The Great Plantation: Racism vs. Race Realism

I’m a race realist.

Jared Taylor is a race realist. A race realist is an intelligent, educated person who has studied the issue of race and concluded that, yes, there are heritable racial differences in the human species. We live in a world which weirdly denies a century of empirical evidence.

How did we come to live in a world where a truth that is so obvious has been made toxic and is repressed through antiquated taboos? We all know the taboo isn’t going to survive the 21st century. There is too much evidence coming out now through genome wide surveys that are going to shed too much light on human origins and dark parts of the human past

This is why it is so important for our society’s leaders (try not to laugh) to start drawing a fine distinction between race realism and racism. A race realist is someone like Jared Taylor who speaks Japanese and will not be surprised by the data. He will be vindicated by the data for two reasons. He is smart and educated. He is motivated by integrity and altruism.

The “racist” is someone who really is animated by hatred of other races. There is no sense of malevolence in Jared Taylor or James Watson though. I’m not a malevolent person either. This is just another truth that is as obvious to me as any other. It is a part of my mental universe like the idea that spring weather has finally arrived here in Alabama or that 2 + 2 = 4.

Hate and resentment is what clouds the issue. It is why our politicians look like idiots and zealots when they walk on eggshells around the subject and speak about it through the language of political correctness. More people are finding out every day though that the political establishment has been lying to them for over half a century now on the race issue though. There are people in the scientific world right now pleading with them to start preparing for a soft landing.

Andrew Yang is the soft lofting. I don’t “hate” Andrew Yang because he is Asian. I think he is another smart, educated person who has a lot of ideas I agree with. This is why you see [insert a bunch of labels thrown around by journos] responding to him so positively. It seems strange until you realize that these people are really race realists, not racists motivated by “hatred.” It’s just that the SPLC spent the last half century toxifying the issue as part of a direct marketing scam.

In the eyes of a SJW fanatic whose religion is political correctness, the founders of our country were all deeply immoral men who “hated” other races. Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence, probably reigns supreme among them in this respect. He was one of the pioneers of race realism while simultaneously being a man of the Enlightenment.

Jefferson wrote at length about abolition, White Nationalism, apocalyptic racial violence, the endurance of prejudice and resentment and lots of important issues:

“As to the mode of emancipation, I am satisfied that that must be a matter of compromise between the passions the prejudices, & the real difficulties which will each have their weight in that operation. perhaps the first chapter of this history, which has begun in St Domingo, & the next succeeding ones which will recount how all the whites were driven from all the other islands, may prepare our minds for a peaceable accomodation between justice, policy & necessity, & facilitate our furnish an answer to the difficult question Whither shall the coloured emigrants go? and the sooner we put some plan into under way, the greater hope there is that it may be permitted to proceed peaceably to it’s ultimate effect. but if something is not done, & soon done, we shall be the murderers of our own children/”

Thomas Jefferson was also a Galaxy Brain. He was a man of the 18th and 19th centuries. That’s why he sounds so much more intelligent and educated than the people who “represent” us today in Washington. The Senate now vomits up men like Ben Sasse, not John C. Calhoun or Daniel Webster. My personal theory is that 150 years of wage slavery has made our political leadership vastly dumber than it used to be.

This is why it is so essential that Yang is elected president. Yang is our only chance to give Americans the leisure time to cultivate their intellects and finally begin to reverse the decline on display since the Civil War.

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  1. Hunter, I too would fall under the term Race Realist. This definition is lost on almost all of the current population, there are elements of Generation Z who get it though.

  2. It makes no difference what word games we play with our enemies. They’re still gonna call us racists. If someone really hates you, then it makes no difference if you debunk their reason; they’ll just find another reason to hate you. It’s the motive, not the reason that is the problem here. Our enemies hate us and they must be addressed on this visceral level only. You must talk to bullies in the language they understand.

    • Exactly, @Matt Edge. The term “race realist” is never going to fly with the anti-White PC zealots. These people equate normal white behavior with “Nazi hate evil White Supremacy violence. ”
      They seek to destroy us; not understand us.

  3. As a proud “racist”, I have to say Hunter…man…I feel like you’re going off the deep end with all this. I hope it’s a passing fever.

    The distinction between “racist” and “race-realist” is only a distinction to you, maybe because you haven’t looked into the philosophical justifications of the anti-realists? AMREN published a book on race by a jewish philosopher named Levin – in it, he briefly discusses this alternate philosophical view. Without prying into detail, and to put it bluntly: the anti-realists know, and consequently accept, all the divine “holy writ” of the lab-coat-wearing oracles….yes, we can find statistically-relevant genetic trends in some people that, if given social importance, can be used to “arbitrarily” segregate the peoples. And yet, it is arbitrary. As Tim Wise says, we can find very real and measurable data (light waves, for example) to distinguish between those with yellow jerseys and those with red jerseys. And yet, the yellow-jersey-wearing group and the red-jersey-wearing group are arbitrarily divided; the color of their jerseys indicate their support for different sports teams, but ought not be important sociologically.

    In short: that people can be distinguished physically doesn’t mean they *ought* to be…and anyone who says they *ought* to be is saying so, presumably, as a way to sow discord, dissent, and disunity among the collective. So you, Taylor, and all the other would-be respectable ne’er-do-wells, are, on this view, hostile heretics who must be destroyed. To put sociological importance on these arbitrary distinctions, is an act of “hate”.

    Here is the rub…”hate” is a word that is all but meaningless when they (and when you) use it in this way. You ought to know better after all this time, man.

    “Race” is just as real as the genetic markers that make someone a red-head as opposed to a blond. I’m sure we could find very real genetic differences between those with 5 freckles and those with 20. But such distinctions are accidental and irrelevant to our social life…this is the talking-point and it’s this that will emerge more and more forcefully as Dildolech advances.

    No…a “racist” isn’t someone with a particular emotional disposition. Rather, a “racist” is any white man who stands up for the old Europe of Christ and the people who lived there. Our skin-color is a living reminder to Satan that he has been defeated, and his followers want to wipe it out, wherever it’s found – even if found in themselves. Eschewing hate for these Dildolechian inquisitors cutts off a viable and important emotion from our arsenal of defense.

    Reject “racism” at your own risk…

    • “In short: that people can be distinguished physically doesn’t mean they *ought* to be…and anyone who says they *ought* to be is saying so, presumably, as a way to sow discord, dissent, and disunity among the collective…”

      Exactly, you distinguish them only if their difference makes a difference for you, if it matters for you, and then it can’t be anything else that you do it because love/prefer one and hate/reject the other.

  4. “….drawing a fine distinction between race realism and racism. A race realist…will not be surprised by the data….The “racist” someone who really is animated by hatred of other races.”

    The political reason for the denial of the factual, objectively existing, racial differences is that this denial serves to preclude value-judgements (good vs. bad – like vs. dislike) over these factual differences. Where there is no objective difference (or only ridiculous ones as skin-color or eye-color) there can not be a any value-judgement difference as well.
    Where there is however it quickly become a problem. You can pretend all day long that you don’t hate the other races, that for instance, the high-criminality and low IQ of the blacks while very real they make no value-judgement difference to you, but it would sound disingenuous. Or that the black women are beautiful, maybe 1 in 100k at nost, and that’s clearly related to the racial-anthropological phenotype.

    And the racial differences are only one type of difference which may lead to value judgements and to “hate”. The racial-differences are an obsession for the Americans for obvious historical reasons, it was simple marker form which all, including the hate due to cultural differences, proceeded. But the European nation-tribes have fought terrible war between themselves in Europe and they racially differ little but they differ in language, religion, customs etc.

    I don’t like Yang, I like whites, and I am sure that Yang too likes his fellow Chinese. He even says in one of those videos which you posted that he wants to enter politics because he is afraid that his fellow Chinese tribesmen will become hated in America as the US-China rivalry will only increase in the future.

    To achieve this goal, of ethnically interested self-promotion, he has put forward this “Caesar’s -free grain dole 2.0” which of course it is certain to arouse interest and propel him on the national stage.
    He is a smart political entrepreneur. He is not addressing at all the last 40 years of betrayal of the nation by the elites. The outsourcing of the American jobs and industries to Asia and respectively importing into US dozens of millions of cheap-labour immigrants, policies which combined in their effect to collapse the job-market, create unemployment, drive down the wages and create a crappy “Wallmart”-type of economy which sells Chinese trinkets, and brought to despair the white working class….No, forget about that, the cause is not in the past but in the future ! Yang has decided to offer to the proles the ‘free-dole-grain’ solution and, skilfully, to project the cause of the present problems in the would be “automated SF future”, not in the nation wrecking policies of the last 40 years.

    Nothing ever will make the laws of economy disappear. They did not disappear in the Roman world as Caesar introduced his dole and the Roman republic faded away into the absolute rule of the emperors.
    It merely created a politically docile-imbecile underclass which will drugged itself into oblivion. Since they did not have strong drugs as fentanyl and videogames back in the Roman times, the emperors and the Roman aristocracy had also to provide ‘games’-circuses- in addition to bread so as this class of politically dead people to remain sedated and pass their lives away.

  5. I think it was Ron Unz who wrote about how most of the elites are race realists too. They just don’t care and go with the money.

  6. Just a comment on the thread, and in general on the commenters here on OD : There are many really thoughtful and mentally stimulating responses that make me glad to come here.

  7. I don’t see the connection between race realism and Yang. race realists want separation, Yang does not want that. in fact he wants asylum, which means more multi-culturalism.

    Brad you need to chill dude.

    • No, that’s where you are wrong.

      A race realist is someone who is educated and honest about racial differences. This is controversial in the United States due to political correctness. It is a lot less controversial in East Asia.

      It is White Nationalists who want separation. They want to separate from other races because of the stress that the current system is causing them and the trajectory it seems to be on. I think Yang is Asian, but he understands us in a way that the other politicians in the Democratic Party simply do not. That’s why I am supporting him.

      • Jared Taylor isn’t remotely a “race-realist”:

        so he understands Blacks are stupid: BFD.

        he is unable to Name the Jew. As such,

        JT remains a shabbatz goy. HW,

        I sincerely hope you escape the lotus land

        you are currently lost in.

  8. “It’s just that the SPLC spent the last half century toxifying the issue as part of a direct marketing scam.”

    Yup. It’s either ‘Amway’ or “Jewway.”

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