Blompf: Democrats Are Anti-Jewish For Skipping AIPAC

The case for MIGA is, well, let’s just say there is zero case for it now:

I hope he keeps talking like this.

If he continues down this path with the “Dems R Real Anti-Semites” line and talking about Jexodus and prostrating himself before Israel like he did yesterday, it will only throw more gasoline on the fire with his former base. He is revealing himself for what he really is now, which is to say, a con artist who sold out to the Republican donor class.

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  1. He left off the most important parts. They’re anti-American and ati-white. They’re natural globalists at this point.

    I think I’ve figured it out before anyone else, publicly anyway. The Jewish power structure is controlled by hybrids.

  2. When Trump made the comment “just be good” a few weeks ago about social media censorship, it was his typical bragging. He believes that his win was all due to his unique genius and his team just being that good. He doesn’t even understand why he won, so he doesn’t understand how he could win again and won’t understand when he loses in 2020. And even if his team had been good, he has replaced all of them with GOP strategists who couldn’t win a game of tic tac toe against a toddler.

  3. Trump has basically said “fuck you” to the tens of millions of decent White Americans who supported him so enthusiastically in 2016. His only loyalty is to the Zionist mafia. But they will eventually turn against him, just like he has turned against us.

  4. Forget Trump, his ‘white-uprising’ shtick was good for one election. It was really good, have to confess. What a ride ! A really touching subject, better than Messia’s ‘hope ‘n change’. It created the drama needed to get people’s attention and to bring people out to vote and thus legitimize the system for yet another four years….Now another fiction is needed to create the drama required for ‘democracy’ to work, and that is…. “Yang-1000” !! … the SF is coming folks, an exciting and new future ahead people..or at least another four year after which something else ‘exciting’ will have to be found to get people stirred and screaming and eachother and eventually out to vote, full of hope and spite, signifying nothing.
    Democracy is a con game which relies on people’s short memory. It is an ever-green, Alzheimer-based, system of governance.

  5. the democrat party IS becoming anti-jewish, though. that part is accurate. they are in a power struggle over who will control the party.

    not that this matters to core america of course.

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