The Great Plantation: The Jewish Taboo

Editor’s Note: This blog is like my version of Luther’s church door. It is full of insights, free advice and takes for anyone who reads it. I hope other smart people read it.

I don’t have to tell you that something went terribly wrong in the 20th century.

We have a very toxic public discourse and a polarized electorate now because of political correctness. I’m just offering my perspective on how to fix it as a historian, cultural archaeologicist, social satirist, Galaxy Brain political scientist, man of ideas and part time practicing EVIL racist person.

It has a lot to do with this guy:

It has been taboo ever since to talk about the rise of Jewish power, wealth and influence in the 20th century and the impact that has had on everything since.

We should talk about it though because, well …

Seriously guys, the elephant in the room is OUT OF CONTROL NOW.

You can be up here with me and Yang:

We don’t need anymore of this, right?

Let’s do this!

We should dump their MORAL SYSTEM of political correctness too. It has made everything so toxic. I think it has made you literally stupid. More on that later. It is all so tiresome!

You’re fired, RICHARD!

Goodbye, MORRIS!

It will be a huge let down for SJWs but legal weed, UBI, student loan debt relief and everything else will cause them to chill the fuck out for once. They will regret this stupidity one day like the Chinese who regret their role in the Cultural Revolution.

Note: I realize that I don’t make any sense to a lot of you. This is the last post in this vein for now. It will be back to normal alt-punditry for a while. Want to be excited, Democrats?

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  1. Yes yes, the way to win is to give up our morals. And become the anti- conservative. We should put on our pink dick hats and except our slave wage and wait for the rainbows and unicorns to wisk us away to utopia with the rest of the marxists. Yee Haw!

    You don’t rid yourself of PC and Jewish influence by embracing the things they want you to embrace.

      • Spawn, I would disagree… but what morals is Reckonings talking about? Being given a dividend for working for USA, Incorporated all our lives? THAT’S WAGES WORTHY OF OUR HIRE, dude!

        I think Reck is rekt, because he still thinks it’s the 1950’s. It’s not, and will never return. We need to see ORION, sure. But first, we ‘take captivity captive, and partake of the gifts in the train, biblically speaking.

  2. Sorry if this is off-topic, but since you had Foucault at the top…he was one sick mutha. He was into rough gay sex, and that self-debasement made it into his philosophy. So many “thinkers” idealizing the Enlightenment usually go back to the idea that sexual liberation is power. As E. Michael Jones has written, they rejected the Augustinian “City of God” with its model of love and service, for the “City of Man” with its model of dominion and self-indulgence. That perverse model almost always goes through the path of “sexual liberation.” Foucault was just one more example of a self-destructive libertine using intellectual verbiage to disguise his depravity as something powerful and freeing. When you look to take away a moral center to existence, you turn man into just another mechanism of nature. Man is made into something no better or worse than an animal. Morality has no meaning, except in how it can serve a means to an end. That amoral flexibility towards the subject is what gives the SJW “moral system” such a chaotic, mindless appearance, because it’s based on a hodge-podge of whatever immediately provides the dopamine hit gained from a false feeling of superiority and power over others.

    • You’re right.

      Michel Foucault died of AIDs. I have a lot of his books though. I have read him. I think he made some good points that got me thinking about his “discourse” concept.

  3. Your vision, as stated, makes sense. What I am not grasping is the reason you think that Yang will be the conduit that will bring it into being. Even if we accept that his platform is genuine, there is still the major stumbling block of The Swamp (or whatever you want to call it). Yang needs to prove he is willing to fight for his stated platform when all the Jews and donors and congress-critters and pundits throw their weight against him. The early signs are that he will NOT fight when he is opposed. But the campaign season is long and there is a chance he may redeem himself. Until such a time as he proves his mettle, he is naught more than a curiosity.

  4. Religion is genetic. You can not reeducate religious people, you can only admit the problem and remove genetic religious people.

    Should we love Jews or hate them ?

    Well, when we love them, then it is business as usual. And when we educate religious people, then Evangelical Christians will kill every Stormfront member and tens of millions too because of somebody told them that they are probably Crypto Jews.

    I want to believe. For example in Hamsterism. Is the Hamsterism good or bad ? When it is good, then I launch the Nuclear War on people who hate Hamsters and when Hamsterism is bad then I will launch the Nuclear war on people who love Hamsters.

    Now the question, where live the people, who love the hamsters and where live the people who hate the hamsters ? I get all my information from some church and the church tells me that they both live in Iran capitol Teheran.

    Liberalism is genetic. I can ruin your life because of racism. But I can ruin your life also because of msicar. The last one means, that I find your 25 old Email, where you claimed that there is one single person in Africa who is ok.

    Geneics is the problem not isms. Mad people will be mad and turn everything into madness. When you want Moral, then there will be people who know better what moral is and when you want anti conservatism then I will take care that in your country will have so many muslims that conservatism is is gone.

    We are not equal, lot of white people are mad. Everybody else knows it and abuses it.

  5. Can we really continue to blame jews for white men’s failures?

    This black woman probably did block the white guy’s truck and then break his window, acts which the video conveniently fails to capture.

    Yet she is still a martyr for their imagined cause.

    And ‘Galaxy Brain’ white men will continue to sperg over everything but reality. They refuse to defend their own women from very real violence at the hands of non-whites, and then blame white women for their degraded status.

    It’s not the jews.

    It’s you.

    It’s always been you and the cowardice you exhibit in defense of your own women and children warrants every bit of stigma jews tack onto you afterwards.

    This goes out to every white guy reading this site. I hear there’s lotsa hot chicks on Planet White Male Narcissism, next stop Opioid Purgatory followed by Lotus Flower Nirvana…

    • “…They refuse to defend their own women from very real violence at the hands of non-whites, and then blame white women for their degraded status.

      It’s not the jews.

      It’s you. ”

      This is stupid. If White Men constantly told White Women what to do, forced them to do as Men wished and forced Negros and other assorted refuse to do as White Men wished they would all be thrown in jail where they would accomplish…zero.

      It really bugs me to hear people say White Men are the problem. We’re not. We have no duty to walk around and police everything. People have to take responsibility for their own lives.

  6. Chinks and Jews are birds of a feather:

    savage, high-IQ Asiatic collectivists.

    Yang is a chink. And for all he says, he might as well be

    a Jew.

    HW’s essential problem is that, as a family man,

    he is unwilling to face the inevitable Ra-Ho-Wa.

    that’s too bad, HW. What will be,

    will be

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