New Zealand Bans Semi-Automatic Rifles

I’m failing to grasp the logic of the “Christchurch was awesome” crowd:

“New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Thursday that the country would ban the sale of all assault rifles and semi-automatic guns, less than a week after a shooter opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, killing 50 people.

“Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons. We will also ban all assault rifles,” Ardern said at a press conference, according to The Guardian.

“We will ban all high capacity magazines. We will ban all parts with the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other type of firearm into a military-style semi-automatic weapon. We will ban parts that cause a firearm to generate semi-automatic, automatic or close to automatic gunfire,” she continued. …”

Here’s what I keep hearing from these people:

1.) Yang is going to take away our guns.

2.) Mass shootings are an awesome way to accelerate the collapse of civilization.

Isn’t this the primary reason that gun control is advancing though? The same can be said of the destruction of Confederate monuments after the Dylann Roof shooting. Civilization isn’t anywhere close to collapsing, but we have fewer guns and Confederate monuments now.

Note: I’ve noticed that coming off that three day fast has made me vastly more productive.

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  1. This was meant for an earlier thread, but now is better …

    For everyone here who will start kvetching about “Yang’s gonna take away muh guns…”, go back and re-read the section in The TD (you know, The Book) where Earl describes wrapping some of his guns and ammunition in oily rags, sealing them in watertight containers, and burying them in nondescript locations.

    In a few years, when you realize your fears were unfounded, you can dig them up again.

    • I have never owned a gun but the one I would want would be something that could stop a large truck at a checkpoint. .50 cal semi of some sort. My guess is despite having a clean record I would not be able to purchase one of these so effectively the 2nd amendment is already bullshit. I don’t see much practical value in AR-15’s honestly.

  2. Yeah, you’re right. It’s not like this shooting has caught the attention of Erdogan and the remnants of the Islamic state and already caused a Turk to wage Jihad via truck in Europe. Nothing is happening. We should all just be good centre left populists and vote Yang!

  3. not as productive as the Knight Justiciar Brenton Tarrant though. His manifes, for example, was brilliant.
    The more pathetic thing in all the events in New Zealand that I’m aware of was the tearful reaction of the Muslim converso New Zealand rugby player Sonny Williams.

  4. How close are they to making assault weapons with 3D printers? When that day comes the crazy mass shooters will be coming out of the woodwork.

  5. With reference to the picture of Jacinda Ardern in the picture, everyone should be aware of her true sex:

    So, Americans should now feel a little less embarassed about Michelle. The Kiwis have gone one better.

    These are the sort of people who want your guns.

    • Wow! I knew the kiwis were (((fucked))) when Helen Clark became PM 15 years or so ago but this is just piling on. I think New Zealand was supposed to be an emergency refuge for rich jews but I don’t see that plan working out very well. A troop of Hitler youth from back in the day could probably take the entire island in a week. Probably lots of gold stashed there in hidden bunkers to make it worthwhile.

  6. “After Multiple Reports About New Zealanders Turning In Guns, Guess How Many Actually Did It?” Only 37 guns surrendered out of 1.2 million registered guns. They don’t call it Fake News for nothing.

    I just checked. The ruling party in New Zealand is called Labour. They used to be pro working class, but the dregs of the middle classtook it over and turned it SJW.

    Contrast the above with the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre in Australia.

    The media turned on the fake tears, the conservative Prime Minster demanded the guns, the gun owners rolled over.

    Lesson: If you want to make Whites defenseless, you need a respectable conservative to do it.

  7. Having now experienced, the wrath of the radical Marxists in power here in NZ.

    There is no “is” Brad. They WILL take your guns. You’ve got 2 options.

    Vote GOP – stretch it out longer

    Vote yang – accelerate.

    Just be thankful you’re not stuck on a tiny fucking island with a 90% brainwashed White Race..

    • Very few Nationalists vote for gun control in a society that is actively trying to make them a prisoner in their own nation. The guys that do usually share a very particular set of characteristics. I’ll let someone guess what that is.

    • Question: is the fate of the Moriori people by the Taranaki Maori particularly well-known in your part of the world?

      The Moriori were the original inhabitants of what is now called the Chatham Islands, culturally distinct from the mainland Maori until 1835, sever decades after European contact.

      Funny story… the Moriori appropriated pacifism and tolerance from the European Christians, the Maori appropriated muskets and sailing from the European Christians. A group of displaced Taranaki Maori with a stolen English ship invaded their island, conquered it without significant resistance, ritually sacrificed 10% of the population, murdered and cannibalized thousands of the remainder, forced into slavery those whom they spared and forbade them from speaking their language, following their traditional customs, or intermarrying. The last Moriori of unmixed heritage died in 1933.

  8. Gun control is a red herring. If Whites aren’t even willing to circumvent gun control laws and acquire firearms illegally, then they wouldn’t be willing to use firearms against government tyranny either.

  9. Sickening in the extreme.

    I’m old enough to remember the Port Arthur shooting and the disgraceful way Australian gun owners turned in their firearms for “compensation” that was pennies on the dollar of their market value. So much for those “tough, independent minded ‘Ausies'” we had always been hearing about.

    With any luck New Zealand gun owners will fail to comply with the upcoming new regulations. From what I understand New Zealand does not have universal registration of firearms. If that’s true, then it will be much easier to get away with non-compliance than it was in Australia in the late ’90s.

  10. I almost missed this part:
    “Here’s what I keep hearing from these people:…. Yang is going to take away our guns”

    Have you actually been to his web site and read his policy stance on gun law? He’s an anti-gunner who supports some pretty draconian regulations. He recently tweeted that firearms manufacturers should be punished by being fined $1,000,000 for every person their product kills:. More importantly, Yang is a member of a party that has consistently shown itself to be hostile to gun ownership for many decades now. (and yes, before anyone mentions it, I know that Trump is only slightly better on the issue. His caving on the bump-stock issue was shameful and set a terrible precedent.)

    My point is that the fear of new gun restrictions is well founded. If Yang (or any Democrat for that matter) gets in to office in 2020, especially if they win back the Senate as well, you can expect any number of new restrictions. Please do no dismiss those who have concerns about this issue out of hand.

    Self defense is a human right. Anyone who seeks to harm that right is NOT our friend and should be opposed.

  11. New Zealand was already disarming people before this happened though.
    Anyone not willing to tell the government to keep their hands off their guns doesn’t deserve them.
    Brenton is forcing the “Molon Labe” crowd to put their money where their mouth is.
    Yang does have a laundry list of gun restrictions he wants to roll out on his website.
    Yang is scared of White people with guns, as he stated not only on twitter, but at an Asian-American conference as well.

    It’s White Nationalists going yellow that I don’t understand. They have already defeated you Brad.

    • Look at this way.

      I’m a thinker, an intellectual and an educated person. Thus, I am interested in exploring fresh ideas, and the race or ethnicity of whoever is offering a useful idea really doesn’t matter. The Chinese also invented gunpowder. Who cares?

  12. So Yang, or Trump, or whoever decides to take our guns? So what? What good are they if we’re never going to actually use them. Go ahead, hand in your hunting rifle and learn how to bow-hunt… or take up trapping when they ban those too. We’re not afraid the Yang will take our guns or flood our country with even more savages (and fentanyl), we’re afraid that that’s ALL that CorpGov is going to allow him to do. Remember how Trump (and, tbh, Obama before him) had all these great ideas that really fired up their respective bases and didn’t involve sucking the dicks of the 1%ers or the (((1%ers)))?

    Anyway, even if they somehow had a way of magically disappearing every firearm in the world owned by white civilians, all it would really mean is that next Tarrant is going to have to build a zip gun, kill a pig or soldier and take his gun before getting down to the Physical Removal. That, or use a bomb, or a truck.

    So Ardern wants to make life that much more dangerous for her minions? That’s no skin off my dick.

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