isn’t White, he’s chinese, he is not on our side. Jesus Christ, how can anyone here even consider voting for a nonwhite? Shows how flabby so many people on the right actually are.

      • It’s actually a mark of how little confidence or trust we have in White politicians. Imagine voting for any of those people BECAUSE they are White. Yeah, they are White, but they don’t give a shit about it or anyone else

        • I’m mad, Hunter, because I still live here. You sound like some of those left wing cucks all of a sudden. I’m really disappointed in you, actually. What’s the point of voting if nobody is on your side? You’re just feeding the system and prostituting yourself.

          • 1.) I take it you likely will still be mad when Trump or a Democrat is president in 2021. Being mad about reality accomplishes nothing, IMO.

            2.) If you are so mad that you are not voting in 2020, why not sit out the election and maintain your WN principles and when Yang gets elected you can give someone else here your $1,000 a month?

      • Gabby, who is the white pol that you think we should be voting for? I would like for YOU to identify an individual by name who you think is the next great white hope, instead of speaking in vague generalities of what you would like to do in a perfect world.

  2. I’m several steps ahead of the articles.

    I wanted to go back to the drawing board and rethink everything in 2019. We’ve been stuck for the past two years under Trump and what we have been doing hasn’t worked.

    • Worse than not worked we are being punished now for daring to want more. Whatever happens Yang will be the generational split from the boomers I think.

  3. Yang’s campaign manager is a Gary Cohen type who is a former director at UBS Wealth Mangement, the Swiss multinational bank that serves the financial needs of the global elite.

    Yang is interesting to the extent that one doesn’t care about or, it seems, is prepared to abandon white identity while being cool with every other tribe getting their tribal voice with Yang’s blessing. Yang is a lot less interesting than people are making him to be if one simply stops cherry picking his views.

    According to the data, Yang is not catching fire outside the digital ghetto. Yang is actually pretty unoriginal, except on the question of a UBI, which is as realistic a proposal as terraforming and colonizing Mars to boost the American economy; Yang has never fundamentally called liberal and multi-cultural democracy into question. On the contrary, Yang wants to put them on a firmer footing.

    Yang has not told the “truth” so far about possible future ethnic conflict in the US; Yang has not been “right” and “not wrong” about that possibility, as a number of people on 4chan and twitter are absurdly maintaining.

    Yang would be “right” and “not wrong” about the ethnic conflict dymanics if he took the position that “multi-ethnic societies are inherently unstable.” But Yang hasn’t taken such a position, because the logic of such a position would undermine America’s multi-cultural democracy, which Yang does not seek to do.

    Yang has not suggested that the melting pot is unwise, that it is an experiment that has not worked out, or that people of color might contribute to any future conflict. Instead, Yang has identified whites and only whites as the potential future threat in an unstable America, and whites in general not just alienated, unstable spergs which exist among all groups not just white folks.

    Yang also has not said or implied, as some people, again, are absurdly suggesting, that whites would be morally justified in turning to revolution if society don’t give them a UBI.

    Yang on the contrary wants to disarm whites through new gun control laws, including a registry, and in this respect is on the same page as the far left fringe. And then there is the problem, which Yang’s supporters are of course ignoring, that Yang supports an ecomomically liberal, Jeb Bush/Koch brothers-style immigration amnesty and near open border levels of immigration. Yang is not different from Bush in that respect.

    Yang also roundly condems the alt right folks in the upper left quadrant and rejects their support. If you are in that upper left quadrant and working for Yang, it means you working for someone who rejects you just like Ron Paul and Donald Trump do and did and that you will have to rationalize it in the same way that people did for Paul and Trump.

    I’m not against new strategies and jumping off the Trump train and staying off of it. But I’ll guess for a bit here and there I’ll be the cranky, dense, hopelessly unironic, unhip, stuck-in-the-past, wise guy who agrees with abandoning Trump but is skeptical of boarding the Yang yacht.

    • Yang is the (((DNC’s))) attempt to capture Trump’s demoralized base into voting for Bernie Sanders with slanted eyes so they can, like a jilted lover or a pouting child, show mean daddy Trump he isn’t their real daddy. It’s 4D chess, or maybe 4D mahjong, but it’s a scam worthy of the Bolshevik kikes who overthrew the czarist government of Russia. Get the proles and peasants to do your dirty work while promising them everything, then after they put you in power, dispossess and depopulate them.
      How did this blog become so overloaded with stupidity almost overnight?

      • You and Lew got it perfectly, thank you both. The level of self-delusion by a lot of people here is astounding.

        • they’re desperate for somebody, anybody, to look towards for help. so i understand that.

          but looking to chairman yang, or ANY DEMOCRAT EVER, is pure insanity. every single one of them wants to crush you into dust and is LYING about helping you with ANYTHING.

          voting for them is sheer nonsense. unless you’re an accelerationist. which there is almost ZERO discussion of in any of these yang gang circle jerks around the internet. 99% of it is muh thousand dollars a month. why on earth do they think they will get 1000 dollars a month, anyway? they have to realize they won’t be getting that.

          I will build a wall…sound familiar? You will get 1000 dollars a month…a promise from a democrat, no less.

          even if you ARE an accelerationist, you’re probably a liar. hunter wallace is one million percent unserious about ever getting into a direct conflict with the US government. so at best, he will live thru decades of ‘accelerationism’ where the US declines steadily but doesn’t quite break apart. an america where he is a hated, harassed minority.

  4. If anyone thinks white people are going to be handed anything for free by our jew effendi , i have a 30 ft tall 2500 miles border wall to sell ya.

    • I’ve been pretty disappointed by the people here, applauding this chink. He’s come out and said he wants more immigration, he wants more gun laws, and he’s accusing Whites of being a threat to the chinks here. But, all they see is that imaginary $1,000 a month, just like niggers. Absolutely disgusting.

      • 1.) Do you dislike Yang because he is Asian? I don’t share that sentiment.

        Why would I be mad at someone who wants to tax Jeff Bezos and a bunch of wealthy Jews and give me a $1,000 a month?

        2.) $1,000 a month > being mad

        3.) Reality is the opposite of political rhetoric. There was less immigration and more deportations when Obama was president

        4.) Blacks already get around $1,000 a month. Yang proposes giving the same to White Millennials and Zoomers. Why on earth would I be outraged by that?

        • YOU aren’t getting 1000 dollars a month. why don’t you understand that part?

          what part of a lying politicians lies don’t you understand?

          it’s possible the useless, deadweight, third worlders in the US might get some kind of free check from the US treasury every month, but no way on earth will you get one.

          it’s mind boggling you don’t comprehend this.

          • I’ve been looking for ways to divorce populism from conservatism and $1,000 bucks a month is the perfect way to force the issue. How mad would people be at the government if they were promised $1,000 a month and didn’t get it?

  5. Imagine, for a moment, that a Russian-American threw his hat in the ring for our presidential selection process. The media and every “normie” would have a come-apart..
    But noone is even talking about the aspects of Asian culture ascending our political ladder..
    Pretty ominous, if you think about it…

    • I’ve said it before on another post, we don’t know if Yang is an “American” or a Chicom agent….why give him the ebenfit of the doubt, especially when you are a supposed pro-White?

  6. I guess we can’t hope for a right-wing military takeover of the government, because Bathhouse Barry purged all the patriotic generals and admirals from the military. Whenever you guys are ready to burn this bitch down let me know.

    • They were never there, much less gone, long before Barry Obongo. The Murican military doesn’t have the stones to do anything other than (((what they are told to do))).

    • Even if we did have patriotic generals that obammy had dumped, why didn’t Drumpf get rid of the lefty generals when he got in?

      • he did get rid of them, eventually. kelly, mattis, and mcmaster are all gone, finally. every single one of them, a useless sack of shit. i’m sure there’s more where they came from, but maybe trump learned his lesson.

        trump is a boomercon, and comes from a different era, where the US military actually were the good guys. trump talked about patton, and other US generals, often. he doesn’t realize the US military has changed, and thought if anybody were his certain allies, those guys would be. of course, none of them were. which he seems to have somewhat figured out.

        the problem is that any guy who is a general today, came up thru the ranks during clinton, and later. during the time when real patriots and americans were steadily weeded out of the officer ranks. this started in earnest with eric shinseki, and got worse over time. schwarzkopf was the last real commander. the rest have been increasingly worse. colin powell was just the beginning with these guys. how terrible was mattis. trying to keep the transtesticles in the military and blocking trump.

  7. The Zionist bankers have been working on China for awhile now. Quietly and EFFECTIVELY, China has hybridized capitalism and dictatorship into what one could call some new glossy term I will refer to here as State Capitalism. China, as an “individual collective entity” has acquired strategic resources around the globe. They ARE playing chess, and they have configured the global board ominously well.And it seems to me the Jewish bankers see promise in their strategy and are positioning themselves to discard their current “host” nations in favor of their new pet dragon.
    Better be learning Mandarin…at least to know what the camp guards are talking about while you’re waiting on your daily bowl of rice.

    • Not only have Marxism & Communism been very Jewish enterprises, Jews have been deep in China ever since 1949. Today, Chabad centres with a hotline to Jared Kushner are in Beijing and about 10 other Chinese major cities.

      The biggest Republican king-maker, Israeli-American billionaire Sheldon Adelson, makes most of his income from gambling casinos in Macau China, partnering closely with Beijing … Chinese authorities don’t touch Sheldon, despite ‘trade wars’, Chinese executives being arrested and suicided, etc, even tho Sheldon controls the US Senate etc and can ‘fix’ almost anything with a phone call

      Leading European Jews worked closely alongside Mao Zedong and helped to create the China of today, the only non-Chinese to be on Mao’s ruling politburo – See ‘The Secret Role of Jews in China’, for names, photos etc

      Big theme to grok – ‘Big power’ conflict is fake, and has been fake since the boomers were born. Antony Sutton proved half a century ago, that the old Soviet Union was ‘The Best Enemy Money Can Buy’, propped up by US tech transferred to it, often via Israel.

  8. Yang is good for a laugh. That’s all Trump was good for, as it turned out. The party’s over. Get ready.

  9. If you want D.C. to rob selected Peter to pay for collective Paul, why even bother pussyfooting around with Yang? Go all in and become a BernieBro. In any case, you’ll need that UBI when Andrew “we need more high-skilled immigration” Yang lets in millions of his co-ethnics to snatch up all those high-paying tech jobs!

    All this is merely academic, of course. I give it six months before you’ve all turned violently against him.

  10. Yang tweeted that he was glad James Gunn is back. The yangster must be going for that superrich Hollyweird pedo support.

    Also, should @spahnranch1969 and @Larry Lampshade get together and do some comedy?

  11. “They have a blend of views that combines social conservatism with economic populism.”
    Yeah, that’s called National Socialism and it isn’t centrist, democratic or applicable to non-Whites. And it ain’t the YangGang Gong Show, for sure.

      • There isn’t one, and never will be as long as this system exists. we aren’t going to be saved by voting.

          • There is a growing concern that after eveyone in America gets $1000, there will be no money left for Israel and related wars. We will have to close the bases dotted around the world, and cut the size of the military. Has anyone done the math on this? WhataboutIsrael you racistnazianti-Semites???

          • Jesus, is that your reply to everyone now who says they aren’t voting. And if you think they’re going to cut the military budget, you really are naive. I take it your checking account is a little low so you’re hoping to get some yellow bucks every month.

          • 1.) I think military cuts will be on the table

            2.) If you want to maintain the status quo, then you can always feel good for a few minutes by sitting out the next election and maintaining the purity of your principles. Alternatively, Yang offers $1,000 a month and $100 per election cycle to every populist voter. Sounds good to me

          • @Gabby “Jesus, is that your reply to everyone now who says they aren’t voting.”

            If you were just not voting and left it at that, then whatever. But if you insist on going on and on about how miserable you are and how STUPID and SENSELESS everyone else is for considering Yang, then you’ve earned just such a response. If you’re miserable either way, it shouldn’t matter what anyone else does.

          • No, I am not.

            That’s ridiculous. I’ve been working on this for my own reasons for a very long time. Have you seen all those books I have reviewed in the archives? I have spent over a year studying Early Modern Europe and thinking about it.

  12. Brenton Tarrant.

    Now there is a guy who doesn’t give a f*** about how to get thousand dollars a month after next election.

    • Brenton will never have to worry about being unemployed and homeless. He will get free rent, free clothes, and three square meals a day for life, care of the New Zealand tax payer.

  13. There is a long-time trend on the Populist Right of getting crushes on some Left-leaning figures.

    Willis Carto liked Ralph Nader. As a Populist Carto could get on board with Nader’s socialism and also since Nader was Arabic he was skeptical of Israel and Carto embraced that.

    Heck one can go back to Francis Parker Yockey visiting Cuba!

    This #YangGang movement will probably fizzle out just like many past attempts by the Populist Right to influence the Left.

    • What is the Left and Right to you? And why is the “left” “bad” and the “right” “good”. Are you still in high school?
      Or maybe it’s because … “you’re a murican (boomer?), and socialism is bad … cause Uncle Shlomo and Ronnie Raygun told me so, and that worshipping sheklels is what every good murican christian SHOULD be doing, gosh darn it.”

      • Socialism is very bad…in a multi-ethnic dystopia. In a homogenous nation where the people are your people, not so much.

        • I can agree with you on that statement/argument. I just really hate the mammonism (i.e, the worship of the acquiring and hording of shekels, and the embrace of the once mortal sin of usury) which has be indoctrinated into the majority of Murican “good” whites.
          PS, I would recommend all here read Gottfried Feder’s 1919 Manifesto on the Abolition of Money Power.

  14. What we have to consider is what’s happening on SCOTUS and the state courts:

    Kavanaugh’s record on the Fourth would seem to strongly support Red Flags which is one reason pressure should continue to be brought on him.

    Whatever way we can safeguard our remaining rights is *the way.*

    I’m not feeling this yellow fever stuff. Whites need to delegitimize the system, not validate it.

  15. “What is the Left and Right to you? And why is the “left” “bad” and the “right” “good””

    That is a distinction that goes back to the French Revolution. The Right wanted to maintain Catholicism but the Left was radically atheist.

    In the beginning left wing politics was nationalist, but that changed after
    Johann Gottfried Herders contribution and nationalism ever since became a right wing orientation.

    Since I am a Christian nationalist being right-wing generally is a good fit.

    “you’re a murican (boomer?), and socialism is bad … ”

    I am of Germanic heritage and remember the German Democratic Republic. To me socialism connotes a police state (to maintain production in the hands of the State) and the separation of my folk. Sad!

    “cause Uncle Shlomo and Ronnie Raygun told me so, and that worshipping sheklels is what every good murican christian SHOULD be doing, gosh darn it.””

    Nah worshipping the almighty dollar is something Calvinists do and I am a historic conservative Lutheran instead.

    • So, which of the former peoples have a stronger identity, the descendants of the citizens of the former FRG (West Germany) or the descendants of the citizens of the former GDR (East Germany)?

      Phrased another way, who has more experience and expertise in groveling before international jewry and murican JewSA … the descendants of the citizens of FRG or the descendants of the citizens of GDR?

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