Observer: Andrew Yang Claims Universal Income Can Curb the Racism of His White Nationalist Fans

Andrew Yang doesn’t have “a white nationalist problem”:

“2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang has a white nationalist problem.

Since he appeared on a February episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” Yang’s candidacy has received worship from the most nefarious creatures of the far-right—with many highlighting his key policy initiative of establishing a universal ‘Freedom Dividend’ income to facilitate America’s transition to automation.

“It’s my perception that American nationalists are coming to grips with demographic replacement and hence welcome their Taiwanese overlord, Andrew Yang,” Faith Goldy, a far-right Canadian activist who changed her Twitter avatar in support of the candidate, told Observer. “Despite his many shortcomings, mass migration seems to be the result, no matter the president, and so $1,000 each month should steady their hands behind the wheel on America’s highway to hell.” …”

It’s Donald Trump who has a White Nationalist problem.

Trump’s problem which is crystal clear by now to any “journalist” who monitors the “Far Right” is that he has been almost universally abandoned now by his former supporters.

Journos have never understood the “Far Right” or the “Alt-Right” or “White Nationalists” because of their own skewed perspective. THEY are located in the Far Left along with virtually the entire mainstream media. The “Far Right” is actually in the middle of the electorate.

Allow me to explain how this makes sense:

– Andrew Yang first caught the attention of White Nationalists by expressing sympathy for the well-being of White people. This was shocking because no one in mainstream politics and especially in the Republican Party ever expresses any concern for the problems afflicting White America.

– Yang specifically brought up the suicide and opioid epidemic. It was one of the primary reasons White Nationalists voted for Trump in 2016. He has completely and utterly failed to do anything about the problem. By definition, White Nationalists are concerned about the well-being of White people, so this was messaging that piqued their interest and opened some of their minds.

– Yang’s central policy proposal is Universal Basic Income. It is an idea that many White Nationalists have endorsed for years. Greg Johnson gave a speech about it last September. He has been on board with it for years now. The same is true of Richard Spencer.

– It is hardly a secret that many people who are labeled “Far Right” by leftwing journos are actually socially conservative, economically populist voters. They are very skeptical of capitalism. I’ve always strongly criticized free-market capitalism. George Fitzhugh was a fierce critic of free-market capitalism and social liberalism from a pro-slavery perspective.

– Yang is essentially saying that he is campaigning on abolishing wage slavery and restoring chattel slavery, not of human beings, but of a robotic servant caste. He is saying that the economic benefits of automation and artificial intelligence which will push people out of the labor force shouldn’t be funneled upward into an already bloated oligarchy. Instead, it should be redistributed as a social dividend throughout society as a whole to increase the well-being of everyone.

– Now, if you care about the well-being of White people, you might have noticed we have a lot of problems under late capitalism. White people aren’t doing so great these days. The current system is deeply flawed and much of it is driven by economic stress.

– The brightest people who are “Far Right” or “Neo-Nazi white supremacists” or whatever label we are called by leftwing journos understand that wage slavery is one of our biggest problems. We don’t like wage slavery and the current entitlement system which is the motor of demographic change. Yang is proposing a new entitlement that primarily benefits White people, which improves the well-being of everyone and deescalates a lot of the toxic stress in the current system.

– By deescalation, I mean that if you think really deep and hard about the modern world, then you will realize that the push-pull effect of wage slavery is one of the primary things that has created the current hellscape we call the United States of America. If you eliminated wage slavery with Universal Basic Income, then over a long enough period of time it would reverse this process. It would lead to voluntary resegregation, the gradual restoration of ethnic and cultural homogeneity, the accumulation of cultural capital and a stronger social fabric than we have today.

– There is a book called Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities by another smart person named Eric Kaufmann. He also wrote a book called The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America in which wage slavery was the primary driver of demographic change. Few leftwing journos have read either of these important books because they are stupid.

– I was already Yang curious because of a raft of policy proposals on infrastructure, health care, student loans and Universal Basic Income. I already agreed with these things and voted for Trump for the MAGA agenda he failed to deliver. As I thought about the implications of Universal Basic Income, it dawned on me that this was a solution to our primary problem.

– The primary problem is the dizzying speed of changing racial and cultural demographics which is driving the current system to the brink of collapse. The motor of this is Third World poverty and an unequal distribution of wealth. Unless it is restrained by a nationalist immigration policy, which is already the case in China and Japan, capital will attract cheap labor.

– Universal Basic Income will ultimately solve this problem because when it is adopted on a global scale and wealth is redistributed and people have considerably more money than they have now what they will do is move toward a more benign tribalism. Europe became more benign in the late 20th century after it was sorted out into homogeneous ethnostates.

– If you look at a lot of places in the world and ask yourself how they got way, the answer is wage slavery. I can give you examples like Hawaii, Fiji, Jamaica, Singapore, Bahrain, Mauritius, New England and Suriname where the pull of cheap labor scrambled the demographics. Donald Trump’s recent statements about how we need more cheap labor with already record legals of immigration illustrates why curtailing the political power of business lobbyists is so imperative for White Nationalists.

– Ultimately, there will be no need for hordes of brown people to come here. Yang is trying to explain to people that the system we have now is giving way to a new one. The problem in the future we will have is trying to find jobs for people. Virtually no one works in agriculture these days. Fewer people work in manufacturing. Homogeneous countries like China will eventually be faced with the same problem of what to do with tens of millions of idle people.

– When there is enough money in the world, a proper way to redistribute it and wage slavery is abolished, then people will migrate to wherever they want to go. The people who don’t understand this are Boomers who grew up under the “Socialism vs. Capitalism” paradigm.

– I recently tried to explain to someone here that Yang isn’t a “socialist” who wants to take away his private property. No one needs your private property. The mechanization of agriculture is what consolidated private property and displaced sharecroppers from the labor force here. Automation doesn’t require seizing your private property. Full stop.

– Race realism isn’t the same thing as “white supremacy” or “hate” or “Neo-Nazism” or “White Nationalism” or any these other leftwing scarecrows. You can read in The New York Times about how the Left is going to have one day back down on the racial equality issue. Leftwing journos are unable to wrap their heads around the concept of a paternalistic, benevolent racism. This is also primarily because they are so uneducated and know so little about history.

– In an ideal world, we would have a sort of benevolent technocratic monarchy. This is what we jokingly refer to as the Yang dynasty or the Silicon Reich. We can imagine a world in which blacks have their little Bantu village in Mississippi and live off their UBI and we do the same in Tennessee. There is no need for racial conflict because the rising tide of wealth will resolve the issue.

– This is a positive vision of the future. It is also one that has never occurred to leftwing journos who again spend 90% of their time getting mad and witch hunting heretics on Twitter. Yet another reason to be excited about Yang becoming president is marginalizing those people. We can do a lot better than electing a communist like Bernie Sanders or a capitalist like Donald Trump.

Note: Focus on the money.

When a Universal Basic Income is implemented on a global basis, wage slavery is abolished and it is cranked up over time and distributed to give ordinary people ever more money, THEN life will become less intense and alienated and more cultural, human beings will naturally migrate and resegregate into homogeneous tribes or nations, the social fabric will heal, cultural capital will begin to reaccumulate and a lot of nastiness everyone expected will become unnecessary.

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  1. I think it is important to realize that a certain class of libertarian supports Andrew Yang.
    Simply this.

    Some Libertarians are don’t like government spending in any form.
    Other Libertarians don’t mind the government printing dollars IF they give it to everyone AND the government doesn’t tell you what to do with it.

  2. Boomers will never understand anything other than the capitalism vs socialism dichotomy. Society collapsed on their watch and they still are stuck in their same old “free market” is freedom ways. It really is unbelievable almost an entire generation thinks this way and refuses to think differently about a different time instead they still live in another generation long ago.

  3. I support Yang & UBI because it will royally screw up the system. In the long run, however, I think the Bantus of Mississippi will still outbreed the Whites of Tennessee. A Bantu with $1000 a month will have 10 chilluns whereas a White will only have 2 or 3.

  4. “the motor of this is…”.No, HW

    the motor of White-extincting open-borders Judeo-globalization is


    Chairman Yang and his eggroll-in-the-sky are irrelevant.

    2016: HW/Anglin et. al. get played by orange fake-populist baboon.

    2020: ” ” ” ” ” ” yellow fake-populist chink.

    2024: ” :” ” ” ” ” (fill in blank)

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