The Pink Wave

Frankly, I don’t like anyone but Yang’s chances now.

The trolls have crowned Chairman Yang as their guy. He is going to end wage slavery and bail out the Millennials and Zoomers with UBI. No one else stands a chance.

The heavy artillery has already started firing:

This is so damn funny.

I can’t stop laughing. What is the alternative? Trump is now perceived as a failed president who sold them on Boomer nostalgia in 2016. The rest of the Democratic field is the familiar cast of politicians from the Senate that no one cares about. Elizabeth Warren is a shrill old Boomer woman from Massachusetts. Joe Biden is an elderly Boomer. Bernie is a Boomer communist. Beta O’Dork is just a pretty face. Kamala Harris is an angry black woman. Cory Booker is probably a fag. They all hate White people and pander to SJWs while the Yang Yacht sails up the middle.

Yang is promising to pay the trolls $1,000 bucks a month to blow up the two parties and our dysfunctional political system. The rest of the Democratic field will go pander to wealthy donors to raise billions of dollars to create stale propaganda that will air on television. The trolls will just create and share memes on their smartphones to maximize the chaos.

I’m telling you … place your bets on Yang. The trolls are going to register in the Democratic primaries, vote for Yang and shill for Yang all over social media. They are going to go door to door too to tell normies that Yang offers them $1,000 bucks a month. Easiest campaign pitch in the world.

Note: There are White Nationalists on this site who are angry about it. The same is true of 4chan and other populist leaning sites. This is nothing to be mad about though. It is political analysis.

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  1. I really don’t get you Yangtards, but there might be some amusing moments next year.

    They’ve already accused Gabbard of being a Putin stooge since she’s against Israel’s wars. I wonder what they’ll do to Yang.

    Btw, don’t cash that $1000 check– it will bounce.

    • I can’t wait to see the Yids try to turn “anti-war” into “anti-semitism”. I don’t think that is going to work.

      • It’s happening and it’s working, at least among those who still swallow the bilge water flowing out of the “electric jew”.

  2. I think Yang will have a catalytic impact on our culture if he can just get into the debates. It appears he already has but I don’t understand the process well.

  3. I saw that Trump would take the Repub nomination and the presidency early on, and bet heavily on him at PredictIt. I’ll wait until there’s more real numbers and testing of Yang’s support before I put any cash on him, though. (Remember how early flameouts like Herman Cain initially seemed unstoppable in 2012? Be patient.)

    But, wearing a pink hat? There’s not enough soy in the world to get me to do that.

  4. Cool, a prediction. Here’s mine: Yang doesn’t break double digits in the Democratic Primary.

    America is dead. For a couple of weeks the people who thought Charlottesville was a good idea are pushing Yang, but it won’t last. The nausea will build up, the hair on the back of the neck, the sleepless nights over what is to come.

    Yucks and memes don’t fit the times. What’s coming is a storm, a geohistorical earthquake. The gears of history are turning towards the post-human era. The gears of history are turning towards the post-Earth era. The sun is setting on this age, and Twilight* is approaching. We cannot stop the gears from turning, but we can avoid being crushed within. It starts with Partition.


  5. So Yang (((or rather his handlers))) tricked edgy alt-right millennials into wearing pink pussyhats. Winning!

  6. I don’t really get people who oppose it. The Yang bucks would kill the big donors and enfranchise our people, while also demolishing the two parties. There is no downside to it at all.

  7. As some on the (what- Alt-right?) were saying, ‘take the Yangbux, live in a commune (to save $$), buy ammo, guns, study and learn, and prepare for CWII.’ I read that and thought, ‘Just like what Lenin, Trotsky and all the JEWS did with the Jew money THEY got, back in the day.’ use (((their))) strategy against them….

    This could be a means to finance ‘regime change’ for Whites FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, and some idiotic fools of my generation are worried about the ‘morality’ of taking free money? ‘Wise as serpents,’ I believe Christ said. He also said, ‘Ye are of your father the Devil’ to one Ethnic Group, that still exists. Wonder who America’s enemy is? Ask Ilhan Omar.

    • But unlike Trotsky and company, we won’t be getting clandestine money from White bankers to fund a secret coup, we will be getting it from a chink president fronting for a jew run government, and do you think you won’t have to fill out reams of forms that will be used to track you and what you spend it on? Do you really think the Sanhedrin is going to give you money to use against it? Only as bait for a trap, if they do.

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