Detoxifying Andrew Anglin

Ladies, he is a Democrat now.

He wants you to get $1,000 bucks a month from our corporate oligarchy to relieve all the stress in your life, weed, abolition of wage slavery, student loan debt and health care. He might be up for getting married and starting a family and moving on to Christianity. Presuming you give up feminism and SJW fundamentalism.

Wow, just wow. Were stupid antiquated fantasy ideologies dividing everyone the whole time?

Note: You might have to work on improving his cynical view of women.

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  1. Any White Man can repent, if he admits he has sinned, HW -right? As for Jews, well…..

    (the Russians know we’re out there- clearly)

    They also know who the (((ENEMY))) is …

    But I think the meme AA had on his site, that had the cover of the book ‘Christ, the Eternal Tao’ was the best nod of the head to Orthodox Christianity – so who knows? AA may have finally listened to God for the first time. Deo Volente.

    • I found OD through the DS. AA has, many times, written about how IMPORTANT Christ is to our struggle.
      So what you have written is an accurate representation of his viewpoint. However he is someone who is just arriving at that, after growing up in a post-Christian society that has Churchianity as the official presentation of Christ it is NO WONDER that people turn away from it.
      Yet as AA has repeatedly proven to this very day (((THEY))) both HATE and FEAR Christ.

      1 Thessalonians 2:14-15 (King James Version)

      14For ye, brethren, became followers of the churches of God which in Judaea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews:

      15Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:

  2. I’m a DS reader. I like Andrew Anglin and 4chan. In fact, the only reason I am here is because my triggered country banned DS and the chans. After you’ve been on DS and through the chans nothing else quite cuts it anymore. The alt-right is just too timid for me. I need my extreme right fixes. Anglin says some really funny stuff: “the only difference between a white western woman and a jew is that one deserves to be raped and the other deserves to be stuffed into a gas chamber.” How can you not lol at that?

      • This is no time for mellowing, HW. That might be good for wine but not for men.

        Friar John, do you think instituting a State Orthodox religion a la the Eastern Roman Empire is a good idea? I would be willing to entertain such a proposal, if the pros outweighed the cons. And if adopted would you consider the (honorary) position of Grand Metroplolitan?

        Brother Anglin has written many interesting essays and commentaries, he has endured a great deal of abuse, aggravation and unecessary legal problems / expenses for the sake of his important work. But he has also behaved boorishly and been responsible for much of the divisiveness and toxicity in the alt-right. He must therefore be punished, and the only suitable method of punishment would be for madam to administer a good, swift kick in teh nutz during a live global broadcast. After this is done he must not evince any sign of pain or discomfort, he must simply state that the punishment was just and be filled with genuine contrition. And he must renounce his relationship with the villainous Weev, who will be forced to roam the earth forever more, like a spirit of the damned.

        If these conditions are acceptable to the assembled parties then please sign below.

        • I have to admit Anglin has been pretty good over the last couple of weeks. His recent post about evangelical zioboomers was awesome. But he needs to just admit the wignats were right all along.

        • Spawn, I know you are jesting, but the answer would be, ‘No.’ – as to being appointed Metropolitan. I cannot be, as I am a married priest. (Thank God) Nor would I want it- God forbid.

          But as to your other question: “Do you think instituting a State Orthodox religion a la the Eastern Roman Empire is a good idea?”

          I do, with clarifications. First, we are not Byzantines. We do have not a history of a thousand years under this form of rule. Secondly, coercion is a less than positive thing for many people- you cannot manufacture obedience, let alone love. Thirdly, the entire nation would need to repent en masse, before something like a national conversion would occur. Do YOU see faggots repenting of their faggotry? Do you see feminazis crying and rending their garments, over their a) chemically castrating their boys, aborting their children, or being shamed for being unpaid (willing whores) sluts for their ‘serial one night stands’? Do you see Jews EVER ADMITTING CULPABILITY for ANYTHING?

          Yeah, no….. God is going to have to bring us very, very low, before ANY of that would occur. LOOK WHAT IT TOOK WITH RUSSIA, before their recent upswing in religous fervor- seventy years of a godless Jewish yoke of Hell.

          I pray we veer hard right from this, before it is our turn.

    • That’s not a funny joke. It’s not even really humor. Humor depends on surprise or unexpected juxtapositions. Making a declarative statement without real humor in it is not a joke. It’s the kind of idiotic edge lordism that only appeals to defective losers.

      We desperately need to disassociate our movement from psychos, mass shooters, nazi fetishists and incels. The Daily Stormer is a calculated effort to appeal to those kinds of people and to make the alt-right and white nationalist brands toxic to normal, healthy white people.

      Practically the whole alt-right under the age of 50 has been guilty of this. I’m sickened by the “jokes” about Dylan Roof and Breivik I see constantly. That’s not funny stuff. It’s like people in this movement want to fail. It’s hard to blame white people who want nothing to do with the “bowl gang” or “St. Breivik.”

  3. No there in the world has such accurate insight into the biology of women and Jews and elicits as much screeching and kvetvhing as Anglin.

    It’s the JWO which needs detoxifying, NOT Anglin.

  4. I don’t know why it is impossible for some people to wrap their heads around the notion that someone who doesn’t share their identity might have something to offer them. We only think this way of politics.

    I’m a Lutheran. Does it follow that nothing in the Catholic tradition is true or has any merit at all? Of course not. I like to read Bernard of Clairvaux, for example. I’m interested in St. Benedict and monasticism. Alasdair MacIntyre is one of my favorite philosophers.

    I’m a Christian. Does it mean that I must reject everything Aristotle said? Should I hate the Romans for conquering Britain? Again, identity politics and intolerance blinds people to truth.

    I like some things Yang is saying. I voted for Donald Trump because of some things he said. I like Aristotle and Martin Luther. I’ve read Nietzsche and Hitler and Marx and Foucault and so on.

    Really all I am saying is Yang has some good policy proposals. That’s all I am saying. I also have a degree in political science which is why I analyze current affairs on this blog.

    • There’s no strictly political solution to the white replacement problem, especially from an Asian who fears that he’s next for the concentration camps. Memes are an effective precursor to action, but embracing feckless electoral fads like Yang are a waste of time.

    • Why does anyone believe what they say?

      Here is the secret: if they don’t call out the jew, they aren’t worth a shit. And, probably are covering for them. Or worse (as is the case with Trump), is obviously influenced (controlled) in EVERY aspect of his life, by (((them))), yet no one seems to care.

      (((Those))) are fine. Its the rest that suck.

      Anglin’s controllers are the good ones, too.

      Did I get it right?

      • A good rule. I just got kicked off a decent site over a simple disagreement. Didn’t buy into their crackpot take on one element of the NZ shooting. Got accused of being a jew shill. I thought we were about free speech and independent thought over here in our part of the political spectrum. Guess I was wrong.

  5. I will try again. I posted before the last three were published and it seems to have hit the black hole (censored?) of shitposts.

    Anglin is blessed with the most accurate insight on the biology of women and Jews.
    Nobody on earth elicits as much screeching and kvetvhing as Anglin does.

    It is the JWO which needs detoxifying, NOT Anglin.

    • Andrew Anglin is very effective at doing what his site is intended to do: provide a modern-day version of Streicher’s Der Sturmer.

      It’s all about being as offensive as possible to get people to see the stuff you’re putting out – essentially, it’s weaponized propaganda.

      Last I checked, you can’t just win with blogs and podcasts, and having real-world people doing the things that the SBCs do is actually useful. They do still look like niggers though when doing it.

  6. Anglin’s view of women is totally understandable. I don’t really see how he’s wrong; it’s not like it’s possible for the majority of men to find a wife and marry without the emotional and financial ruin that typically follows.

    • Emotional and financial ruin does not follow most marriages. The data demonstrates the opposite effects.

      • Most marriages end in divorce. That’s a fact-of course, many more end that way without any formal filing either. If you’re talking about immediately following marraige, probably not, in the long term it’s indisputable.

  7. Andrew Anglin is a race-mixing white Zionist. He supported the kosher puppet Trump for as long as he could before it became too obvious “God Emperor” was just another republican shill for Israel.

    His bloodthirsty rejoicing at the murder of innocent Muslims in New Zealand is not behavior befitting of an Aryan. Neither is his constant attacks on women, these two traits are something you would be more likely to find in orthodox Judaism. Let’s also not forget Anglin got into bed with shady GOPe operative “Ricky Vaughn” and has a Jewish criminal “Weev” running his website.

    To be honest I’m sick of the Alt-Right and their “ironic racism”. In fact I’m sick of irony, smugness, edgy memes and all the rest of it. You’re not going to win by being more smug than your enemy. SJW culture is humorless and earnest and yet it manages to reign supreme. The ultimate irony is when the courts deliberately fail to comprehend your clearly sarcastic Alt-Right rhetoric in order to prosecute you.

    The response to the terrorist attack in New Zealand has really opened my eyes to the dissident right. Not only are they morally bankrupt but they are spiritually Jewish. White men do not celebrate the deaths of innocents, no matter how illegitimate their presence is in our lands. The Alt-Right in its current form is indistinguishable from right-wing Israelis and that is because they are both Jewish in nature.

    • You speak as if the Muslims at those mosques are innocents.

      How many innocents actively recruit for Al Qaeda? Because those mosques still do.

      Muslims are not innocents. They are an occupying force in all White nations, put there by Jews and their puppet governments.

      If you want to be subservient to an enemy that wants you and your children to die horribly, that’s on you. If you’re afraid of being called a racist, then speaking out against the Jew isn’t your calling. Try plumbing.

      The reality is that you’re either in this for the long haul or you’re not.

    • Me too. Enough “edgy ironic racism.” It’s clearly counter productive at this point. It was never funny or interesting to begin with and only appealed to weak souls who needed some kind deniability to their own selves.

      The irony approach has given us lots of pseudo converts who are crazy, in it for the lolz or don’t really believe it. Irony in our communications enabled Trump’s sell outs and the MIGA phenomenon. We accepted people who didn’t really share our beliefs or values because we never stated those things clearly or asked people to clearly endorse them before being accepted. Hence things like Neocon Don and Ricky Vaughn gloming onto us.

      Nationalist movements in Europe that have achieved considerable success don’t do any of this ironic racism stuff. But the psycho killers love it.

  8. I, too, came here courtesy of the DS. I have not been able to get on there for several weeks. One year a lurker, 3 plus years an active reader and poster. AA has definitely been punished by the Jews financially. So much for First Amendment rights. Maybe it is on my end, but I have not been able to log on there for several weeks and get the 403 forbidden message repeatedly to the point that I have given up trying.

  9. The DS is a ZOG-honey trap. When I was trolling the trolls over there, (((they))) banned me for being more intelligent than they are, sent some jew-agents over to my house, hacked my computer and plagiarized my intellectual property (they’re still doing it), ect.

    Anglin is a yellow-fever ridden, woman hating (because they don’t like short weaklings like him), black guy kissing, head banging little ZOG-plant, wannabe, pseudointellectual little fraud. Think of (((WEEV))), and all of his other jew-pals that have come through the place.

    Have (((they))) helped the cause, or gotten everyone who thinks like we do banned from everything? The people in this movement are incredibly stupid. I’ve had about enough of the circle-jerk. We’re being literally genocided, and while this is happening we give money to enemies like (((Anglin))), and talk about how we’re going to kill niggers, behind a fake name on the internet.

    Pathetic. The jews have already won.

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