Charlie Kirk: Blompf Is a Culture Warrior, Really

Yeah, MIGA and Conservatism, Inc. has made so much progress on that front, Charlie.

I will probably do a Sunday podcast this afternoon about various issues including how Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens finally convinced me identity politics was dumb.

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  1. The republicans use the blacks and browns as tools to further their own political agenda as well, no different than what the democrats do. MAGA was a big scam from the get go since it basically aims at making america a bigger corporate-military police state united with israel, more than it already is currently. I doubt your average con-man-servative cares one bit about the average street negro, they only want their votes. The typical black seperatist who speaks out against jewish influence on american government, integration policies and who sees voting as a useless charade that wont help advance the state of their fellow blacks, is a threat to the jewish elites. Candace owens and these other token black conservatives pose no threat to the jews.

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