The Political Cesspool: Andrew Yang’s Candidacy

James Edwards with two members of the League of the South.

Editor’s Note: I am gently mocking our political establishment, particularly the hacks in Conservatism, Inc., with a common language they should understand … Star Trek. For my own amusement. They also deserve to get what is coming to them

Here’s the link to tonight’s show:

Yang is a Star Trek fan:

He unveils another great idea:

I just appeared on James Edwards’ aptly named populist nationalist radio show The Political Cesspool to give my hot takes on the Trump administration and Andrew Yang.

Note: I will share the archive of the show here shortly. I want you to listen to it and think about whether I have gone crazy. I don’t think so. Feeling woke.

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  1. Icy cold take on Trump preventing the worst censorship and oppression. Even a president Harris may have a less oppressive justice dept. The GOP persecutes nationalists because they have to prove they arent “nazis”. And antifa will likely be an embarrassment for a Dem regime when they’re in control so they will throw their useful idiots under the bus just like the GOP has done to nationalists.

  2. “The fact that Andrew Yang is Asian, like, who cares?” This is similar to what integrationists said when pro-whites were concerned that whites would miscegenate with nonwhites.

    Yang made statements that appeal to whites. So did Trump except he did it implicitly. Yang is currently targeting whites with a message because he knows that many whites have turned from Trump because of his betrayal of his base, and he knows that whites are easily led. This does not mean that Yang is on our side.

    In his platform, Yang does not mention building a border wall. He wants to greatly expand H-1B and F-1 visa programs. He supports the Dream Act and a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.

    This guy supports a lot of policies that we have condemned other candidates for.

    If the only thing that matters is the $1,000 a month that you might receive, then yes, Yang is the man. But if you are concerned about our people and would like to see us have an ethnostate where we have self-determination, then I don’t feel that Yang is the man.

    • If you were to look at my bookshelf, you would find hundreds of books written by people all over the political spectrum. I don’t care about any of that because I buy books to learn and explore new ideas.

      The Chinese invented gunpowder. My cellphone was made in South Korea. Probably every stitch of clothes in my closet was imported from Asia. These things really do not matter

      A good idea is food for thought. It is a good idea regardless of who offers it. Anyway, no one is voting for over a year and a half anyway so we have plenty of time to chill out and just watch and see how it unfolds

      • “Probably every stitch of clothes in my closet was imported from Asia. These things really do not matter”

        They do matter. It’s about jobs and supporting your fellow citizens. The Koreans neither invented the telephone nor cellular technology. The one item in your statement where there are still USA-made options is clothing. It’s far better to have 5 pairs of pants made in USA than 20 pairs made in China.

        I even hunt for Christmas cards that are made in America. And, believe it or not, I have been quite successful although it does get harder with each passing year.

        • Well then, it is up to our leaders to change our trade policy, but clearly they are not going to do so. I can’t tell you how difficult it is for me to grasp that the fact that a smartphone that is made in South Korea is weird to you. What about bananas? What about coffee? Are we supposed to give up those things too because they are imported from the tropics?

          This makes no sense at all.

  3. I can’t believe anyone would sell out for a mere $1,000 a month from a Chinese operative no less. Is that all you’re worth, white man?

    • Why on earth would any White person, especially Millennials and Zoomers, be interested in student loan debt reduction, $1,000 a month and a more affordable health care system? To ask the question is to answer it. Those people voted for Donald Trump to “Make America Great Again” and got nothing more of the same conservatism and shilling for Israel on steroids.

    • Am I supposed to vote for Donald Trump because he shares my identity and cares about me as a White American? The last three years has shown it was nothing but a gigantic con.

  4. Yang’s appeal bears a strange similarity to the opium tents Yang’s forefathers brought over with them back in the day…Gnome sayin’?
    Smoke it up, Brad…just don’t tell everyone else how great it is…cause its a trap.

    • 1.) I consider myself pro-White.

      2.) I can’t for the life of me understand how giving White working class and White middle class people an extra $1,000 a month to put a financial foundation under their lives is a bad thing. This sounds to me like pure conservatism.

      3.) I think it is a great idea. Those people are so stressed out under the present system that they are committing suicide in record numbers. That’s more “pro-White” than anything the GOP is offering.

      • It’s at least something different, something new. What’s the other alternative — remain trapped in this circular firing squad hell for the rest of our lives as the place continues to sink into garbage world?

      • Boomer Conservatives seriously believe only Blacks, Mexicans, Israel and mega corporations should be given free money from the government. Whites should not get this money too. That would be SOCIALISM!

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