Reading The Memes

The Pepe crowd is quite talented.

They are really cranking out the memes lately. I considered the possibility it was Russia or China, but maybe it is just organic. In any case, it is food for thought.

The Battle of MIGA is going on right now on Twitter. Blompf is losing it badly.

Note: In this discussion with James Edwards, I tried my best to explain the Trump-Yang crossover phenomenon.

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  1. Soon the only supporters Drimp will have left are those unlikable aging babby boomers whom no one cares about any longer. Them, and about 20% of jew voters. Will they be enough to re-elect Zion Don?

    • I fear that

      flyover country Whites who were stupid enough to vote for Drumpf in 2016

      are stupid enough to do it again.

      we’ll see. On thing for sure:

      Chmn Yang will not be the demoncrat nominee. But

      maybe he’ll go 3P and sink Drumpf for sure?

      that would be good.

      • Russian and Chinese support certainly helped a lot. Gaddafi had no international support (except from like Nicaragua) and now Libya is a slave market and beheading factory.

  2. For me, this meme encapsulates the only reason to vote for the Yangster:

    If you prefer verbiage, this bit from Spandrell at Bloody Shovel will also nicely sum it up:

    “If you think UBI might work at giving people hope and readjusting the economy in a more just and fair way, sticking it to the oligarchs, vote for Yang. If you just want $1,000 a month, vote for Yang. If you think UBI would crash everything, vote for Yang, as this gay earth deserves crashing. If you just want UBI to show people that democracy inevitable ends with the people voting themselves money and thus proving democracy is a sham and discredit it as a political system, vote for Yang.”

    This gay earth deserves crashing, indeed.

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