Cultural Revolutions

Try not to laugh.

There is one country in the world that should understand the destructive impact of cultural Marxism and SJWs and might sympathize with us. The sickness that has infected the West also made its way to China. The Chinese eventually decided to move past that awful episode in their history and concluded it was a much better idea to get rich without throwing their own heritage into a bonfire.

Note: This is one reason why Yang has become the Great Yellow Hope. The only thing we really want is to be released from this absurd system and this dumb president.

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  1. What evidence do we have that Yang would support a break from destructive SJW policies? Or does the yang gang just not care as long as they secure the bag?

  2. VIdeo: What motivates Jordan Peterson is his belief that the White right is organic and stronger than the anti-White left’s multi-racial unstable coalition. He believes the right will triumph over the left, so he’s trying to subvert the right from within. Vely interesting!

    Jordan Peterson Dismantled

  3. My take on Asia is this: 1) Japan was able to retain it’s culture despite being bombed into submission and occupied with a (((central bank))) installed. 2) Korea totally imbibed the Jewish poison evidenced by nearly universal male infant genital mutilation and rampant (((plastic surgery and tit jobs))) and shit music. 3) The Chinese were conquered by Jewish/US backed Communists but I honestly can’t tell where the Han Chinese are on the (((submission))) scale.

    I have never been much of a gook-o-phile being more Eurocentric but it would seem that the level of Chinese (((submission))) is going to be a very critical factor in the future. Is it possible to have a white/chink alliance? It would appear this is possible in the US starting with affirmative action concerns.

    • The Japanese are the only healthy nation and culture in East Asia. There’s a reason why Asia was much better off when Imperial Japan ruled Asia. The Chinese are already lost, their society imbibed much of ((Western)) degeneracy already and their government is permitting Africans to move to China and marry Chinese women.
      The Japanese considered Chinese subhuman for a reason. The Japanese are the only East Asians to have a warrior caste culture in the samurai, while Chinese and Koreans have been nothing more than merchants and scholars historically, hence Japanese will always be based while Chinese and South Koreans are born cucks. North Korea and Japan are the 2 most based nations in the region, even though they seem on opposite sides politically.

  4. I’ve said this several times already but I shall say it again: We might actually benefit from being ruled over by the Orientals for a while, because we have lost the ability (at least temporarily) to govern ourselves.

  5. I most likely will be sitting out the 2020 presidential election. I will not be voting for Trump again since he betrayed his base; however, I will not be voting for Yang either should he, by a long shot, become the Democratic nominee. He is a civic nationalist and will continue to promote anti-white policies.

    Here are just a few of the anti-white policies that Yang supports:

    1)The Dream Act

    2)Making Puerto Rico a state

    3)A “pathway to citizenship” for illegal aliens

    4)An American Exchange Program “through which high school seniors will travel throughout different parts of the country in groups to make friends from different backgrounds and learn about American culture that they would otherwise lack exposure to. While spending time in these areas, these students would participate in local social events and volunteer for local organizations, thus feeling a part of these communities.”
    In other words, he will be breaking down our people’s natural instincts to prefer our own and attempt to brainwash us into believing that whites and nonwhites are so similar that we whites shouldn’t be alarmed that we are being destroyed in our own country.

  6. Probably the most SJW-like successful revolutionary state in the last century was the État Comorien (1975-1978). That would have been good to cover for Black History Month. Google Ali Soilih, he was an interesting guy.

  7. China isn’t still forcing people to work to death in factories, harvesting prisoners’ organs, persecuting and torturing Christians, etc., etc.? China won’t be giving up centralized control of its’ people and their lives anytime soon.

    • Frankly, I don’t trust the slopes farther than I can throw the Three Gorges Dam.

      I recognize that UBI is probably eventually going to happen, but to hold up the Chinese as models of anything except ant-jew wretchedness is daft.

  8. hunter is acting like a white guy who just recently discovered japanese pop culture and got a chinese girlfriend.

    out of nowhere, he’s posting about the glories of The People’s Republic. LOL. what next? his essay on anime?

    “Yang is deliberately avoiding pandering to SJWs. He doesn’t sound anything like them.”

    yang sounds exactly like them and just posted about IQ out of the blue, for no good reason at all, to virtue signal that he doesn’t believe in it, and that standardized tests measure nothing. sound familiar?

    he’s in total lockstep with the democrat party on any issue that matters. open border, make illegals citizens, disarm european men like hunter wallace and abolish the second amendment. he even wants to create a new national tax out of thin air, a VAT. does hunter even know what a VAT is?

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