Left Behind Places

Who can argue with this?

This is one of the most obvious takes anyone has ever given in mainstream politics. I would love for Andrew Yang to come and visit Selma, AL, not to walk over the Edmund Pettus Bridge for a photo op like all his rivals for the Democratic nomination, but just to take a look around.

Come to the South and take a look around at all the crumbling cities that were left behind by Democrats after the Civil Rights Movement. I would suggest a whirlwind tour and inspection of Tuskegee, AL, Selma, AL, Birmingham, AL and Montgomery, AL. Go to Meridian, MS and Albany, GA. Ask anyone there if the current system of wage slavery is working for them and whether any of the other Democrats that they have ever elected to Congress or the presidency has improved their lives.

The current system of wage slavery hasn’t worked in large swathes of the South since the Civil War. It hasn’t worked in Appalachia. It is not working in rural White America. I could continue, but it is beyond obvious that the current system is only working in a handful places. Go to Detroit, MI and ask the people there how the current system has worked since the mid-20th century.

I voted for Donald Trump based on the argument he was going to Make America Great Again. As far as I can tell though, nothing has changed around here except Dollar General has expanded its operations. I’m told by people like Charlie Kirk that moving the US embassy to Jerusalem and ending the Iran deal is why I should vote to reelect Donald Trump in 2020. Both Obama and Trump’s failures were mainly due to the intense polarization of Congress and the collapse of the center of American politics. How easy would it be to build the Trump wall if the issue weren’t so polarized?

If the Democrats had a different electoral strategy, it would be chump change to pay for a $25 billion border wall to detoxify such an enormous swath of the White electorate that is furious that law and order has collapsed in this country because Far Left extremists have seized control of the Democratic Party. The Democrats would be far better off without the SJWs who repulse millions of moderate voters who are pushed toward conservatives simply because the choice is Trump or Elizabeth Warren.

Elizabeth Warren, a shrill and unlikable school marm from Massachusetts is running on her platform of reparations for slavery and restoring the Inquisition. She is Trump’s ideal matchup in the 2020 election because she also has no solutions to anything and will just be another polarization candidate who will accomplish as little in the White House as she has in the Senate.

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    • I disagree.

      Yang offers them $1,000 a month and Medicare for All. The only thing they get out of the government is their entitlement. Yang is offering to increase the entitlement and he isn’t an old White man like Joe Biden. He will have more appeal to them.

      • He has a best-case ceiling of about 25% with blacks methinks (’bout the same as Sanders or Trump, actually). The rest will go with whoever their “leaders” support, and the leaders will go with the Deep Party.

        Of course, I thought white evangelicals would never warm to Trump so long as so many Truecons, to include many of their pastors and televangelists, we arrayed against him. They happily surprised me.

        Has Louis Farrakhan given any statements on the Democratic race?

  1. These nigger hellholes were created precisely because niggers were handed out money from White taxpayers…

    • That’s not true.

      At least in the South, these hellholes go all the way back to the Civil War which impoverished the Southern economy. The Alabama Black Belt and Mississippi Delta were wealthy under slavery. They became poor under free society. The only thing that segregation managed to accomplish was keeping the more intelligent class in charge of local governments.

      • TBH, James Webb would have been interesting on the national stage if Trump and Sanders hadn’t sucked out air out of the environment for him. My first real disappointment with Trump was when he failed to offer Webb any position in his cabinet.

    • “These nigger hellholes were created precisely because niggers” was a complete thought. There was no need for the additional words. ­čśë

    • “…These nigger hellholes were created precisely because niggers were handed out money from White taxpayersÔÇŽ”

      This is not entirely true. The hell holes were part of Black culture but were supercharged by single Black Mothers who could not control their children. Having Fathers makes a big difference. Hunter has not talked about societal family ramifications of UBI. I see huge changes for the better with UBI. One thing that must be done is Women, or anyone, should not be allowed to confiscate UBI. No one should be able to have it taken for debt or any other reason but you being jail and if you are in jail it just doesn’t get paid to anyone so towns won’t jail everyone for the money. The last month someone is in jail they should be paid UBI so they will have money when they get out to stay out of jail. Think about the long term ramifications of this. Women, especially Blacks, will not be paid for having children. This means that they will overwhelmingly over time begin to choose Black Men who are not thugs and could bring in a little more than UBI. Being able to have a household on two UBI incomes means they will have more stable relationships. This also means more male policing of young Blacks males. The whole thing compounds and reinforces good behavior.

      A big sticking point is Women will do all they can to have the courts take UBI from Men for child support. We can’t let them do that. We also can not allow Women to be paid according to the amount of children they have. Women can choose to have children or not we should not be made to pay for their choices.

  2. “Elizabeth Warren, a shrill and unlikable school marm from Massachusetts…”

    She is a Southerner who grew up in Oklahoma and spent most of her adult life in Texas.

  3. Seriously??

    YOu’re discussing how a yellow man (with quite an ethnic agenda) can win the black vote??

    This is approaching cuckservative territory big time.’

  4. “Go to Detroit, MI and ask the people there how the current system has worked since the mid-20th century.”

    Pretty well, actually, I would argue. Sure; most don’t have great jobs, but most there aren’t functional enough to have anything but low-skilled jobs anyway. Crime there was soaring even while Blacks were still moving into Detroit back in the 1960s, when the industrial economy was still decent. So the dysfunction predates the industrial decline. Deindustrialization in the Detroit Metro area began in the inner city first and affected the suburbs least (though it obviously affected the entire area quite a lot). The GOP-sponsored charterization wave has created a hilarious segregation of Black talent within the city based on ability/basic human functionality, which didn’t happen back before the charterization wave, and should be good for Blacks.

    Macomb, Oakland, and the southern Detroit suburbs have really suffered due to deindustrialization from foreign competition, though, and the downstream effects of that deindustrialization. The people there are quite functional; the only ways out for them now (with the deindustrialization) are for them to move (not a practical suggestion for most) or for the state government to go all in on standard conservative/neoliberal solutions (e.g., deregulation, abolishing state income tax), which has its own disadvantages (the jobs created as a result of that are mostly either low-wage or too difficult for the white working class to do). But it’s important to note much of this is a relative decline; in absolute terms, despite the huge absolute shock of the Bush/Granholm depression, real per capita personal income in Macomb County has almost recovered back to 2000 levels as of 2018.

  5. Any reparations should first come descendants of the slave owners and those who sold the slaves. Consideration should also be given to the years of slave owner expenses such as food, housing, medical care etc.

    Reparations schemes are being presented in the US using the German government’s system of payments to Jews after WWII. Slavery in America was an individual enterprise and had nothing to do with the US government.

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