Detoxifying Race Relations

Here’s a settlement:

1.) Race exists, but that is no reason for hostility. Educated people know this and think it is a dumb taboo when anyone can take a DNA test. It has been an open secret for years.

2.) Jews have far too much power and influence over our society. Are we really going to continue to deny it after the past two months?

3.) America lacks a cohesive culture and this is a major problem. Christianity used to be the glue of a common ethic. It was a far better system than political correctness which has poisoned our culture and driven people to the point of fanaticism. There is no forgiveness for “sin” under political correctness only damnation to eternal hellfire. See China’s experience under Mao for how this ended. See China’s experience under Xi Jinping for a better way forward.

4.) White people are becoming a minority in this country. There is no place, however, for European Americans in mainstream politics. There is no place for a positive sense of White identity or discussion of legitimate White interests like the modern day plague that is the suicide and opioid epidemic. Why not just jettison this dumb unsustainable system?

5.) When all of above is recognized and granted as reasonable points, then everyone will be better off for it and can all move forward and work toward mutual policy goals without driving disaffected White people so hard against the wall that they turn into people like this:

6.) Disciplinary institutions like the SPLC and ADL which enforce political correctness as a moral code are stoking hatred, not solving it, inflating a vicious cycle of fanaticism on the Left and Right, ripping apart the social fabric and driving polarization toward extreme ideologies. Political correctness is a social problem, not a solution and ought to be retired. Look at how toxic it made social media. Who thought it was a good idea to make someone like Morris Dees the Pope?

7.) Identity politics just leads to a lot of polarization and resentment and government dysfunction and getting rid of it would save us all from another decade of this.

This is what I was referring to when joking about how funny it would be takeover the SPLC. Yang has done more to advance race relations in a month than the SPLC has in 20 years. As president, he could do more to fix a place like the Alabama Black Belt or Mississippi Delta than any president since the Civil War. The SPLC would look like just another Black Belt casino in such a world.

Note: I still think that Yang needs to come to Selma, AL and take a look around. The economy hasn’t worked for that place for 50 years. If it wasn’t being kept on life support by government spending, it would have already long since gone the way of Pompeii. I continue to be amazed how politicians drop in every year for a photo op and just leave.

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  1. –Race exists, but that is no reason for hostility…Jews have far too much power and influence over our society.

    Are you sure ? You sound pretty hostile to me, at least according to ADL

    –America lacks a cohesive culture and this is a major problem…There is no forgiveness for “sin” under political correctness only damnation to eternal hellfire.

    Only whites have this obsession with guilt and forgiveness, all the other major cultures/civilizations in the world are ‘shame based’ cultures not ‘guilt based’…Kevin MacDonald has an ev.pysch. theory about where does this come from -something about the sparsely populated areas of North Europe during the Ice Age where the groups were formed as ‘moral in-groups’ as opposed to ‘kinship-based in-group’

    –Why not just jettison this dumb unsustainable system ?

    Sure, but apart from this would-be/to be tried/ theory of a Yang-based salvation the only way to do it is to assert politically openly the white-identity. Whites should become themselves an identity group with a political clout in the post-American America….This is how other multi-racial/multi-ethic societies function all over the world. Many examples in Europe if you look for them. You need to transform America, to give up to the ‘nation-state’ concept and rethink US as ‘multi-national state’ where politics is done though negotiations between the leaders of the national groups. You may want to get rid of the POTUS as well, and have a Parliamentarian republic, since a president can’t be trusted to represent equally all the national group.
    US is going anyway in this direction, with the GOP becoming a white-people party, but it has to be brought into the open, formalized, legitimized. It will happen eventually. An event will trigger this transformation which now is in the making. A large number of the whites (46%) are worried about their future as a minority.

    • Some great points here! Identity politics is the nature of different cultures coexisting in the same area. Because the forced co-mingling of us is unnatural, our natural state of like wanting to be with like will only work stronger to reassert itself in this situation. If the Yang candidacy succeeds, this could be accomplished peacefully. If it doesn’t, I think separation is coming anyway, but less nonviolently. The GOPe would have to drop its’ wish of being the home of heeb identity politics, and lose the policy of using beaners for wage depression to become a white party, though.

  2. I agree with everything you’ve written, but your calls for a reasonable accommodation of racial reality is against Human Nature. The JewSA is breaking apart, and I fear things are going to become unimaginably ugly. I am not wishing for this – I think that Humans are vicious, when shoved up against the wall. Fat too many Whites are still ignorant or willfully self-deluding when our existential peril is cited. ZOG is still hammering against us. I can’t imagine what will happen in the next few years. We must be prepared, in every possible way, to protect ourselves and our loved ones. I just try to get the world out. Balkanization is happening already. I just our people to survive.

  3. for the umpteenth time,

    the Jews will permit

    no White bantustans. (((They)))

    intend to kills us.

    all of us. And

    Yang is going to stop them? Again, HW,

    whatever you’re smoking,

    patent it.

  4. jews intend to eliminate europeans.

    they can’t be bargained with. they can’t be reasoned with. the will not stop, ever, until we are dead.

    hunter needs to watch they live, and terminator, a few more times, to understand the situation.

    race relations are whatever jews want them to be. do jews exist? then they control race relations. the end.

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