God bless the men and women who are protesting AIPAC.

FINALLY, we are done with the Russia nonsense which was nothing but lies (Congress has imposed crippling sanctions on Russia under Trump), and now we are focusing on Israel which ACTUALLY HAS massive influence and control over our foreign policy. Everyone knows it too.

Why can no one so much as even raise the question as to why when the Israel Lobby snaps its fingers all of Congress falls on its knees to condemn “anti-Semitism” three times? Why is no one talking about what has been going on with our foreign policy with Israel under Donald Trump? Trump himself admitted that the only reason that we are even keeping troops in the Middle East is BECAUSE of Israel.

Why can’t we talk about that?

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  1. With all the blacks and browns reconsidering who the real villain is (or with any glimmer that some might authentically and accurately do so anyway) comes more contrived urgency for totalitarian control:


    Apparently now psy op’s can be considered recyclable.

    The reason why two Parkland high school students are being staged as suicide victims is to help Red Flag laws, particularly the battleground state of Colorado, seem necessary and sympathetic.

    Most whites feel bad about the suicide epidemic in our young people and can be more effectively manipulated through playing up its prevention angle of Red Flag laws than through the ‘mass shooter’ incidents, which don’t work as well on the center or even on many far right types.

    The mass shooting hoaxes get the bills moving but all the intrinsic problems they involve become obstacles without attaching suicide crisis to the issue.

    Study what’s going in Colorado.

    Sanctuary County, Sanctuary Country

  2. The worm of mass immigration from shithole countries is finally beginning to turn on them.

    If it wasn’t such a threat to ourselves, it’d be beautful to watch.

    But (((they))) have a nuclear-armed coubtry to run away to.

    When they finally leave, the sights will be set squarely and solely on us.

    We need to use this time wisely.

    Get out of the cities. Form groups. Stay low to the ground. Learn to shoot and farm.

    And for Christ’s sake, pray. Harder than you’ve ever prayed.

    • Wow! You can’t teach stupid. The jews are going to flee, and then things will get even worse for us. I pray that you’ve never had children.

    • That sums it up very well. Its been (((their))) plan all along. It’s their Method of Operation throughout history..clear to all who have studied and discerned the truth. God showed us what they are,… Jesus warned us repeatedly to have NO dealings with them,..so we can’t say we didn’t know.
      Humble yourselves to God and your brethren, but never yield to the Synagogue of Satan.
      Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

  3. It so pains me to say it but she has more courage than Steve Kind who caved like a baby to the powers that be and begged forgiveness!

  4. It looks as if a nuclear conflict may become inevitable, if that’s the only way to end the global tyranny of ZOG. So be it. 10 to 15 million casualties in a world of 7.5 billion people is an acceptable loss.

  5. “…Why can no one so much as even raise the question as to why when the Israel Lobby snaps its fingers all of Congress falls on its knees to condemn “anti-Semitism” three times?…Why can’t we talk about that?…”

    Whether anyone wants to believe it or not there’s a great deal of evidence that the Jews have sexually entrapped a great deal of Congress. In some cases, and there’s evidence for this scattered about in various places, having sex with underage girls and/or boys. The whole thing is treason and people should be hanged for this. It’s really outrageous.

    Our country is certainly not the only country in the same predicament. A person high up in the South African government said the same thing happened in South Africa with children from an orphanage and that is why the politicians there voted to end apartheid. There’s lots and lots of other countries where the story is the same.

    The next reason is money. The Jews own the FED and most all the other Central Banks where they can lend money at low interest to their Jew friends all day long.

    Another is they own the press and can ruin most people with innuendo.

    Most people here probably know all this I just stated but when these type questioned are asked we need to restate the case lest we forget we are ruled under a massive Despotic fraud. What to do about it is the difficult problem. The Jews have no morals at all except “what’s good for the Jews” and I doubt they can even follow that stricture because many times their hatred for everyone overrides that. They destroy countries and people even if it harms them too. They can’t help themselves.

    The real question is can there be any change without war against the Jews? I don’t know. There are ways to vote that would stop the corruption and we can make voting based on some sort of requirements but the Republicans refuse to do so and the Democrats will never do so.

    Even if we do get Yang bucks it will be difficult to undo all the other Jew based destruction.

    Probably the best we could do is vote heavily in the primaries against all known candidates. Possibly we could get some in office that are not blackmailed yet. You would have to throw them out every cycle to ever get anything done and stop the pozz.

  6. Let’s be real here. White Southerners are the only group of white people who really support Israel First. Southern nationalists need to develop a plan to change this. The cancer is coming from Southern culture, not from any outside source. I haven’t heard Southern nationalists really address this in a meaningful way.

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