Dumb Journalists Finally Figure It Out

Congratulations to whoever has been so hard at work trying to figure out how to rebuild the center of the electorate and end America’s dysfunctional political system:

Hey media, there is this guy running for president in New York no one has heard of before.

The Yang policies are calculated toward creating the largest possible centrist electoral coalition and a national settlement like the Compromise of 1850.

My guess is that the Chinese or Russian braintrust or both have f**ed our bankrupt elites hard this time by creating their own candidate and platform.

Note: Yang’s policies are bids for support from all over the political spectrum. He is trying to reconcile the maximum number of Americans.

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  1. Even the pink hats are a nod to centrism. Makes crazy cat ladies think of the pink pussy hats. Makes mainstream Trump supporters think of MAGA hats. And the alt-right likes the nod to fashwave.

    • LMAO

      I think what’s going on here is the rollout of Chinese and Russian intervention in the 2020 election. Trump was a huge disappointment so it was back to the drawing board

      • Trump is a huge disappointment because of what he didn’t deliver on. Had he stuck to his campaign platform and vigorously attacked The Establishment after being elected with the same intensity he was attacking it before he was elected, everyone would still be getting drunk on the Trump Train. Most of us who pay attention to the details knew it was all an illusion. But getting him to deliver on the promises would have just been icing on the cake. It was all about the voters and getting them to a point where they would brush aside establishment rules and support the “extreme” candidate. In that regard, Trump was a huge success for Nationalists.

        Disaffected voters are now a little more receptive to extreme positions. They’re not angry because Trump was too extreme. They’re angry because he wasn’t extreme enough. You drive politics from the extremes, and then maybe settle just a tad closer little closer to the middle to keep it all together. Driving the center further and further to your side of the fence with each election. You don’t drive politics from the middle. Democrats understand this and have used it to push the social structure of the nation further to the Left with each election.

        A Yang GangBang might be appealing to desperately horny guys who believe dry humping a bunch of other guys is driving a stake through the heart of establishment politics, but I assure you it’s not. I’m not saying you guys aren’t having a fun with the Yang GangBang orgy. Maybe there’s even a brilliant strategy that I’m not smart enough to figure out. But whatever you guys do, just please be sure to wear protection.

  2. During election time I always keep my eye on the mainstream establishment’s shills and proxies especially NYT, VOX and CAP. If establishment types like the threadbare Nate Silver start consistently boosting Yang, while at the same time denigrating Sanders, it will be an indication in my view that the Democratic Party donor class wants Yang hanging around in this contest for some reason. And rest assured, whatever that reason might be, it will be something nefarious and without question against white populist interests.

    I can certainly see the Democratic Party donor class using white Yang voters as dupes and cannon fodder to siphon primary votes from Bernie Sanders, who is a far more the more credible and legitimate populist threat than Yang will ever be, in order to pave the way for a “woke” neo-liberal drone like Harris, Booker or O’Rourk.

    My conjecture (and that’s all it is) at this point in time is that that’s the dymanic here: Yang has emerged out of nowhere through artificial boosting and astro-turfing by somebody to establish a possible card to play to neutralize the real populist threat (Sanders) and pave the way for a neo-liberal. If my interpretation is correct, the alt right is bandwagonning a candidate who is only around in the first place like to help the democratic party donor class. We will see.

      • We’re on Daylight Time now, HW….DAYLIGHT TIME. That’s why we set our VCR clocks one hour ahead in early March.

    • So you saying (((Bernie Sanders))) is a better candidate for the alt-right/white populists to support?

      As I have asked various other posters on this site (many a hasbarat troll) .. who is the candidate that you recommend voting for? And coping out by saying you’re not voting discredits and invalidates everything you have said (and will say).

      • For the moment I believe the mean, non-rich white American’s interests will be better served by Sanders who offers a credible left populist alternative than by Trump, Pence or a corporatist, neo-liberal Democrat.

        I think that’s how the mean white American should look at it. I’m not sure how the alt right subset of the white population should use its time and money at this point, beyond opposing Trump and conservatism and continuing to try to influence the wider culture for the benefit of white folks.

        As long as boosting Yang doesn’t have the net effect of taking away support from the one serious populist candidate who can actually win, then joining the yang gang in addition to being fun might be a good vehicle for further undermining conservatism and being culturally disruptive.

        People can make their own choices. For now, I plan to tell clueless normies (which is most of the people I know) to consider Sanders and my alt right friends to be cautious about Yang and don’t invest too much time or especially any money in his campaign.

  3. FWIW VeteransToday has just come out with several detailed stories that the New Zealand shooter Brendon Tarrant, supposedly age 28, is actually an age 42 Jewish assassin trained in Israel, and that the mosque massacre is a giant scheme of Israel & Anglo intel, with complicity inside the NZ gov’t

    Indeed lots is wrong with the official story, like the USA commando weapons & optics … Aangirfan on her site is running a major thread on all that’s wrong with the ‘official’ story, quite ‘false phlaggy’

    Veterans Today, to be sure, is a ‘self-discrediting’ source, on purpose say the site owners – they only get to print truth bombs & stay alive by adding 30% nonsense ‘poisoning the well’, so normies can dismiss them

    But often VT spectacularly right very early, i.e., they were pioneers showing Assange & Snowden are both frauds run by US intel, ‘rat traps’ to help destroy dissidents who contact them, leakers to not-really-living-in-the embassy Assange ending up dead; Putin openly hinting Snowden is fake but few picking up on it, etc.

  4. “We will see.”

    Should be interesting to see what happens.

    Republican Presidential politics is actually pretty boring. They always nominate someone who has been in the GOP for a long time and has ‘earned their turn’. This is how it worked with the disasterous candidacies of Bob Dole and John McCain.

    Democrat Presidential politics is usually chaotic and interesting Will Ted Kennedy run in ’80? Zoh my gosh Gary Hart just epically self-destructed. Oh wow Paul Tsongas just died! Let’s see what happens.

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