Realigning Our Dumb Electorate

Focus on the money.

This is how we can accomplish this.

Martin Luther used the printing press to kickstart the Reformation.

In the 21st century, we have the internet, meme warfare and the smartphone. It will be a piece of cake to short circuit the US political establishment with a settlement.

Has the SPLC increased or decreased hate? It has stoked hate by keeping all these people locked up in a moral version of Purgatory from which they can’t escape. Just getting rid of that dumb moral system will also solve a major political problem and save lives too.

Note: If this doesn’t work, we can always go back to trying identity politics, but no one ever got to Heaven through SJW fundamentalism anyway. This is me basking in my pristine moral purity is so much better than getting rid of Conservatism, Inc and taking billions of dollars in the process is the stupidest f**king argument I have ever heard.

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  1. You might be onto something. We’ve been through “out-argue the prog,” “outvote the prog,” “outfight the prog,” “out breed the prog.” Maybe “save the prog” is a better path. It will take a(nother) miracle….

    • I don’t understand your position.

      How is getting paid $1,000 a month, $100 per cycle to donate to campaigns to crush oligarchies and the abolition of student loan debt tantamount to genocide? I’m not opposed to putting a financial floor under working class people and would rather not perpetuate the absurd system that we have now. I will also still be here in 2024 ungenocided and probably in better shape.

    • “…I don’t understand your position…”

      I don’t either. The Republicans and Trump both could have legally and with popular support got rid of all the illegals, the 401 whatevers and could have even got rid of a vast amount of immigrants by deporting any who used welfare. They did nothing. Nothing at all. In fact passed laws that made it worse. There’s no way to get rid of the illegals and mass immigrants at this point and time short of all out genocidal war which I don’t want and you would not either if you saw the true cost it would entail.

      My perspective is we have to get rid of the Jews or at least severely restrain their power and we’re not going to do this with the Republicans or the batch of Democrats we have now. This means the only way is to pivot and work with the immigrants. They don’t give a damn about the Jews at least and are outright hostile to them in many cases.

      By taking economic pressure off the workers we can free them for other task, like getting rid of the Jews. It also makes the importation of immigrants less burdensome. They will pay taxes that they do not now. It will also, over time, limit the number if immigrants. The cost of them will come out of Wang bucks and people will resist it.

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