The Great Plantation: Address To The Jewish Nobility Of The Democratic Party

Please, will you make sure Andrew Yang is the next president of the United States? I see him catching fire over here in my corner of our political universe.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. The audience for Charlie Kirkism, is, well, quite small?

Fellow science fiction nerds, welcome to the Gamma Quadrant of American politics:

Lots of fierce people over here. Am I right?

Conservatism, Inc. looks like:


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  1. This blog is becoming unreadable. I’m tuning in now out of deep respect for Hunter Wallace’s vast body of prior remarkable brilliant work and for the outstanding comment section.

    • Hang with me for a second.

      I’m trying to translate our politics into a common language that educated people from all sides of the political spectrum understand. Star Trek

    • I haven’t watched DS9 in 10 years so its a bit hazy, and not all of the videos play for me, but I think:

      a) The Federation is Conservatism Inc.

      b) Ferengi are greedy Space Jews, that control Conservatism Inc.

      c) The Dominion are the Democrats under Yang.

      d) Dukat’s Cardassians are Alt-Right. They switched sides during a key battle to
      join the Dominion, because the Dominion is much stronger than the Federation, and the Dominion is more in line with their values.

      I had a dream last night. Some very important Republicans in Washington D.C. were upset and confused that a small town boy from Alabama switched sides from Republican to Democrat. So they commissioned a very expensive study to discover the truth.

        • I don’t get the Star Trek analogy, HW. How about using Saved by the Bell or Full House instead?

          • I’m familiar with Star Trek.

            I’ve always watched all of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica. The whole point of inserting these little clips is to gently mock the political establishment in a language that it might understand. They understand Star Trek and the thought of using alien races and science fiction to illustrate our political predicament and values cuts through the identity politics.

      • Stay with me for a minute … Luther’s great accomplishment was translating the Bible into German. He was trying to fix a language problem. Now, what would that be like in our politics?

        Ferengi = Conservatism, Inc.

        Dukat and Cardassia joining the Dominion = all these populists realigning to the Democratic Party

        Yes, the Dominion under Yang wipes out Conservatism, Inc. It accelerates the collapse of the whole scam.

        YES, now you are thinking. In the Star Trek universe, or the “Gamma Quadrant” of American politics if you say, which neither the GOP or Democrats really understand because they are all so polarized and out of touch with Middle America we are like the Dominion. We are authoritarian conservatives who believe in economic fairness, not libertarian conservatives.

        The joke is that a solution or compromise overwhelms Conservatism, Inc. which is the Ferengi. Everyone laughs as it explodes in flames.

  2. I really like the Yincoln poster.

    You know I was much amused by Yang and agreed with him and you. But. It appears to me that his candidacy, like Trumps, gives me…hope. Trump has dashed hope. He countermanded it just like a long line of other politicians have done.

    I suspect Yang is just more of the same. If Trump had of gotten control of the corrupt voting them he may very well have not lost the House, but he didn’t. I suspect the Demos will never let Yang win and if he did win they would never, ever pass the UBI. The Jews want us poor and desperate.

    I totally get your emphasis on what could be if Yang was real and he was able to produce but it’s not likely to happen.

    I followed up on the betting link you posted Hunter and thought hard about betting on Yang. I believe you could make a lot money “if” the voting process was not corrupt. I don’t think you can guarantee that at all so there’s no way to rationally bet on anyone.

    It’s very sad.

    I wonder what the Jews think about all this. They are the most aggressive humans on planet Earth. Every time they take over another country they double down. If they lose the US, similar to Germany, they will fall very, very far down the ladder. Too many people know about them and their control of the central bank cash flow might be interrupted. Without the bank cash flow they are nothing.

    The stakes being so high I can;t see them losing to Yang or not already having him in pocket like I assume Trump is.

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