Universal Basic Income Solves The White Ethnostate Riddle



Here’s an idea:

If you gave everyone Universal Basic Income, abolished wage slavery and simply gradually increased UBI as robotics and artificial technology automate the economy and put people out work, then you could unscramble America’s historical demographics and change everything without a violent civil war.

The people who wanted to live among other blacks could do so. The people who wanted to live among other Whites could do so. The people who wanted to mix could do so. The people who wanted to live with other Hispanics could do so. Everyone would steadily grow wealthier and live in peace over time as the benefits of capitalism are harnessed and redistributed to advance our general welfare and reconstruct our historic cultures. Why hasn’t this ever occurred to anyone?

Problem solved in the new social and economic paradigm. Checkmate, Blompf.

Note: “Journalists” don’t understand this. Neither do Trump supporters or lots of White Nationalists who are playing checkers while Chairman Yang plays 1488 Intergalactic Chess.

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  1. When my father was young he was reading articles where serious, scientifically educated, people were saying that we would put a man on Mars by 1985 and we would have stable colonies there by 2000.

    This whole Yang-UBI and hyper-technology stuff is a pipe dream which plays upon the American people present sense of ‘doom and gloom’. A sense of oppression and of their future being ‘closed’ because they sense that the country is not doing great and it is not about to get righted soon either.
    Such “news” of a radical change coming, with $1000/month in it no less, lifts the fog for a while, provides some imaginary relief, and allows to them to avoid thinking about the reality of their situation and postpone for a while the tough, radical decisions required to press for a real change. It is drugging but the American people have reached the point in their history when they badly need it. The American dream doesn’t dream itself anymore.

    It will pass, and the discontent and the anger and the desire for a real radical change will return.

  2. It absolutely stuns me that anyone here is actually falling for this chink’s baloney. And even the ones drooling over that imaginary $1,000 a month seem to be turning a blind eye to his views on guns and immigration. What part of ‘Yang is not White’ do you people not get?

      • How about instead of wasting another two years meming on behalf of yetanothersystemshill, Alt-Right memes to make Whites pro White?

        I know you guys are political/twitter junkies, so can’t keep your minds on one task very long, but come on, wasn’t one Trump enough? It’s all so tiresome.

        • Sorry, I don’t believe you are thinking on my wavelength.

          I’ve been spending a lot of time studying Western religion, history and philosophy over the past year. I have studied these issues for many, many years now. I wish there was a way to translate this all at once.

          Here is the basic idea: the United States has been experiencing a long term loss of economic stability and social cohesion. UBI is the key to restoring it. If people weren’t wage slaves, they could move anywhere they want. They could do it en masse and unscramble a fucked demographic situation and social contract. $1,000 bucks a month is just a start. A Freedom Dividend could be increased over each generation as science and technology advances and creates more wealth.

          Do you catch what I am saying?

      • No, that’s where you are wrong.

        I have been mulling over many of these thoughts for years now. I’ve given a great deal of thought to Western history, economics and philosophy. It has been my ongoing research project for a year now.

        If the wealth generated by capitalism was harnessed and redistributed though UBI, it would solve a great deal of social problems. The biggest problem is the future (and the past) of work. What are we going to do with all these legions of unemployed people? I live in the Alabama Black Belt where the lingering issues of slavery and sharecropping still haven’t been resolved.

        Suppose the benefits of automation, artificial intelligence and technological progress were captured through Yang’s UBI program. Everyone starts out with $1,000 a month to cover basic living expenses. It gradually increases over time as society becomes wealthier. This would enable people of different races, ethnicities, cultures and religions to unscamble the world and restore social cohesion.

        Blacks could literally return to Africa. Asians could go back to Asia. Europeans could go back to Europe. Mixed race people could move to Brazil. I can imagine a world in which this would work. In a more homogeneous world order, there would be less racial tension. Races wouldn’t be pitted against each other for political advantage. Jewish billionaires would no longer lord it over our politics.

        This all makes sense to me. I’m surprised you can’t see why.

        • I actually kind of agree with you in principle, and have given some thought to similar matters.

          Assuming the continued growth of technology, and with it the continued growth of automation, one of two solutions becomes inevitable:

          1. A UBI scheme, which amounts to the people collecting rent for allowing the automated megacorporations to operate on their territory, rather than seizing their assets. This would also cause people to automatically oppose immigration, since the more people swarm in, the smaller the individual pieces of pie (rent) each individual could expect.

          2. A decentralized, automation-heavy society. What I mentally label as “techno-Amish.” In short, using the power of technology for broad-based diffusion of production to the entire population. Example: having the data and automation on hand so that if someone in my town wants a car, I and, say, 20 other people with the necessary robots and data packs can build them one to their specifications in a few days. Perhaps my automated production specializes in transmission and gearing; someone else builds the outer shell, parts of the engine, wheels, etc., and someone else assembles all the pieces with their automated facility.

          I actually think that solution 2 is preferable, assuming a high-tech future, in that it is more “antifragile;” with production spread out, it would be very difficult for natural disasters, etc. to disrupt the entire economy, as could easily happen with the “all the eggs in a few baskets plus UBI.”

          However, I view UBI as much more likely in the near term because it’s much less of a change from the current structure (which mimics it, minus the near-total automation). Long-term, the second solution is one I’d like to see developed, but that might not be for generations.

        • You are being way too optimistic. A little free money isn’t going to unscramble the racial mess we have going. Nobody’s getting any free money, anyway.

  3. Brad are you still with the League of the South and it’s belief of an independent Dixie? What’s the League’s take on this?

    • I haven’t run it by anymore.

      I wrote something along the lines years ago when I proposed unscrambling America’s racial, ethnic and cultural diversity in the “Republic of Dixie.” It is somewhere in the archives. UBI could make it work.

  4. It’s a start, but not a solution. Even with UBI, white areas are still going to be nicer and more prosperous than black and brown areas, and those blacks and browns will keep demanding to insert themselves into the nice white areas via Section 8, anti-discrimination policies, etc. We will not be rid of them until we disentangle ourselves from legally-enforced integration.

    • “…We will not be rid of them until we disentangle ourselves from legally-enforced integration…”

      That’s a big problem. I suggest we all move into motorhomes and every time they show up drive off. With the new materials coming up there’s a big possibility of building large motorhomes for very cheap that run off of solar power. The advances in nonotubes is advances very fast. it’s only carbon but incredibly strong and it’s getting cheaper and cheaper.

    Now let’s do the sums.

    Say there are 83 million families in the US. If a family is the social unit for payment of $1,000 per month, the calculation is:

    83 x 10^6 x 12 x 10^3 = 996 x 10^9

    That’s close enough to $10^12, or in plain language $1 Trillion per year.

    Given the cost of fighting useless wars, bailing out banks, funding Israel and so forth, it’s doable!

  6. Hunter a short off-topic but I could not wait to tell you if you did not know.

    Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventer of the internet is re-inventing it to give everyone total control of their own data. It will be inherently different and much more secure than the (((system))) that exists now.



  7. hunter wallace has turned into one of the dumbest political commentators on the internet. it is really something amazing to observe.

    • If everyone had $100,000 in their bank account perpetually, they could move wherever they want to do whatever they want. The only way to unscramble the race issue is to fix the economy. That’s not realistic right now, but not unthinkable either

      • Yes, and if blacks had that much money in their accounts, where do think they will move? Here’s a hint….not back to Africa.

  8. Its basically national socialism. Without the hard work and racial cohesion. Its the best we will get without blood.

    • National Socialism was a German variation of radical centrism that ended in a great catastrophe. China has been working on a similar system that attempts to reconcile capitalism, conservatism, socialism and nationalism. I wish I had more time to study it but my focus has always been on understanding other parts of the world.

      • “…China has been working on a similar system…”

        China is copying Japan. Japan got their system part from the US and part from the Nazis. The Japanese government is really Nazi Socialism and the Chinese a little so too.

      • “Privately” run capitalism will always degenerate to finance capitalism.

        The PRC and National Socialist Germany have things figured out – subordinate capitalism to the state. The economy should serve the people, not the people serving the economy.

  9. UBI would be cutting the gordian knot of American politics. So many supposedly intractable problems would be solved immediately, and all of the oh-so-important non-issues would vanish.

    It’s for this reason that I expect we will see anti-Yang media increase sharply as his ball starts rolling. The political grifters whose livelihoods depend on perpetually maintaining the status quo would not be happy with UBI.

  10. How is giving everyone 1,000 going to unscramble demographics? That has nothing to do with racial separation, which Yang has already spoken against in his condemnations of White Nationalism, the same way his presence as a chinaman is against it. This is just delusional. 1,000/month is not going to fix everything. It most likely will not even happen, seeing as politicians do not keep promises. Not to mention the reactionary inflation that will negate its value anyways.

    If you would have told me a year ago a Southern Nationalist would be cheerleading an asian I would have never believed you.

    • It won’t.

      Not a first. As time moves forward though, the amount can be gradually increased. It would enable people to move wherever they wanted and be among like among likeminded people. You could even create a White ethnostate that way and detoxify White Nationalism.

      There’s no reason why blacks couldn’t do the same. Cosmopolitans could all go somewhere. Works for everyone

      • Blacks won’t do it, though. Brown people just love to live as close to us evil whites as they can, when they have the opportunity.

      • I don’t believe that the “Yang bucks” will allow us whites to move to our own areas so that we could control our destiny. If anything, these “bucks” would come on the condition that we keep diversifying the neighborhoods in this country, thereby making the creation of a white ethnostate impossible. Yang is a civic nationalist and would not agree with segregation, which is what would happen if each racial and ethnic group moved to areas to be with their own.

        Yang has made it clear that he does not like pro-whites, and he would denounce us just like Trump has denounced us numerous times.

        • If everyone had enough money and wage slavery was ended, there is no reason why they couldn’t move anywhere they wanted. In fact, human nature would drive desegregation into homogeneous tribal zones

          • Do you believe that the government would allow whites and nonwhites alike to separate into their own separate areas? What about civil rights laws like the Fair Housing Act? Would the government allow whites to rent to only whites so that we could keep an area homogeneous?

            I can’t imagine the government allowing any “anti-discrimination” laws to be violated.

            Don’t get me wrong. I know that the economic system today does not work for a lot of people no matter how hard they work. I am not a fan of capitalism, and in theory I do agree with UBI. But as a pro-white I feel that voting for a Chinese man in the possible hope that UBI will allow our people to create a white ethnostate is too risky, and to me it feels like a betrayal of my people.

          • I’m just saying diversity isn’t a strength and forcing that view on people isn’t going to work. Also, if there was enough wealth in our society and more people had a greater share of it, they could just migrate and sort it out.

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