Donald Trump Is On Course To Beat The Democrats In 2020

In another world, I could have been a Democratic Party campaign strategist, but ever since the fanatics seized control of the DNC it no longer listens to people like me:

“President Donald Trump has a low approval rating. He is engaging in bitter Twitter wars and facing metastasizing investigations.

But if the election were held today, he’d likely ride to a second term in a huge landslide, according to multiple economic models with strong track records of picking presidential winners and losses.

Credit a strong U.S. economy featuring low unemployment, rising wages and low gas prices — along with the historic advantage held by incumbent presidents. …

In the 1932 election, I would have voted for FDR over Herbert Hoover.

The Democrats have a 2020 candidate who could be FDR. He carried every Southern state in four elections because the issue back then was class and ideology, not race and identity politics. If the Democrats are foolish enough to nominate someone like Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Sanders, Beta O’Dork or this other guy Buttplug who is running on being a homosexual, Blompf will win in 2020. Bernie Sanders is the only other candidate who stands a chance of beating Blompf but he would struggle.

Chairman Yang is Trump’s kryptonite. He is the anti-Trump who ticks all the right boxes. Millennials and Zoomers will come together to vote for Yang over Trump because $1,000 bucks a month and student loan debt forgiveness will have massive appeal to every corner of the political spectrum. Bernie Sanders is just the elderly socialist who ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Yang already has what used to be the Alt-Right launching a massive meme war in support of him in March 2019. This is a clear bellwether that something is stirring in the center of the electorate. When you have won over “white supremacists” a year and a half before a pending national election, the story here is that you have a candidate and message that shifts the axis of politics to class.

Note: SJW fundamentalists are too stupid to see this and continue to agonize over stupid things like the color of hats. Imagine being mad over getting paid $1,000 a month and ending wage slavery because “racists” think that would be a great idea.

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    • If u believe the economy is good, I got land on the moon to sell u. Show me labor participation in the us.

  1. I wasn’t going to give Yang any creedence until I found out he was a professing Christian, if that helps any of you at least hear him out.

    He still doesn’t appeal to me but no one does in post Trumpalyptic America.

    • Yeah, but the last time we got a Christian who came anywhere close to practicing what he preached was Jimmy Carter and, well…

      (ok, maybe Jugears if you think Christianity means starting WWIII and making Israel bigger so Jesus will come back sooner.)

  2. I really doubt this. His support has only diminished in the midwest and rust belt, where he won by tiny margins. He has moved into the Republican camp, which can’t win national elections. I think he will lose no matter who he goes up against.

    • agree. Dems won’t make the mistake of reporting Philadelpia early this time, so Drumpf’s minus 20 electoral votes right there, Forget about Wisconsin a second time. Now he’s minus 31. Which puts him @ c. 278. If Florida (or AZ) has crossed the demographic threshold by 2020, as it may, Drumpfs a goner. All the dems have to do is nominate someone who’s not an obvious murderous anti-White, Biden for ex., and they should win the pop vote by a large margin & the EC as well.

  3. If I have nothing else to do on Election Day I might pull the lever for that chinaman – but strictly for teh lulz.

    • That’s basically why I voted for Cynthia McKinney in ’08. She amused me, she was a REAL Dirty Souf black woman who wasn’t ashamed of it–unlike the faggy mullatto from fuckin’ Hawaii who they force-memed on us… and I was sincerely impressed by anti-corporate and pro-drug legalization positions and her willingness to show up on the Alex Jones Show.

  4. I think 2020 will bring us “shock and awe” levels of voter fraud, voting machine funny business, dead people and illegals voting, Trump ballots destroyed, vote harvesting and the like. They won’t take any chances this time.

    Florida Dems will have enough newly- enfranchised felons and newly-arrived Puerto Ricans to augment the usual Broward County fraud and award the state to the Democrat.

    I really don’t see Trump’s re-election.

    The next president will make punishing Trump 2016 voters his/her priority.

  5. Trump 2016 was the last chance (and I mean the LAST chance, not “a” chance) to derail the (((Bolsheviks))) and avoid a civil war. But Blormph refused and/or neglected and/or was incapable of realizing what he had to do in order to avert catastrophe. So now here we are. Stoooopid old boooomer makes country go boom.

    Now it’s over: Blormph has shat the bed, he will be defeated in shame and tears, his memory will be mocked, then erased, then mocked some more; his supporters will be shat upon and genocide shall become an open priority, rather than the covert project of decades. If there’s one thing these (((alleged “people”))) do right, it’s scheme and plot and plan ahead.

    The morning after Election Day 2020, when the new Democrat dictator arises from the smoke and sulphur of the most blatant voter fraud in human history (which fraud they won’t even need, since they could have won handily fair and square, such is the betrayal and failure of Blormph), bares its fangs and flaps its leathery wings, we will indeed be in a new era. The knives will come out.

    You broke it, you bought it. The laws of physics and political history apply in this hemisphere, too.

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