My Awakening

I can’t wait to start writing my own version.

As you may have noticed lately, I have completed my system. I’ve changed because a number of different of things which I have been working on separately for years have suddenly clicked and crystallized in my mind. We’ve never had a moral and cultural message of reform.

Watch the video below and replace “the Devil” with SJWs and political correctness condemning sinners to Purgatory and/or eternal hellfire. You will catch my drift. Even if all the things we are accused of being are “sins” under the paradigm of political correctness (spoiler: they’re not), we are still forgiven by Jesus Christ. The idea that we should be exiled from the “mainstream” is ludicrous.

Have you ever thought about it? Who put a halo over the head of woke “journalists” from outlets like the Huffington Post? Is there anything moral about those people at all?

What is the “mainstream” but a disciplinary system of policing our behavior? Why does it try to alienate racially conscious White people from Christianity? What the hell is “Judeo-Christianity” and how did it come about? How did this moral paradigm become so dominant in the United States in the 20th century? Who made Morris Dees the Pope? Why are our people steered away from the light of the Christian Gospel and kept wound up on drugs and steered into a life of moral degeneracy?

Who benefits from all this? No one … at least anyone who is a European Christian.

Note: If you are Catholic, please don’t get mad about this post. As a Lutheran, I would rather bring back indulgences than live under the weight of our current moral system. I would buy an indulgence if I could spring Nick Fuentes from the Purgatory he is living in now.

No wonder the nickname “Prozium” resonated with me. Who are these people but the modern day SJW fundamentalists who we are all so familiar with? Who is Big Brother?

Some free advice for the Democratic Party.

Just get rid of this stupid unnecessary system which creates all this craziness, reconcile yourselves to working with White people and we will take out Blompf and conservatism for you.


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  1. You’re not negotiating with the Democratic party, you’re negotiating with the Shoes, and they aren’t going to take their boot of your neck.

    BTW, some of this is coming off as a little weird

    • Think about it.

      Political correctness is a terrible moral paradigm. It offers no escape for “sinners.” Christianity was a much better system whether it was the Catholic or Protestant version. Every “sinner” had a way to be brought back into the mainstream.

      • People keep saying that one day the Left is going to institute some kind of Chinese-style Social Credit System as a way of disenfranchising problematic wrongthinkers. Make X number of Pepe memes and we’ll make your groceries 10%, tell Y number of nigger jokes and we’ll require you to take Z credits of racial sensitivity training.

        I wish they would, because at least that IS a system. A least under that kind of arrangement you have a vague idea of what is and is not allowed, what happens if you get caught and maybe even what you can do to atone for sin. Modern liberalism removed all the carrot from Christianity, in the form of a pleasurable afterlife or a reasonably-fulfilling and orderly society, and kept all the sticks from its most austere and puritanical doctrines (original sin, AKA whiteness, means you’re probably a bastard no matter how good you try to be, and any sins/microaggressions you commit just means more punishments that you don’t even have to wait for death and Hell to experience).

        I keep remembering the fact that, in Orwell’s 1984, there was technically no such thing as a crime. Everything was permitted, but some of what was permitted would just get you tortured and executed by people who were more powerful than you. I think that’s really the kind of systtem that our rulers prefer.

  2. HW, let us know when the demoncrat party (and the Republiscam pty) cast off

    their Jewish demon-riders,

    so you can make your imaginary “deal”.

    it’s evident, in any case, that you have ascended

    to a higher plane of political nirvana

    that is inaccessible to mere mortals

  3. The reformation is the well from which all the poisons of modernity flow or are drawn. All rot leads back to the reformation. Political correctness, liberalism, immorality etc. Luther is the problem. Along with Calvin and Zwingli.

      • The main culprit is the Enlightenment. Man gets turned into a materialistic machine at the whims of nature. What is that nature? Whatever his power allows. What follows from that? Seeking to control. The best way to control people are through their passions. That is where the modern diseases of culture spring from.

      • Did you study “modernity” in depth, or “Modernity”? Because they’re different: modernity began developing several centuries ago, depending on your understanding or your version, but Modernity began around the start of the First World War. We are still living in a modern age, but we are also living in a post-Modern one.

  4. I can’t imagine the bafflement that nice devout little old Catholic ladies feel at the influx of WASP converts autistically screeching about the Tridentine Mass, sedevacantism, and the cancer of the Reformation since /pol/ discovered Crusader Kings 2

    • Sedevacantism is the only way forward since the Vatican II Jewing of the Catholic Church. Celibacy laws(for priests), pedophilia, watered down mass, and the current sjw anti Christ Pope are what caused me and many other Catholics to break away. I still believe Catholicism is true Christianity but the institution has been infiltrated by demons who look to destroy us.

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