The World Is Crazy

So tiresome.

Hang with me for a second. I’m trying to think through a new cultural and economic paradigm. It just so happens that the “white supremacists” might be onto something.

In 2008, I had a similar disorienting moment of inspiration and ended up convinced that Morris Dees of the SPLC was actually the anti-Christ. I thought that I had lost my mind. I think it might have just been an inspired burst of breaking through a paradigm though with lots of caffeine. Eureka moments occasionally happen.

I feel like I am in better health now. I’m seeing a lot more good vibes. Just think of all the (modern) plagues to clean up out there in the 21st century. Suicide? Drug abuse? Depression?

I’m feeling woke. I apologize to anyone who was offended by my harsh tone.

But … what if you combined a cultural script of Christianity, some honesty about racial and ethnic differences, good will, science fiction, memes which are the equivalent of the printing press, Yang’s UBI scheme and some fresh thinking about the Enlightenment and capitalism? Why not try to abolish wage slavery and “detoxify” the lives of everyone on the planet?

Suppose you wanted to “detoxify” someone like Andrew Anglin. I think it could be done. In fact, I think there are a lot of things to “detoxify” right now. You can start by, say, putting us in charge of the SPLC and rebuilding the family and getting all these NEETs in the Alt-Right their gf and their Yang bucks and just let them move on with their lives before they go the Hitler or New Zealand route.

What do you think?

Who would you rather tell you this? Hitler or Luther? That’s what I meant when I said that you could literally be up here hanging out with me and Yang.

Note: The word “anfechtung” comes to mind.

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  1. “Am I Going Crazy?”

    yes. if 1000 dollars a month is all it took to get you to give up your principles that you’ve been blathering about for 10 years. especially with all your annoying blather about jews and israel. what are you going to do when bernie co-opts chairman yang’s policy? then all it took was the jews offering you 30 pieces of silver to give up your civilization. something you’ve rambled on about for a decade.

    what’s the difference between it being the jews and being some chinese guy, anyway? either way, you gladly sell out EVERYTHING you claim to believe in, for a lousy one grand a month. hint – you’re not getting 1000 dollars a month, even if some democrat implements UBI. take note of the two cities that want to do UBI right now:

    Newark, New Jersey
    Stockton, California

    note that the mayor of both cities is black. check the demographics of the citizens. think long and hard about why brown third worlders find the idea of 1000 free dollars a month from white people totally appealing, and what the likely outcome is of these programs. think about why communism was so appealing to useless third worlders. you aren’t old enough to remember jonestown. because you don’t actually know much about history. but i’m old enough to remember. remember how BLACK it was. and i know that this UBI stuff is civilization breaking.

    you have gone totally crazy. there’s 1.4 billion chinese. they definitely want your country, and will take it. the idea that chairman yang is on your side is insane. he’s definitely not lying, right? democrats never lie, and you’re an EXPERT on political history. right hunter? tell me how you’re an expert on how democrats never lie.

    • No, that’s not it at all.

      There are a lot of things I have written about, studied and meditated on for years that have suddenly clicked. Just forget about Yang if it bothers you so much he is Chinese and has a good idea

  2. after chairman yang disarms you, what stops him from just saying, yeah i’m not giving you the 1000 dollars. and now that you have no guns, there’s nothing you can do about it, so get lost.

    thought about that? of course you didn’t. just blathering about “Who needs 11 or 12 guns?” what about zero guns, when communist chairman yang takes over. has that worked out well in china?

    • Yes. And no one mentions the jewish wealth distribution.

      See, jewmerica have now implemented the first step for a communist hellhole, which is to arrest people for their opinions.

      Next is the redistribution of wealth.

      Lets just say this chink actually give americans 1000 dollars a month, for the sake of the argument.

      But no one mentions the fact he can just as easily say thats all you will get, too.

      Everyone makes 1000 dollars.

      Not less, Not more.

      Thats how it was in soviet.

      they all made the same.

      Then they’ll just lower it, and you get jewish wealth redistribution.

    • Yang wouldn’t even have a say if you get 1000 dollars. He can blah, blah, blah all he wants. Congress would never allow it.

  3. and here’s a better idea. instead of paying people 1000 dollars a month, just reduce people’s federal income taxes by 1000 dollars a month.

    what’s that? then people who don’t pay income taxes don’t get any benefit? WHO CARES. THAT’S THE POINT. people who pay zero federal income taxes are USELESS.

    50% of the population already pays no federal income tax. what possible use are these people? almost all of them have zero economic value in any scenario. what possible important thing will these already useless people do with 1000 dollars a month that they couldn’t do now? the idea that this will somehow ‘unlock’ the human capital of the lower 50% of the population is ludicrous. they have no human capital. they have no good ideas about anything. they aren’t gonna start building the next IBM or the next GM.

    for the actually productive people, reducing their income taxes by 1000 per month is the SAME EXACT THING as giving them a free 1000 dollars a month, minus ALL the problems.

    • My thought exactly.

      This is what Hitler did too.

      He actually didnt raise their salaries.

      He lowered everything else.

      By this their standards of living were more than doubled under Hitler.

    • I did need some rest.

      I’m honestly fine though. I think it is the world that has lost its mind. I’ve been doing a lot of research for a book I have been working on for a year now. I just need to lay out my ideas in a more organized form than what looks like some kind of mental break.

      It’s not that. It is more like a breakthrough followed by a vision and a new paradigm .

    • Why do you whack jobs think:

      a) that Yang is a communist – because he’s ethnically Chinese? God, talk about the ignorance of racism!
      b) He’s not serious about the welfare and normalizing of the utterly bankrupt state of the USA at present, since he’s a citizen. Or do you deny him his American-ness? If so, why aren’t YOU doing a Christchurch on every non-White in the country? Or are you folks too cowardly, and find internet kvetching a more effective conscience salver?
      c) How do you KNOW that the Jews will take this over? What PROOF have you got? Yang is not Trump, he is not your rank and file Beto,Kamala,Bernie, or any of the other idiots out there on the Democratic side. Besides, HOW can he (or ANYONE) take away your guns? You Rambo wannabes keep saying you’ll start a war- well then, put your specious claims into action!
      d) The effects of $1000 a month is PER PERSON. So, if you have normal Whites (husband/wife/post-18 child) living in ONE HOME, the combined LEGAL income for merely a three-person family wouldn’t be $12k a year, but $36k a year- a fairly decent ‘living wage’ – meaning that women would/could get paid to STAY HOME AND HAVE BABIES- thus, turning around the Demographic displacement of the Founding Population. Whites are also less prone to drug and drink their Yangbux away, so they would TRULY change the economy. While the N-words and Beaners, won’t.
      e) Since the amount of Yangbux has to be finite (or it really WOULD crash the economy) all forms of immigration would HAVE to stop, thus solving THAT problem. And, if Yang is Prez, he could make criticism of his ‘plan’ a crime- thus shutting up the Jews, and the Antifaggots, who both just want to destroy the host nation, instead of Building it UP.

      there are so many foundational/fundamental realities at stake here, and HW’s critics are just acting like ‘muh morality boomers,’ that it confirms my view of Americans as dumber than sh*t, for the most part- both from living as long as I have, and from teaching undergraduates for the last twenty years.

      Yang has a LOT of credibility on this, but you are too damned myopic to even CONSIDER IT AS A VIABLE ALTERNATIVE TO DRUMPF and AOC, and the like.

  4. I think HW needs some time off, as do I. My plan is to visit the site of Barker Ranch, near the Panamint Mountains and Golar Wash. Then it’s off to Der Wolschanze near Rastenburg in East Prussia.

  5. The Yangaroo phenomenon is the result of the crumbling morale of the Alt. Right…government school neo-darwinists don’t have the spirit of conviction about anything, afterall, and are taught, by their training, to follow along with the cool kids. That’s why we have people hopping around from Austrian economics to fascism to Yangaroos.

    No depth of understanding or conviction…no religious zeal with which to fight back against the fervor of the Dildolechians.

  6. Yang Gang is a force meme. I already feel it slipping in its momentum.

    UBI will be coopted by the establishment dem campaigns into their reparations plank.

    Yang will have to flesh out his policy platform to win.

    The more I see of it, the less I trust him.

    FCC to enforce fake news guidance.
    Social Credit System.
    Gun Control
    Etc. and so forth

    • What? You don’t want to be GangBanged by Yang? Just shut your mouth, turn off your brain and the thousands upon thousands of years of survival instincts your forefathers passed down to you.

      Bend over, touch your toes, and get ready to be GangBanged by Yang.

  7. It needs to repeated loudly and often: $1000 a month is today’s 30 pieces of silver. If you throw in your hat with Yang, you told everyone loud and clear that you have been bought and what your price is.

    Is $1000 a month worth throwing in your lot with today’s anti-White Democrat party? Sadly, many otherwise decent and intelligent pro-Whites seem to think so.

  8. Confucius say Yang is the next great idea before the next great idea. The game marches on with Hunter in Yang’s sidecar. Perhaps a tatoo with Chinese lettering on your forehead will confirm to Yang that you are serious. He does need a running mate, no? Yang/Griffin 2020?

    Every single thing is controlled damn it! It’s just not always from the start……….

    • Oh, haven’t you heard? It was all just a big jewish psy-op to demonize whites. It’s not possible that some angry white guy finally lost it and took it out on some invaders. It also makes so much sense that the jews would produce it, then censor and scrub it relentlessly. People are morons.

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