A Galaxy Brain Take On The Modern World

I’ve been deeply studying the early modern and modern world for a year now.

This is why I took an extended break from writing here last year. I stopped writing from March through June to work on writing a book. I spent this time doing a lot of research and was only snapped out of it after I was dragged into one of the Charlottesville lawsuits.

If you look at the period from 1492 until the present from a deep historical perspective, one of the dominant themes is the rise of capitalism in the forms of both chattel slavery and wage slavery and the relocation and mixtures of people from all over the world. This was often done unwillingly. The slaves that were brought to the New World were imported against their will. Third World immigrants come here mainly to escape from poverty. There is a push-pull effect going on.

A place like Los Angeles, CA would not have evolved naturally. This bizarre, atomized society which is a mixture of races and cultures was made possible by wage slavery. There is no organic culture in Los Angeles, CA like you would find in the old nations of Europe or Asia. The whole sweep of the modern world has been this trend toward the expansion of capitalism, globalization and liberty and individualism being taken to ever greater extremes at the expense of human well being.

Suppose for a moment that in the future “slavery” was restored in the form of advances in robotics and artificial intelligence. There are people who are hard at work right now creating a robotic servant class. This would restore the master/servant dynamic of the Old South. We used to have a servant class. Their descendants live here today. Humans would be the masters of a new servile class of robots that generated wealth in agriculture, manufacturing, services, etc.

In such a world, the way you would deal with people who are driven out of employment by mechanization – first in agriculture, second in industry, third in services – is by redistributing wealth to maintain social peace and improve their well being. With their basic needs are provided for in the form of Universal Basic Income, they would be ever freer to devote themselves to cultural, intellectual and leisurely pursuits. In the Middle Ages, there was an order of society that worked, an order of society that prayed and an order of society of ruled, administrated and fought in wars.

What if such a system were implemented on a global basis through the United Nations? Chattel slavery was abolished in the 19th century. A global version of Universal Basic Income would abolish wage slavery across the world. And without the push of poverty and the pull of wage slavery, the world would change dramatically as people around the world migrated. In fact, it is highly likely that the result of the end of wage slavery would be resegregation into homogeneous nations.

It is basic human nature that like attracts like and poverty and proximity causes conflict. Wage slavery and immobility is what drives the growth of diversity, but without that driving force of modern capitalism everyone would just resort themselves all over the planet. The only thing that is stopping this from happening is a lack of wealth and its concentration in the hands of a privileged few. This is a problem which will inevitably be sorted out in the future.

I see this clearly because I have studied Southern and Caribbean history for years now. It was capitalism in the form of slavery that created these societies. It was wage slavery that made them even more diverse when Indian coolies were imported as a cheap labor force all over the world whether it was in the Caribbean, South America, South Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean colonies. I could continue with examples like Hawaii and Singapore.

Do you get it? If everyone in the world had, say, a debit card in which the benefits of advances in science and technology were redistributed through it to improve their well being, and that amount gradually increased over the course of centuries, then wage slavery would be over and the world would kind of unscramble and go back to the way it was in the Middle Ages.

Unfucking our current diseased culture would be the job opportunity of the future.

Note: Alt-Right Neo-Nazi white supremacists or whatever “journalists” are calling us now grasp this because we are smarter and more educated than our critics. We’re also early adopters of interesting ideas because we are so omnipresent online.

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  1. We may very well revert to a medieval barter economy if the neo-liberal world order crashes and burns, HW. It is an order that goes against the grain of human nature.

  2. Everything you read and learned about our history HW is a complete lie. They lied to us about everything. You being the brain you claim to be should know this. You selling out for a Chinese insect offering a 1000$/m whilst ripping more freedoms and guns from our hands secures in the minds of many who respected you the reverse. Wake the f*** up HW, time is short for what is to come. Are you and the other fool Anglin on the same dope? Just wondering?

    • If that is your stance on politics, you are always free to vote for Trump and the rest of the Republicans running in 2020. I’m not and never have been a single issue voter. I didn’t vote for my Republican congressman in 2018. I didn’t vote at all in 2014 or 2012. I voted for the hyped Tea Party revolution in 2010 which is one of my biggest regrets. I didn’t vote in the 2008 election.

  3. HW has simply turned the Hidden Hand inside out.

    won’t work though:

    the only way we’re going to get rid of the shitskin invasives and their (((masters)))

    is through forceful expulsion.

  4. People do not respect what they do not earn. It is evident already what ‘UBI’ systems will bring us regardless of the method delivered. ‘White’ men aren’t above degrading into worthless parasites by virtue of their birth. Honestly ‘white’ men should be grateful they have not recieved a full measure of the states generous handouts, thus sparing the same ignobale condition that has befallen other races.

    While I realize capitalism in it’s current form is unsustainable and designed to exploit the masses as much as possible, becoming a parasitic ward of the state is not the answer either. There is no freedom in being beholden to another for your existence which is what state well fare is, you are still a slave.

    There is no nobility, nor strengthening of character, by living on the labor of others (hint strength is in the labor). Like wise one should not be made a wage slave by the money changers.
    What this world needs is a return to values, ideals, character, and virtue.
    Star Trek is as much a utopian fantasy as is Marx’s workers paradise. The heart of man is wicked and the world will reflect such if it is not tempered.

    I thought Judas was cheap with 30 pieces of silver, but apparently some can be bought for 1000 pieces of toilet paper.

    I thought this whole YangGang plan was just throwing gas on the fire, I didn’t realize ppl in these circles actually thought a chinaman socialist was our new lord and savior. Perhaps grey matter mass and intelligence aren’t correlated, maybe density should be factored in….

    • No, that is not what is happening.

      The people who are supporting Yang are smart and intelligent. This is what is cutting through the political polarization. They all see that Yang is offering some kind of pragmatic solution to a number of problems.

      I’m not a conservative. The tag line of this site is “Nationalism, Populism, Reaction.” I’m a reactionary who likes to think about these issues and my response to Yang wasn’t “OMG HE IS ASIAN, HE IS GONNA ENSLAVE US ALL” it was this is a fellow smart and highly educated person who has thought a lot about the same issues that interest me and here is why.

      “Living off the labor of others” is antiquated conservative nonsense. We’re really living off the labor of an ever expanding servant class that is producing wealth. The reason modern agriculture is so much more vastly productive than it was a century ago isn’t because there are more farmers. It is because science and technology advanced and you have better equipment like tractors that generates more wealth. Yang is simply trying to tell you that a new Industrial Revolution is unfolding and you can capture the benefits and that is a much better idea than the way we are currently running our economy and government.

  5. The Silicon valley compulsion to mass wealth will help us. The toll for UBI will be small on them compared to their wealth, not that they won’t complain. Each refinement in industrialization is towards less waste, less energy per article, less cost for ever higher functionality. This means the price of living can become cheaper and cheaper. Wang bucks will become more and more valuable due to this industrialization.

    Science, tech and manufacturing are in a massive upswing that is exponential.

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