The Case For Jexodus

Three cheers for Jexodus. I for one hope President Trump succeeds in realigning all Jews to the Republican Party because it would solve so many of our problems.

Imagine having a second party in the United States. The Whites would then all come flooding back to the Democratic Party without the Jews antagonizing them so much and keeping the electorate so polarizied. The Republican Party would then be a tiny elite of Jewish donors and Christian Zionist evangelical Boomers running on a platform of Making Israel Great Again.

We would fly into each others arms without our Jewish elite dividing us.

Note: Everyone would have $1,000 a month, Medicare For All, student loan forgiveness, and end to Israel’s absurd level of control over our foreign policy, an infrastructure plan, legal weed, an end to decades of partisan gridlock. The Boomers would be mad about the government coming to take their guns but would realize they could finally just retire and relax.

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  1. “I for one hope President Trump succeeds in realigning all Jews to the Republican Party because it would solve so many of our problems.”

    It will never happen, it is like “Blexit” of Candace Owen and other cringey “boomer-Conservatism” forced memes.

    What does happen however is the whites exiting as the Democratic party is reaching the “tipping point” and becoming so dominated by POC that the remaining liberal-whites will head for the exit, as they do in neighborhoods and schools.

    Jews are drifting slowly into an unpleasant hot spot, hit both from the – ‘daily storming’ –new white Right and from the –‘racist Israel’- and – ‘Jews are a uber-privileged sub-set of whites’- new POC dominate Left.

    Well, Israel is waiting for them.

  2. I don’t like Candace Owens, for various reasons, one being that I just find her annoying. That said, she isn’t ineffective in certain basic ways *and,* she symbolizes something dangerous to the jews – blacks questioning the status quo paths that have been (((designed))) for them.

    I mention this because I think New Zealand was fake and that the shooter’s supposed inclusion of Candace in his ‘manifesto’ is a way to stigmatize her and what she symbolizes. The jewish takeover of the western world will be a material loss for most blacks, a realization an increasing number of blacks are sensing.

    It’s becoming harder and harder for the perpetrators of these psy op’s to stage them in the US, as skeptics of all kinds and from all angles also increase in number and intensity.

  3. C’mon rabbis drumpf and pence; change the stars on the ‘American ‘ flag from five pointed to six pointed stars of David already. You know that congress will unanimously approve the change.

    What are you waiting for? You’re not anti-Semitic are you?

  4. EVERYBODY should be mad about not being able to defend themselves! You’re now supporting gun confiscation? That doesn’t have a history of working out well. If you’re going to make wanting the means for self-defense (or hunting) into just a boomer conceit, you have truly lost it.

  5. Just maybe if this Q thing is real and these satanic traitors start losing their heads can we forgive Trump for being a jew tool? Just maybe that’ll be his 2020 strategy.

    • Trump’s campaign strategy for 2020 will be to finish the wall. Yes, the same wall that he didn’t even begin building and that I believe he doesn’t even want built.

  6. This Yang cult is a joke, right? That man would be as terrible as Trump but in a different way. The jewish control over USA can only be ended trough a nuclear attack.

  7. HW wanders dazedly

    amid fields of fragrant flowers,

    then falls blissfully asleep

    amid the blossoms. Where

    he dreams of LSU’s famous

    “Chinese Bandit” defense, as it

    serpentines out of the huddle

    in 1957

  8. the exact opposite is happening. europeans are leaving the democrat party. it is becoming the vibrant party.

    hunter doesn’t even show boomer level political awareness.

  9. Can you post the political compass again Brad? I didn’t quite catch that dude. STOP POSTING UNTIL YOUR MEDS KICK IN BRO.

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