Mike Pompeo: God Might Have Chosen Donald Trump To Save Israel From Iran

Choose wisely.

In 2016, we aligned ourselves with Boomer conservatism after being sold on Make America Great Again, and what we got was just more Boomer conservatism.

This is reminiscent of the George W. Bush presidency. It is also exactly the sort of thing that turns intelligent, educated people away from Christianity:

Hard to argue with Greg here:

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  1. Dangerous loons like these should not have nuclear weapons.

    Jaw-dropping. Embarrassing. Shameful.

    • Anybody who bases foreign policy on heretical interpretations of an Iron Age religion needs to be locked up and have the key thrown away.


      • Your Christophobia is showing, Marcus. And this IDOLATRY is NOT religion- this is a CULT, completely opposed to historic Christianity, Blblical morality, and the seed of Adam. For the Record.
        Remember- Jesus called the Jews sons of Satan- and he was the first one to do it, 2000 years ago.
        Had we only listened to Him, we might not be in this predicament.

        Oh, and as to your sentiment? I would say the same thing for anyone who DOESN’T believe in God. but instead of locking them up, stone them. Have a nice day.

  2. All roads lead to Iran.

    Do we think Trump will attack Iran before his term ends? It will be a long campaign, so I think it will start after he is re-elected. He would first need to make a safe space in Syria and possibly Afganistan, so he can supply his army.

    I knew it was his plan to attack Iran in 2015, when he talked up how badly veterans were treated, and how he wants to give them a million dollars each. When a man like Trump sucks up to you, its because he wants to use you for something.

    • Correction. It was late 2016 he said he’d take the oil and give the vets one million each. It feels like a lot more than 3 years has passed.

    • He is not going to attack Iran.He does these executive orders signing pieces of paper that have no impact on what happens between Israel/Palestinians/Iranian/Russians in the ME, and the sheeple see him as doing something. The US government has been using it’s pen at the UN to veto all resolutions that would bring some justice to the Palestinians. Now he’s doing this pro Israel stuff with his executive order pen. So what? He’s not going to war against Iran. He has not against Assad/Putin ,Iran in Syria..He strikes at a bunch of internet convert thugs called isis, it takes him two year to do it, and hails this as some great military victory; a bunch of international psychopathic thugs in pick up trucks! But he allows Putin and Assad and Iran to engage in a holocaust of Sunni Syrians. Resulting in refugees all over Europe!

      • When Jewish Supremacists repeat for 40 years that a certain country wants to wipe Israel off the map, it means the Jews are going to wipe that country off the map. They are big on Projection and Trump is one of them.

  3. Jehovah doth grant a New Moses unto the Chosen Ones. His hair shall be as bright orange and yellow and upon his head shall appear a great sign and all the peoples of the earth will marvel.

  4. Everyone in the USA is just waiting for boomers to finally die. They are the only ones who believe this John Hagee BS.

  5. The argument of Jon Hagee, Pat Robertson, Hal Lindsey, and other Judeo-Christians is that America has been blessed because we blessed Israel. So how did America survive without Israel until 1948? We are also told if we stand by Israel we will be blessed among all nations. So my question is has America advanced or declined since Israel was established in 1948?

    Like I said in a previous post Christian Zionism (AKA Judeo-Christianity) is a modern day heresy that has nothing in common with traditional Christianity. Thanks a lot Darby! And you too Scofield!

    • The Bible makes it pretty clear that “Israel” refers to Christendom, not to a modern nation-state created in the 20th century. And even then, the promises to Israel are conditional. Boomers just tend to be functionally illiterate and retarded due to eating lead paint chips as children.

  6. Funny how all the individuals in Trump’s “swamp” that WERE against him are now hailing him as a saviour…
    One year ago they were ALL trying to throw him out of office, but now…..hmmm. They all seem to be coalescing into a unified team to start war with Iran and Venezuela simultaneously.
    How ironic…

  7. I didn’t know Pompeo was a crazy Italian Roman Catholic, although most Italians are not too tightly wrapped.

  8. Those whom God has chosen will experience suffering due to evil, but win in the end due to following God’s plan. God’s plan is always centered on doing good. How is Trump suffering? What good is the Orange 44DD Bra-Wearing Unstable Dimwit doing?

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