UPDATE: No, their answer is more witch hunting and hypocrisy.

I’ve solved your problem.

Me and Yang … we solve problem. I actually solved both your hate problem and want to refocus your efforts toward relieving Southern poverty for a change. Thousand bucks a month. Do you surrender to the League of the South and accept the solution that I am proposing to our differences?

Be a good sport about it. Are you hiring?

Note: I’m just joking here. I have a far better solution than these people do.

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  1. How *did* SPLC get it’s name anyway? They’re not wholly concerned with the South, and they don’t give much of a damn about poverty. It’s like they just made a word salad and ran with it.

  2. Re SPLC:

    Wordist institutions are vampires. Like other vampires the only life an institution has is what it can take from people. Loyalties that nature intended to be used for the perpetuation of a people are used for the institution.

  3. @occdissent

    When I say that you the Americans are totally unrealiable I mean exactly that kind of weird behavior like yours. Weak, pathetic in your defeat, losing faith real quick and allowing the enemies of the white race to take the initiative. Aren’t you ashamed as a white man to cuck for some random Asian retard that should not be in the US in the first place? And what do you think will achieve with that? Our enemies won’t rest untill we are evicerated while you think that if all get 1000$ then all the ethnicities will come together! You are really pitiful but that won’t save you from the freaks from SPLC and the other servants of the devil!

  4. $1000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver.

    If you are a fan of Yang then you’ve named your price. The ironic thing is that Judas actually got his money. The $1000 a month yang bucks will never happen.

    • I think the allusion to Judas is not only incorrect, but insulting… but then, that was your intent, wasn’t it?
      Does NO ONE dissing Yang, read? If one is able to read the data, the automation of the entire workforce of under-IQ 100 individuals, could spell a conflagration that no one is prepared for. Moreover, Yang did not invent this- he quotes minds far better than his (and he DOES have a mind- unlike the rest of the Dems, and Drumpf) that augur for a UBI.

      So, stop the BS Texas. Either put up your reasons for being against the reality that someone is willing to tackle the basic problem of imminent automation, or shut up.

    • “Alt-Right Gamer: what do you think should be done?”

      Damage control.
      Vote for the least destructive candidate. Given that despite his fringe ideas and support, Yang is still part of the Democrat part and given his stated positions on a whole bunch of important issues supporting him is a recipe for disaster. I’d rather have Trump, despite all his awful failures than any likely Democrat candidate.

      All the while keep growing our numbers and influence on the fringe. Keep up the pressure in the propaganda war. Try to influence local elections and push for our issues as best we can.

      Yes it’s not much. But it’s far better than throwing in with the enemy by supporting a clown like Yang. The same can be said for the whole idea of accelerationism. Time again, people have shown how much bad policy and bad conditions they will accept without revolting. It’s quite likely that the far left being in charge would do a massive amount of damage to our people and the masses would still not throw off their rule.

      Personally I’d love to see a Spain 1936 scenario. But we need to be realistic and work with what we have. That means not throwing in with anti-White clowns like Yang or voting for the worst democrat in hopes of sparking a revolt.

      But that’s just my opinion of course….

      That all being said, spread it far and wide: $1,000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver!

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