Mike Pence Begs GOP Donors For Shekels

UPDATE: See what I mean.

In a nutshell, this is why I will not be voting for Donald Trump and MIGA in 2020. It is because I know that whatever policies he runs on are meaningless rhetoric for rubes and that he will simply cater to the interests of these people for the next four years:

“When Vice President Mike Pence appeared before some of the GOP’s most powerful donors at the iconic Pebble Beach golf course on Monday evening, he did something that would’ve been unthinkable a few years ago.

Over a surf and turf dinner, the vice president showered praise on Paul Singer, a prominent New York City hedge fund manager who spent millions of dollars in 2016 bankrolling TV ads painting Trump as “too reckless and dangerous to be president.”

But as the group of assembled Republicans — some of whom have been similarly skeptical about the president in the past — looked on, Pence praised the 74-year-old billionaire as a leading free-market thinker and thanked him for his years of financial support to the party and conservative causes.

I can’t make the case against Trump any better than this.

Who am I going to vote for? Am I going to vote for Donald Trump and MIGA and Paul Singer’s conservative agenda or am I going to vote for Andrew Yang who wants to give me a $1,000 bucks a month and nullify the power and influence of these people over American politics?

Quite honestly, a vote for Herbert Hoover would make more sense than a vote for Donald Trump in 2020. To his credit, Hoover at least cleaned up an illegal immigration crisis.

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  1. Hoover was basically a white nationalist as were most prominent Americans before FDR was elected. Let’s not go overboard on economic populism. We would be infinitely better off had pre-FDR Republicans remained in control of the country until the present.

  2. “Quite honestly, a vote for Herbert Hoover would make more sense than a vote for Donald Trump in 2020.”

    Yeah–Herbert Hoover. What did he ever accomplish?




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