Andrew Yang Is Catching Fire

I’m starting to see that Obama in 2008 feel again: intelligent, inoffensive Asian guy wants to give you $1,000 a month to do away with Drumpf, MIGA and partisan gridlock:

Note: I’m seeing a lot of reborn centrist Democrats these days

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  1. hey hunter:

    why not 2000 a month?

    explain why a candidate can’t just offer 2000 a month and upstage him.

    you haven’t thought this thru very well.

    • $1000 is well within the financial reach of the US treasury, $2000 is not.

      Why not pay cops and soldiers a million dollars a year? We are patriots, right? You haven’t thought this through.

      • can cops and soldiers directly vote to increase their pay?

        can a 1 party united states, where democrats control everything, vote to increase their government handouts to themselves?

        see the difference? see the problem?

        is social security financially solvent? medicare? what happens when politicians try to fix the math?

        starting to see the issue?

        you guys aren’t very smart.

    • Why are you worried about hyperinflation? I’m perfectly comfortable with the idea of a billion dollars for a loaf of bread.

      • Considering White Nationalists and just regular White working-class Americans aren’t likely to be able to afford a billion dollars for a loaf of bread or much less likely to be given assistance in that kind of a depression, I’d like to ask why you are comfortable with that?

      • Weimar Republic full blast, lol. Pathetic these people acting like niggers drooling for free money.

    • Not thinking things through very well has kind of always been the trademark of most Nationalists in America. If I’m being totally honest, I think a lot of the time you see poor strategy at play there is a chance it is intentionally done to keep growth at a predictable level. When you mire yourself in mediocrity and stupid ideas and surround yourself with stupid people looking to make a statement with empty gestures, it’s easy to predict where you will end up in one year or two years, or even in ten years.

      What baffles me is why the same energy and lulz aren’t used to build up someone like Jared Taylor. He doesn’t have to be an official candidate to be lauded as an alternative to the two-party system. He’s smart, well-spoken, uses statistics to back up his positions, doesn’t have near the same baggage as someone like David Duke, and he has a deep understanding of racial realities that goes far beyond a reach-around shoutout from a Leftist Asian. And to top it all off, if you are a Nationalist and love Asians, Amren is the place to be.

      Most American White Nationalists just aren’t very good at lateral thinking. Some were just born that way and have a hard time adapting. They found themselves on the ship and are just along for the ride. Others are purposely trying to steer the ship into a storm, believing that it levels the playing field by sinking the ship and giving each individual more power to find his own island oasis. Too bad most of the dumb fuckers probably don’t even know how to swim. They were too busy thinking about how to jump off and make the biggest splash in the water and forgot about the swimming part. Big Splash, No Swim or No Splash, Big Swim?

      And then there are still others like I briefly mentioned who know exactly what they are doing. They want to get you off the ship and into the water. That’s their job on the ship. They know where the lifeboats are if they need them. But they aren’t gonna tell you where they are.

      • If you think Jared Taylor is carrying enough baggage to sink him in any sociopolitical contest (like the nautical metaphor), you are delusional.

        General rule of thumb, if the murican lugenpresse can find a character assassination (((profile))) of particular individual on the $PLC’s anti-white website, then these lazy presstitutes will use all of that guilt by association half-truths to scare good whites into publically denouncing that person. You are hopelessly naïve if you can not see that murican good whites are just a herd of slow-witted, easily frightened cattle … (((they))) ridicule good whites and good christians as goyim for this reason, along with their (((inborn wickedness and duplicity))).

        I’ll wait for your next good idea on how you would make us all better.

      • You had me right with you, until you said Jared Taylor.

        Jared had his shot in the 1990s and 2000s. He got on TV often back then, but changed absolutely nothing. The problem with Jared is he is an academic. He can write intelligent essays at the university level, but no normie will ever care enough to read them.

        What we need are people who get meme warfare. You have to speak to the masses at an 8th grade reading level, so they can understand us.

    • 91,000,000 people will receive the $1000/m according to who is eligible for it.

      That’s $910 billion, which is roughly what is spent on administrative overhead on the military.

      • democrats definitely will not increase the number of people eligible for it. democrats certainly will not vote to increase that 1000, to say, 1500 or more. and, absolutely, positively for certain, the most certain thing of all, they won’t open the borders, and let in 100 million brown people so they can all get 1000 dollars a month just for breathing. no chance on earth they raise taxes on every single person posting here either, the productive europeans of america, to pay for it all.

        no way, no how. democrats always tell the truth, deliver on their campaign promises, never lie, implement government policy in the most efficient way possible, and can be trusted

        now, back to reality. once democrats are permanently in control of the united states, which will happen once trump leaves office, if UBI ever goes into effect, they will do all those things.

  2. If I had known Andrew Yang was going to happen, then you can bet I wouldn’t have included “avoiding Twitter” into the list of sacrifices I was making for this Lent. As soon as Lent is over, I’m going to be out there memeing this everywhere. I’ve never felt so excited for a candidate, not even Ron Paul.

  3. How is Conservatism, Inc going to convince millions of people, mostly White, struggling to make it, in debt up to their necks, no savings, with Diversity chasing them down that 1K/mo UBI is bad for them?

    Had Trump followed through with his campaign promises to struggling Whites no one would have ever heard of this Yang guy. Frankly I don’t put any stock in Yang but Trump and the Republicans deserve all the shit he can make for them.

  4. Thinking the Gods Must Be Crazy 3 might be good for some memes here. “Channel the spirit of Bruce Ree” “European vampire …. Chinese vampire”

  5. Over at Unz Review, Anatoly Karlin pointed out that the UBI program probably ends up costing about 4% of GDP. Gov’t spending takes up a high percentage of GDP all over the world; that increase would put us into Germany and Netherlands territory. While I’m concerned about “unsustainable debt,” the fact is central banks just keep moving the burdens around on their computers, from debt instruments to debt payments to making more debt. It’s like a never-ending game of hot potato. As fiat currency has value based on nothing real, this gameplaying shouldn’t be surprising. But I’m amazed the house of cards hasn’t yet fallen.

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