Condemning The Christ Church NZ Slaughter

I – Jack Ryan and the overwhelmingly majority of OD readers completely condemn the terrible, cowardly terrorist attack in Christ Church NZ. Yeah, it’s a cliche, but in this case it’s true:

“That’s not who we are”.

No, we do not promote or make excuses for this cowardly, completely counter productive terrorist attack against unarmed Muslim civilians in our countries or anywhere.

I have read many parts of the shooters “Manifesto” and most of it seems very reasonable, intelligent. Yes, we are being replaced in our historic White European Western nations by mass Islamic and other 3rd world migrants, immigrants. Yes, he and we are greatly disturbed to travel through once beautiful parts of France, Belgium, England, Sweden and see it now populated by dirty, hateful and completely alien people, with our old people reduced to a terrified minority.

Yes, there are now nearly weekly Islamic terrorist attacks in Western Countries – church desecrations, constant insults and threats by arrogant Islamists and idiot Lib Leftist Multiculturalists, Cuckservatives either do nothing or insist it didn’t happen or else it’s all our fault.

That said – this terrible, cowardly slaughter in Christ Church NZ was wrong. I/we condemn it. There are other ways, other things to be done and other positive steps that are being done.

We look to Mother Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and note that most everything is going our way. Populist, nationalist leaders, political parties, even national Christian churches are competing and winning. In the very few instances where Islamic extremists target and kill Russians, the Russians meet with Russian military intelligence and Russian Defense leaders identify the terrorist and identify his supporters, enablers and yes, their family – and those responsible disappear or are sent to forced labor camps.

There are dozens, maybe hundreds of legal, quasi legal ways to fight, inconvenience invading Islamists, migrants or the various enemies and traitors who enable the Islamic migrant invasions. Look at these great Danish nationalists who are out and about at 5 in the morning playing loud Islamic prayer chants to wake up their idiot liberal woman mayor:


For those Western people who want to fight fire with fire, use counter terrorist methods once used by French forces in French Algeria in the 1950s (this includes torture), there are plenty of live, flesh and blood Islamic child rapists available. The traitor woman prime minister of New Zealand is now “submitting” to Islam Link. What are some time tested things than have been done to our traitors in the past? Can’t we get her relatives to disown her?

I – Jack Ryan and the overwhelming majority of OD readers strongly condemn this terrible terrorist attack in Christ Church New Zealand.


    • “the overwhelmingly majority of OD readers completely condemn the terrible, cowardly terrorist attack in Christ Church NZ.”

      I completely disagree. This position is neither historically Western, Christian, or White. It is the male equivalent of the PM of Kiwiland (who many are saying is a sick, perverted tranny- dunno…) donning a headscarf and thus, becoming the submissive SLAVE to the God-damned adherents of a pseudo-religion of a moon god.

      While not condoning violence ‘per se,’ NO Moslem is EVER innocent; NO Moslem is EVER guiltless; precisely because they operate on a covenantal, rather than atomistic/Western delusional cultural fashion… as should ANYONE who calls themselves Christian. Covenantal thinking is Biblical thinking- but only to those who are faithful unto the end.

      Your people is YOUR PEOPLE. Kiwis are Whites, and should never have had to even COME to this spot, where a foreign conquering sub-human class of hominid, invaded their homeland.

      That the godless Maori are standing in ‘solidarity’ with their ‘moslem brothers’ is a MAJOR CLEW as to what this is- a RAHOWA scenario, that WILL end up in a conflagration along racial lines.

      And the only Folk who don’t get it, are deracinated Whites.

      Misericordie, Domine.

      • It’s almost bizarre that every single nation with a core populace of Western Europeans is ruled by treasonous scum. You would think at least one of them would have some sane rulers. It’s almost as if Celtic/Germanic peoples have been marked for extermination or something.

        • It’s called the ‘wages of sin.’ It’s YHWH’s covenantal damnation clauses – cf. Deut. 28-30

  1. I agree! By what right to we think killing an unknown Jewish disc jockey, or black church inhabitants, or Muslims at prayer, advance out cause. Most are here because of the malevolence on the part of our elites-what FPY called the “Inner Enemy”-and yet these same elites never have to take the blame because the Retarded Right lashes at at those who are least responsible for their plight. I found it appalling some white racialist groups view Dylan Roof as a hero and encourage others to write to him.

  2. >>Mother Russia, Central and Eastern Europe


    …Mother Russia just passed a new round of amnesty for their Kyrgyzstani illegals. Moscow is turning into a colony of Chechnya and Siberia is turning into a colony of China. As for Central and Eastern Europe, at the end of the day they’ll do whatever they have to do to keep their gibs from Brussels. They’re better off than we are, and I think the situation is improving for them, but the Slavs are facing a lot of the same problems and if they don’t find solutions then in the long run they’re every bit as screwed as we are.

    • I pretty much agree. But the Slavs and Eastern European Germanic/Nordics like nationalists in Finnland, Estonia, Lithuania – the Baltics and of course the Hungarians and Poles are doing so much better than us in North America, Western Europe, UK. Russia was/is often confused as being the same as the USSR Soviet Union. This isn’t true. The White European ares of the former Soviet Union is where our people were/are. White Slavic Russians are also significant minorities in many “stan” countries like Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and in Chetnia. The Russians did with their second war against nasty mountain Islamists in Chetnia, Russian victorious policy there is similar to Roman and British colonial policies regarding conquered Germans, Indians etc – make alliance with local elites loyal to the Colonial capital, loyal to Rome. Putin’s Russia installed a supposedly local Muslim warlord leader in Chetnia – the guy looks ~ 95% White Slavic. Here’s his photo. Just look at Russian foreign policy in Europe and the Middle East. Russians always back the whiter side like Assad’s Syria. My feeling is that the Jews are tolerated in Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe but they aren’t allowed to take over – monopolize the media or dictate foreign policy. Eastern Europeans especially the Russians have long, long histories with the Jews and their are very few dumb goyim. Compare riding public transport in Moscow or St. Petersburg with trying the same in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago.

      • A lot of Chechens look like that. Ever watch videos of ISIS units fighting in Syria? Notice all the redheads in certain units? If not Albanian then Chechen, or Inguish, Azeri, or part of one of the other odd-dozen Muslim Northwest Caucuses tribes. In terms of pigmentation, they’re some of the whitest people in the world.

        Fact still remains that these “white” people start acting like niggers as soon as you get enough in your area to set up a crime syndicate. And their coreligionists the other “stans” are a lot more Ghengis Khan looking. You can walk into any Russian police department and a good half of the wanted faces are going to be asiatics of one kind or another.

        • Chechens are basically white. The Boston bombers were half Chechen and half Turkic. That’s why they looked so dark. The most famous Chechens in the world besides Kadirov are the Saitiev brothers who won Olympic gold medals for Russia in wrestling.

  3. I agree 100%,

    The most reasonable coarse of action is to “raise awareness”, by blogging for another 30 years. We must convert hearts and minds.

    Surely by then, our bastions of sanity on the web will have converted the masses, even the brown hordes who by then will be in a majority. They will surely see the wisdom of our ideas and rightfully place us at the top of their hierarchy.

    So what if the previous generations of the last 2000 years wouldn’t have peacefully tolerated invasion. Yes yes, if they were alive today they would have surely put together an organized resistance and have already began the hanging of our elites.

    We however, have fully embraced Christian values as never before and accept that violence never solves problems.

    Besides, we aren’t supposed to care about worldly things. We will be with Jesus in eternity and the temporal existence of our nations is not important. If the Abdull’s, and Mohammedans rape and murder our children, all they will be doing is sending them to the loving, healing embrace of Jesus all the sooner.

    If with free will, they reject our rightful place in the world, let the faithless have this world along Satan their master.

    • No. Going on a mass murder spree in a Mosque in NZ, or in a Jewish retirement home (White Christians were the ones killed) or invading the US Holocaust Museum and killing a minimum wage Black security guard that isn’t anything like hanging the traitor elites, or hurting our racial/cultural enemies.

      Go down the Instauration/American Renaissance White traitor of the year awards. The worst traitors like George Will, Jack Kemp, Dick Lugar, Ted Turner, Rand Paul, Angela Merkel are real White traitors – they live mostly wealthy, comfortable lives – no one is pointing guns at them, dragging them to be hanged, nobody is even throwing bags of shi*, pis*. Last I heard George Will was still living in safety and comfort in a $900,000 mansion in Chevy Chase Maryland. As for the alien spawns of Satan cranking out the worst anti White, ZOG Propaganda 24/7 at CNN, I haven’t heard of any tough gun toting White revolutionaries so much as ordering fake Pizza deliveries to the likes of Jeff Zucker! I at least met with local movie theaters in Chicago expressing my extreme diastase for anti White sex pervert Harvey Weinstein mass opening the anti White snuff film “D’Jango Unchained” on Christmas Day. I couldn’t get anyone in my supposedly Conservative Christian Church to come along with me to express opposition. Somehow I doubt Muslims or Jews would sit back and tolerate extreme insults to their religion/people on their religious holidays.

      The point I’m trying to make here is that we should not encourage or make excuses for extremely stupid, counter productive acts of cowardly violence that serves no purpose other than to conform the Jewish/Anti White media stereotype of White Nationalists as insane, dangerous, violent haters who seem to be reading from a bad Jewish Hollywood script.

      • That’s a better outcome than what my dad expects.

        He recently said that all of us “black polo shirt people” are going to end up with (his exact words) “ropes around our necks at the elevator shaft in Fort Leavenworth.”

        And he has a point. I look at the stated goals of the League of the South, and I struggle to see how sufficiently-motivated court couldn’t find an excuse to have all the members of such an organization hanged for sedition.

        (There was serious talk, at the height of Woodrow Wilson’s big drive to get America involved in the first great slaughter of white Europeans, to have Eugene V Debs hanged under the 1917 Espionage act. If the Pig Empire ever really decides to march on Ven or Iran? All bets are off, boys and girls. REX 84 was conceived to keep troublesome peasants in line in JUST SUCH A SCENARIO.)

        So, all things considered, solitary confinement in prison, away from ropes and firing squads and people who would like to rape or torture you, really doesn’t look all that bad.

    • That is some brilliant, bitter, razor-sharp satire, @ William Faith Pious. Of COURSE we all condemn the slaughter of innocents. But a people that will not even put up a resistance , much less a fight, will perish. And deservedly so.

  4. Interesting, Hunter said he only censored comments which violated the site rules

    But I had a comment here which clearly did not violate the site rules and it was deleted

    • OD comment guidelines are sensible:

      Pretty much everyone in the Identitarian, Patriotic Immigration, Race Realist, Populist Conservatives “movement”, dissident Right now edits, censors comments in some way. Amren doesn’t allow discussion of the JQ, Vdare doesn’t have any comments just a few letters to the editor, Takimag has ended all comments except for sanitized comments by people who pay a monthly fee. The Unz Review is really the last sight that allows all comments.

      There are many reasons for this – trolls, agent provocateurs, or just reality that we can all have our lives ruined by one misunderstood comment, something stupid said in jest etc.

      The White Nationalist leader Matt Hale is basically serving life in solitary confinement for one comment, one sentence put in a chat room. Some government agent disguised as a supporter said:

      “Hey we ought to take out this terrible Jewish woman judge”.

      Matt Hale said words to the effect:

      “Hey I can’t get involved in something like that. You do what you feel you ought to do”

      Well Matt Hale got sentenced to life in prison for not objecting hard enough.

      I feel that Hunter Wallace does a great job here and everywhere. I try to do my best and am pleased that I am getting very positive reviews for my weekly appearances on the Political Cesspool Radio show.

      Hunter and I have slightly different policies towards comments. I edit out more comments on my blogs – feel that the comment should address the subject of the blog, not something else. I’m also more inclined to stop all flame wars, that includes people making the comment that my blogs all suck etc.

      I hope that clarifies things.

      • I look back to the Takimag comments section as one of the primordial soups from which the Alt-Right as we know it emerged, far more so than, e.g., 4chan. One troll on there once called it a called it a combination of the worst parts of Kucinich anarchism, Ron Paul libertarianism and Pat Buchanan fascism. Sounds about right. It was one of those places where the commenters were usually more insightful than the writers and I really haven’t been their since they closed.

        How much you wanna bet that someone got a visit from some scary, silk-suited motherfuckers telling him to put a latch on that?

        • I also really liked the comment section of Takimag. And this was a great way to network, first online then meet people in real life. You can still do that here. So maybe only 80% of comments get published on my blog. If you are intelligent, address the subject of the blog and contribute something new, funny, cleaver it will get published. We do encourage our readers to (protect your privacy) network and meet each other in the real world. Be extra careful about things like guns, porn, excessive violent talk and don’t compromise your employment and try to recruit at work etc. DOn’t talk to the cops/feds “I have nothing to say” and now pretty much never talk to the mainstream media they are not going to be fair.

        • The Taki mag comments section was where the bad elements who have tarnished the alt-right brand first started making themselves a nuisance. It got shut down becuase morons were going on there and demanding that everyone co-sign genocidal psycho talk and calling them sell outs if they didn’t. Some real pieces of garbage were there messing up a great site.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Until last week I had not commented or regularly visited this website in months. Last year it was a fright show. There were unabashed comments on killing Jews, blacks, and driving my people out of the USA even including citizens. I was called a shiksa whore for daring to suggest there should be more gun laws in America. Now I see it has become way more tame.

        I am glad this site has been forced to be more restrained though it was more interesting and more disgusting last year.

        You were always more reasonable than the other writers on this site. You have not changed but I think the other writers on this site are just pretending. I used to show family and friends some of the comments on this site last year and they could not understand why this site was not shut down and the writers arrested. Now? They just laugh at Occidental Dissent pretending to be respectable. They always thought you were okay however.

        Christina Romana

        • Hi Christina – welcome back to OD. So you’ve aged nearly another year – how are your marriage prospects? Are you going for an Mrs degree at some college? 🙂

          • Mr. Ryan,

            Your first name is Jaye now? I am still in school. Not old enough for the university. My father did say that the main reason for a girl to go to college is to find a husband. I kept irregular hours lately due to me being sick and being home.

            It is okay for a girl to also have a profession in case her future husband dies or 2 incomes are needed. Otherwise, taking care of the home, cooking, raising the children is a beautiful vocation in itself.

            I am still not 16. Therefore I cannot date. My parents do not believe in teenage freedom. Though I have not had to kneel on rice for a while.

            I have filled out now. I am slender but no longer skinny.

            Thank you for the warm welcome.

            Christina Romana

    • If you want free speech, go to DS or 4chan.
      You’re not gonna get it here.
      The alt-light has too much invested in an image of respectability to allow a margin of crazy ideas to run wild. Which is precisely why I find the alt-light so boring.
      The truth is not pretty or clean. You let it run free and you end up with a lot of weird stuff perfectly encapsulated by /pol/. But it is far more honest, relatable, and liberating than a bunch of ivory tower boomers writing pretty articles.

  5. This article is pacifist cuckoldry in its purest form. Instead of not commenting at all, the author chooses to be first in line of the traitorous weaklings who disavow their brothers in arms. This heap of effeminacy and meekness doesn’t even deserve to be addressed point by point. It’s all so tiresome.

    • How about going out there and challenging some real enemy/traitor to a fist fight? I’m sure Mittens Romney has never been in a fist fight and that’s one of the reasons he cucks and sucks Neo Con/Zionists like Max Boot every single day.

      • The idea that there are “innocent muslims” is individualist garbage. There are no innocents in this occupying force. And please don’t mention the “bad optics of killing innocents”. Tarrant had great optics. I have seen plenty of average Joes praising him. It’s only those weak maggot intellectuals who drag his actions through the dirt while offering ZERO solutions themselves.

      • Mr. Ryan,

        Well, no sooner do I say how milder this website is compared to last year than you have someone believing that you can murder guests in a country including women and children.

        • Christina,

          If you read through our archives, I am sure you will find I have never supported any of these mass shooters. I have been writing about them since the James von Brunn days. Thanks.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            I never said you personally did but your commenters quite clearly did and do so.

          • Well, they are allowed to have their say here, so long as they follow the one rule we have now which is not endorsing or celebrating violence. I’ve become a lot more stringent about it since Pittsburgh. There is a lot of ANGER out there. I believe the way you deal with that is by listening, talking to people and reasoning with them.

            I’m trying to come up with a solution to avoid more mass shootings. I am trying to rethink their “accelerationist” paradigm and show them that civilization isn’t going to collapse. It would be much easier to “collapse” the GOP simply by voting for someone like Yang. Then the Republicans would have no choice but to listen to them more attentively and win back their support.

          • Mr. Wallace,

            That was well said. I am not against the anglo having racial identity. That is normal. Plus if you cannot have a people then no one else could either. That is just logic. One of my grandfathers is germanic but he was born and raised in Mexico as a Mexican citizen and acts quite latin except he is more calm than us and is very logical.

          • Hunter Wallace said: “I’m trying to come up with a solution to bad things happening..”

            Ultimately that’s not your job.

            Anything which does occur is the result of the persecution inflicted on White people, of intentional policies of replacement migration and of the disenfranchisement and exclusion of young Whites from the economy and politics.

            That is to say, it’s the result of the chosen policies of the people running this society and the social forces they’ve unleashed with those policies.

            Whatever happens is NOT the result of people talking bluntly and honestly about the situation and remarking about how unjust it is. The truth is the truth, people will get it one way or the other and we’re not to blame for how they react to it. Their reaction is the result of the oppression inflicted upon them.

            It’s totally understandable for people to protect themselves by choosing their words carefully and limiting what they talk about (or allow to be talked about on their platforms). That should be respected.

            But there is a word for people who are scared of how White people will react and who try to artificially put a lid on the reaction to injustices committed against Whites.

            That word is “Ricky Vaughn”. Don’t be that guy.

        • “…that you can murder guests in a country including women and children.”

          GUESTS? A guest is someone who eventually leaves, not someone who wants to rape your womenfolk and blow you up.

          • Jake,

            That was an interesting point. Well the New zealand govt. should not invite the Infidel to their land. I am not soft on Moslems. My views on them if stated publicly in certain former christian countries might get me arrested. The damage they did to christians spiritually and temporally is incalculable over the centuries.

            Well I have to go to bed. It is a school night.

            Christina Romana

      • >>How about going out there and challenging some real enemy/traitor to a fist fight?

        I challenged some random shitlib to a duel in the immediate aftermath of Shelbyville. Does that count?

        As much as I think there is indeed a place for a revival or IRA-style “punishment actions”…

        …you do realize that anyone who ever does such a thing stands a good chance of going to prison for as long as someone who shoots him? And cut the crap, you’d still condemn it. You’re going to do anything it takes to avoid ending up in the place of Aesop’s Trumpeter Taken Prisoner. Which is admittedly probably the most reasonable course of action on your part…

        …then again, the guy who did a pile-drive on Rand Paul is now free man and no one on the Left ever bothering to condemn him. So moral of the story…I guess… we should all assume fake IDs with no previous record of racist agitation, “hide our power levels” as the say, join Antifa, and THEN we can go meet with politicians we don’t like to have some chats about their ribs and kneecaps.

  6. It’s easy to swagger around with an anti-violence position when all arguments to the contrary are censored.

    …regardless of what the “principled” non-violence guys claim, their convictions on the topic are, seems to me, the very affirmation of the power threats of violence have over the minds of the masses (in this case, threat of violence from the state effectively censures and moderates the J Ryans of the world).

    One need not advocate violence in any illegal way to intellectually examine the case for it, though, yet even that is never done. Our peacenik friends don’t even seem aware such cases exist to contradict their own position…such is the power of force.

    I, for one, recall the old Southern maxim that while a man ought never allow society to control what he says, it’s the art of a gentleman to let them control how he says it…

  7. There wouldn’t BE any towel heads in :


    Problem solved.

  8. Jaye, It’s obvious that these incidents are setback our message, but sometimes people reach their breaking point and lash out.

    While I may not condone their actu, I understand where they found the motivation.

    I will not pretend to be holier than thou.

  9. Why should I care?
    I don’t.
    Are Muslims tripping over themselves to apologize for Nice, Rotherham, and Cologne???
    These are all victories to them.
    Likewise on our side with Christchurch.
    Have the guts to claim it, or at the very least to keep silent.
    No one on the right is impressed by morally masochistic self flagellation. That’s a leftist trait. Go join them instead.

    • No of course the worst Islamists aren’t apologizing for Nice, Rotherham or Cologne. But that doesn’t mean we have to do as bad as the worst Islamists – we’re not going to sexually groom, rape young Muslim girls just to do as the worst Islamists do in Rotherham and Cologne. It’s like keeping with the worst Blacks to produce the most vulgar White version of rap and defend it if it’s racial.

      Now as far as violence and unconventional race/religious/cultural war – that’s a different subject. I recommend studying up on the Algerian war in the 1950s in French Algeria – a very, very racial war. Arabs/Muslims simply target any White European for murder and do the same to any Arabs accused of collaborating with the French – watch the movie Battle of Algiers. Read the tell all book “Battle of the Casbah” – yes French anti terrorist forces resorted to torture when interrogating Arab terrorist suspects.

  10. I personally think that all this talk and rage against islam is ultimately going to benefit israel the most and will definitely strengthen the political power of the hard right zionist jews all over the world. The problem that i see now is the freeper/breitbart types of civic nationalists who have hijacked the mainstream WN movement ever since trump took office, and made it into some inclusive right wing rainbow coalition club that accepts jews and blacks who parrot zionist/neocon talking points. These new “pro-white” fakers go against identity politics and will preach for integrationism and americanism and hold selective outrage towards muslims. They see these weak, useless liberals or democrats as somehow being the main culprits of america’s and europe’s downfall. It’s no longer hip for them to talk about jews and the black crime problem anymore.

  11. Here is another article on this obvious false flag operation

    Our Litmus test for real or fake from now on NEEDS TO BE “Did legislation immediately come out?” Robert Bowers was a complete surprise to the establishment and you saw no legislation until later they introduced anti-semitism stuff, but nothing Immediate. Folks the wheels of our Western governments grind slowly UNLESS a false flag operation is pre-planned, and then laws are conjured and passed within a week-FALSE FLAG.

    • @Silverdawn, Have Ebba Akerlund’s parents invoked Hammurabi’s Code (lex talionis) on the untermench that slaughtered their daughter? They’d have every right to avenge Ebba, but being ‘civilized (I.e., multicultural eunuchs)’ Nordics, they’ll probably call for mercy and tolerance for the muderer.

      These barbaric and culturally regressive sand dune coons wouldn’t even be in White nations, if not for the perpetual wars for Israel, Frankfurt School marxism by jews in government, media, academics, and popular entertainment.

      Ultimately, Ebba Åkerlund’s murder falls on the shoulders of all of us White men that have stood by with docility and allowed these abominations to occur in OUR homelands.

      I would love to go full Ragnarök on those who want our folk’s subjugation and ultimate extinction. The day is approaching. More and more of White people are becoming woke on racial realism, the JQ, and integration.

      If we jump the gun (no pun intended), we will just scare off White moderate normie mothers and fathers whom are moving in our direction.

      Good things come to those that wait (but not forever).

    • I see lots of great posters, banners of nationalists in Germany and Sweden referencing the death of Ebba Akerlund. We have some good posters at Amren, but few people besides Identity Europa are putting up posters.

  12. I condemn nothing ever of any sort because I don’t care what they think and what they’ll do since they’ll likely do it soon enough anyways.

  13. Yeah, I know he was an as*, extremely disrespectful to Hunter Wallace, me and so many honest, good White American men. But, Harold Covington was a brilliant writer and a solid teacher. Here HAC teaches the lesson of Joseph Stack – who finally had enough of being screwed over by this Country and he flew a private airplane in to an IRS office in Austin TX. Mr. Covington teaches not to do this, not to do what the man did in Christ Church NZ last week.

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