The Great Plantation: Identity

I want to apologize to my readers.

I’ve been running down a dozen different rabbit holes since the year 2001. It is only recently that these rabbit holes have converged into a vision. No one else is going to understand this vision without unpacking everything that is whirling around in my mind. There are a lot of things which have crystallized and it is going to take me some time to explain it to you.

Don’t get angry. I want to start by explaining my own identity, who I am and where I am coming from so that everyone reading this website can grasp my perspective a little bit better:

My Ancestry

I’m a White Southerner of British and European ancestry.

I’ve posted about my DNA test results in the past. The results have since been refined with a lot more insight into my origins and relationships to everyone else in the world. When I can get into my account, I will update this section with some graphs and charts. It was suffice to say though that I have no African ancestry and my identity as a Southern Anglo is on a strong foundation!

My Faith

Martin Luther was the greatest fire eater in European history.

He sparked the Protestant Reformation. I was drawn to Luther since my college days at Auburn when I was a fedora tipping atheist. Eventually though, I married into a Lutheran family from St. Louis and converted to Lutheranism myself. As a Lutheran, I enjoy studying my faith, the founder of our faith, the Reformation and especially how Luther’s ideas of reforming Christendom spread.

It occurs to me that the time is ripe for a new Reformation. I’m not talking about a Protestant vs. Catholic one. On the contrary, I mean the way we create and spread viral memes and talking points and share them through our smart phones and create networks on social media. Martin Luther overthrew the biggest political establishment in history … the Catholic Church.

My Culture

I’m a Southern Nationalist.

This has often irritated my White Nationalist fans. They don’t understand why I would choose to live in the Alabama Black Belt. It is one of the blackest, poorest parts of America. I’m deeply rooted in this area though. It is my home. I also care about it as a Southern patriot.

Dixie is my country. I have spent years studying its history, culture and origins. It only overlaps with the rest of the United States. I like to think of Dixie as being kind of one Great Plantation that was shattered when the Confederacy went down in the War Between the States.

The key to understanding Dixie is understanding slavery. Slavery was the foundation of a social order in the South that made it different from the rest of America. It was lorded over by a planter class that valued leisure time and who admired the Greeks and Romans. The Chivalry admired Medieval Europe as well which is why Sir Walter Scott novels were so popular here.

Traditionally speaking, “racism” of the South was more benign and paternalistic than hateful. It could be hateful like the Ku Klux Klan days, but that was the exception rather than the rule. Yankees focus on the whip of the master which was occasionally cracked. In doing so, they miss the forest for the trees because the entire Southern social order was patriarchal and paternalistic. The Southern man dealt with his wife and children in the same manner as his servants.

The Southern social order wasn’t based on hostility. It was based on authority, hierarchy and harmonization of differences in race, class, sex and age. Chattel slavery was a system of exploitation. Southern planters were adamant, however, that wage slavery was ALSO a system of exploitation and a crueler one at that. The Southern master class provided health care and a retirement plan for their slaves which is why they lived longer than most contemporary Europeans. They were also forbidden from owning firearms, voting or destroying themselves with alcohol. The truth about Southern slavery is much more complex than a modern day SJW fundamentalist would ever give it credit for being.

An SJW fundamentalist is someone who would say it is IMMORAL to study slavery. Full stop. This is an absurd position and here is why: there is nothing anyone can do about the past but try to understand it and looking at the present through the lens of other social and economic paradigms gives us a lot of insight into the flaws of our current system and social order which is free-market capitalism the worst tendencies of which are held in check by the 20th century welfare state.

My Calling

I’m a thinker.

I’m a problem solver. I often like to point out to people that I am an INTP Scorpio. I have the personality type of a detective or a scientist.

This is what I have always done on Occidental Dissent. I think about the world, read books and share my opinions. In the eyes of the SPLC, that makes me a diabolical racist hater!

I’ve been working on a problem for the last 18 years and that problem can be summed up as “how do we unfuck the South.” Feel free to examine our archives. I have done my research and then some. I have considered a number of different paradigms like White Nationalism and Southern Nationalism. My own position is a sort of blend of the two which is that I see my nation as belonging to both Western civilization and the wider European family of nations.

Drive through Dixie from one end to the other. I can tell you what you will find. You will find what is essentially one big broken plantation overlaid by the transplantation, development and evolution of modern free-market capitalism. The most impoverished parts of the South are like the places where I live which were the backbone of the old plantation complex.

Have you ever thought about those places? How could fix a place like the Mississippi Delta? Washington has utterly no clue how to fix the Alabama Black Belt and the Mississippi Delta. The only way you could ever fix those places is by restoring slavery. Hold that thought.

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  1. the only way you can fix the south =

    the only way you can fix ‘Murka:

    mexicans back to Mexico

    blacks back to Africa

    asians back to Asia

    Jews? to Israhell, if it’s still on the map. Otherwise,

    I’m sure we can think of something.

    either Whites do these things,

    or we will shortly go extinct.

  2. Hunter.

    I wanted to ask what your thoughts are on the overall difference between the cultures of the Deep South versus the Greater Appalachia regions on your map there.

    It seems to me that today they are more similar than they were in the period of the civil war, for various reasons.

    Are Appalachians and Southerners politically alligned?

    The generally libertarian bent of Missourians Kentuckians and West Virginians seems different from the more traditional deep South plantation culture.

    Maybe today its less of a real difference. There was a tremendous class difference in the past between these regions, similar to the class difference still present between the bluegrass area of Kentucky and Tennessee to the more rugged Eastern Kentucky, North Eastern Tennessee and Western West Virginia.

    Muh family married into the Mccoy side of the hatfield Mccoy feud…so I have a vested interest as bonified white trash.

  3. My Grandfather was an actual Rednecker Coal miner (a union agitator who was blacklisted from the mines that wore a red hankey).

    Am I commie pinko scum?

    Lol maybe I belong with antifa. But I dont want to dye my hair blue so…

    There are more Scots Irish in my family. Less French and English that you see down in the plantation area.

    I do have a Cherokee grandmother (great great greatish)

    Overall this is very common for my neck of the woods.

    Do you and I hail from a common ethos?

    I wonder.

  4. This topic of identity is poignant for me, as of late I haven’t been able to identify much with anybody in the movement. Alot of this I ascribe to regional/culture differences.

    Anglin is an upper middle class radical just like the SJWs, but he just swang Right instead of Left.

    The TRS guys are all upper or middle class East coast NEETS or Republican party operatives who really dont care about gun culture or working class/flyover country problems (none of them understand the gun culture that I was raised in).

    Cantwell is more White trash than White Nationalist, and is still hung up on his libertarian faggotry that he learned from books written by Jews.

    Weev is a Jew.

    JF Gariepy is a frog/leaf.

    Propertarianism is incomprehensible.

    Southern Nationalism seems my speed but my family wasn’t here for the war of Northern Aggression so I can’t even LARP as rebel scum.

    On and on.

    I don’t fit anywhere and its black pilling me.

    • There isn’t really a much of a “movement” at the moment.

      Those guys you listed are just e-celebs / entertainers at best or shills at worst. They aren’t “leading” “a movement”, they are producing an entertainment product. I could condemn most of them in great detail.

      It’s normal for normal people to feel alienated from them.

      There are a lot of normal people who believe in these ideas, but have no leadership and no clear idea how to proceed, after that thing with electing a president worked out so badly.

      But circumstances will only keep forcing more and more people into this camp, so it’s virtually inevitable that something new will come along.

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