Ben Shapiro Is a Western Civilization Expert

LMAO, are you watching this on FOX?

I bet Chairman Yang could run circles around Ben Shapiro on that subject. Me too.

Note: In the Yang social and economic paradigm, smart people will A C C E L E R A T E. When Chairman Yang is president, we will start to bring back all those Catholic holidays. We could use calendar reform.

It’s too bad there is no one like this in Conservatism, Inc. There is no intelligence there. Charlie Kirk is the best they got. Try not to laugh because it really is that pathetic.

This was a better civilization with better morals than we have now.

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  1. Nothing worse that listening to a Jew lecture us about our history. We all know little Benji’s family history. Hundreds of years of shtetl inbreeding and preying on Europeans.

  2. Shapiro’s dna tests revealed 100% askennazi an eye. Let me repeat that; Bibi Shapiro is 100% jude.

  3. When the Enlightenment came, we started the long process of replacing a God-centered civilization with a strong moral center with a man-centered world spreading a self-indulgent, immoral chaos. For our own sakes, we need to restore Western civilization.

  4. First it was Hunter’s drooling over this slope Yang and saying that people can have too many guns, now it’s just more of this blame the boomer stupidity. To begin with, it looks like lil Ben is in your generation, Hunter, not mine, and you seem to be a big part of the jew attempt to make Whites hate one another yourself. This will be my last visit to this controlled opposition site, and here are the words of another poster on another site: “Trump is betraying us issue after issue and I’m supposed to believe the boomer faggot conspiracy of some Q shit? Sorry I have an iq over 90.”?

  5. Hunter, you’ve become a big, old bore although I don’t believe you’re controlled opposition in the typical way through rewards, bribes, or threats, but you do sometimes grab their carrots when they release them. Yang? Seriously? Conspiracy is real and that’s why we are where we are.

    Here’s an easy one to investigate. Sandy Hook. No, even better, Pearl Harbor. Living in ignorance is a form of slavery. Time to be a gumshoe. I think you’d make a great one and it does have its rewards. There is nothing more liberating – or often depressing – than knowing the truth. But, even depression outranks shackles of the mind.

      • Hunter , i see many attacking you , they just aren’t on the level…this change with technology and what you are speaking of is happening NO MATTER WHAT people “want” or “think”….
        Forget yang for a minute , you are correct, this idea is a great one about human supremacy and machines creating our future wealth, HOWEVER, as always if jews are in charge this won’t work.

        That leads me back to my 1st comment EVER on this forum 2 years ago…and that was:

        There is no way to vote our way out of this.
        There is only one way out…an its an inconvenient reality most would rather ignore than ever even think of!

        Reason and pragmatic problem solving logic are no longer part of our “leaders” and their equation of how to run things or rather, rule over us…this is because they RULE OVER us…they are not leaders but they are our effendi controllers.

        It may sound strange to most people , but our diet is causing this veil to be placed over our eyes and our minds in many ways.
        We are not vegetable , grain sugar & fruit consumers naturally speaking…this has dumbed humanity down big over the last 100 yrs.
        Check out the ZOG “food pyramid” that has been reversed over the last 75 yrs very specifically reducing fat, cholesterol and meat in our diets so that we can become grain eating vegetarian like wimps and mindless dolts.
        Our cellular makeup is of cholesterol and phytonutrients are not absorbable in any way.

        We are obligate carnivores who have been taken from our natural living areas and put into prison like realities in modern day society.
        (cities , towns , western living etc)
        The brain cannot function properly without serious fat, protein & cholesterol Intake..we are seeing this when it comes to critical thinking in our people.
        Anyone can plan for later or tomorrow, but superior people with higher intellect plan for ten years from now.
        This was pointed out in the post a month or two ago about people from colder climates having higher IQs…this link is mainly from diet.
        Colder weather areas indigenous diets have nearly no plants in them.
        Be well bro, and don’t eat some meat and consume some animal products that are raw like milk, cheese and honey.
        We are what we eat and if what we are consuming is unnatural , synthetic garbage …well, then the brain cannot properly function.

      • I don’t know what Yang is nor do I care. He’s not our salvation. Everything is a distraction. That’s the point. Advertising our thoughts and ideas on the world wide web will never give us the upper hand. This control mechanism is unworldly. Too absolute. Too successful. Too long a lifespan. Inter-generational or just long living?

        The programming is endless. Why do we think what we think? Experience provides very little. Who decides what? Has anyone analyzed the behavior of Hollywood toward Trump? The way they’re carrying on you would think there were public executions happening daily. Trump doesn’t appear to be doing much of anything. Why is he a threat or is it all theater? Now it’s John Roberts who’s the swing vote. I’m getting to the point that I prefer to stay home. The joys of life have almost vanished. Dining? The dangers of public food sources. Movies? They’re programs to control thought, conscious or subliminal. Travel? Have you driven across the country lately? The same stores, the same restaurants, and almost the same looking houses (crappy I may add) from sea to lifeless sea. We have less and less variety and consequently less and less choices. The only thing that changes is the natural landscape.

        I don’t have a solution. I am beginning to think there is no solution. You can only come to a solution to a problem with a known source. What is our real problem? Why do so many of our own seem so disconnected to us as a group? Suicidal? Self-destructive? Delusional? What makes them tick? Is it really ideology or political alliances? Are they more susceptible to something than we are?

        Actually, everything bores me now. People are such a disappointment. I can’t think of anything that has disappointed me more. No, I am not giving up. I just no longer have high hopes.

  6. *Be well bro, and don’t “forget to” eat some meat and consume some animal products that are raw like milk, cheese and honey.

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