The Case For Southern Reaction

Editor’s Note: This is a work of art which will be updated throughout the day. Please have some patience. It is a great classical virtue you should look into.

Greetings, my fellow Democrats and political strategists.

It is going to be a long day on this website. There is a lot of free advice to unpack here. I’ve been working on the problem of how to “unfuck the South” for 18 years now. Over the course of that period, I have done an enormous amount of historical research and have a lot of helpful suggestions. I’ve become really excited about this Chinaman Chairman Yang and want him to be your nominee.

This Andrew Yang, fellow.

He is interesting to us for a reason. He wants to give us all $1,000 a month, end the neocons and regime change wars, accelerate the demise of Conservatism, Inc and most importantly he has expressed some sympathy for White America and doesn’t talk down to us in political correctness like all the other Democrats are accustomed to doing. We also all dislike Blompf.

I hope that Yang keeps talking. While I don’t agree with him on everything, I kind of like where this is going. I agree with him on some of those things and the election is still a long time a way. If he were to start saying things like, you know, it is okay to be a White person, it is okay to be an American Southerner and we should be allies, not enemies, then well who knows what could happen?

Science Fiction Analogies

While I was doing my three day fast, it occurred to me that I could try communicating with the Democrats through Star Trek since these people don’t understand us at all.

Is Shran aka the Alt-Right a friend or foe of the Democrats/Federation?

Is he trying to help? The Andorians (Alt-Right) and Vulcans (Jews) are long running enemies in the show Star Trek: Enterprise. The fighting only stopped when a third group came between them – in the show, Captain Archer and the humans – and persuaded both sides to compromise. Could the Great Yellow Hope Andrew Yang and Asian-Americans play that role in the Democratic Party?

In this scene from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the Cardassians abandon the Federation to join the Dominion. They switch sides in the show. It occurred to me that the Trump-Yang crossover was very similar to this plot line. The Cardassians switched sides to join the Dominion before later again switching sides to join the Alpha Quadrant alliance. There are tons of populists who voted for Donald Trump WHO ARE NOT AT ALL fans of Conservatism, Inc. and its policies and grifter spokesmen like Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens. They are open to changing teams and voting for Andrew Yang.

The Cardassians switch sides again in the end after getting screwed over by their allies. This is what could very well happen in the 2020 election with populists.

Southern/White Nationalism

Southern Nationalism was actually quite comfortable with multiracialism. I’m more comfortable with it than I have ever admitted. After all, I could easily move out of the Alabama Black Belt to a “whiter area,” but this area is my home. My roots are in this place. I don’t really want to leave either. I just want to fix my area and its culture and make it a better place to live. I think there is a great deal about our past that we should excavate, reexamine and polish up. I have long believed there is a great deal less racial hostility and cultural distance between older people in the South.

In studying our past, it has occurred to me that everyone was poor for a long period of Southern history and shared a common culture. This was definitely true of my grandmother’s generation who was born in the 1930s and lived through the Great Depression and World War 2. The idea of voting for a Republican seemed strange to her all the way until she voted for Donald Trump in 2016. By that point, the Democrats had been transformed beyond all recognition from the party of her youth.

Why Southern Nationalism Isn’t Working

Southern Nationalism isn’t working because no one is really a Southerner anymore. They have forgotten what it means to be a Southerner. The world has sped up in the 20th century. No one has the leisure time anymore to become cultivated and genteel like we used to be.

The Southern man is currently so hyped up on drugs, deracinated and morally degenerate that he has proven deaf to our message of reform. Conservatives are preying on his resentments, anxieties and his sense of identity to enrich themselves. The average White Southerner is being exploited by the GOP. We’re going to have to end this before we can teach him how to be a good Southerner again.

I’m really motivated by a love of my own people and homeland, not a hatred or dislike of anyone else. I suppose you could say I am a Southern Nationalist or Southern patriot. Unfortunately, we are perceived as a bunch of hateful people, but in reality we are very polite, well-mannered, intelligent, educated and approachable. We’re willing to talk about our ideas but no one is listening to us.

Leftwing Journos Didn’t Understand The Alt-Right

We’re in the angry middle of the electorate, not at the extremes. This is our location in the political universe. Just look at our comment section and you will see people here swinging all over the place from Trump to Yang to not voting to third party candidates.

You’re looking at the DISAFFECTED MIDDLE of the electorate, not the Alt-Right which is just a synonym for it. In 2016, Donald Trump persuaded about 90% of these people to vote for him. It is why he won the presidency. The populists and nationalists are FRINGE because they are BETWEEN the Left and Right. This is why they are so attracted to Third Positionist ideologies that blend social conservatism and economic populism. It is why Tucker Carlson Tonight is currently their favorite TV show.

This is all manifesting as different antiquated labels. There are people who gravitate to Nazism and fascism, White Nationalism, paleoconservatism, neo-Confederacy and so forth who were once aligned with the likes of Mike Cernovich who is just a moderate populist or Baked Alaska who is just a non-ideological person. Once again, the “Far Right” is in the MIDDLE, but the “Far Left” is just the Far Left. These people are really Sam Francis’s Middle American Radicals.

Asian-Americans Should Takeover The Democratic Party

For the love of God, please listen.

This is the ONLY WAY this country will ever move FORWARD. Asian-Americans have to take over the Democratic Party, tell the Jews to sit down and STFU and make peace with the angry White people in the middle of the electorate. It is the Jews who are polarizing the country and antagonizing the Whites into voting for Donald Trump and propping up mainstream conservatism.

The angry White people are mad at the Jews for a million different reasons mostly having to do with the way they have poisoned our culture. They have a much more friendly take on Asian-Americans. We look at China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan as role models, not as our enemies. These countries were smart enough to combine maintaining social cohesion with economic progress.

We can’t do this in the United States mainly because of the Jews. To the extent their cultural poison has been tried in East Asia, it took the form of the Cultural Revolution in China. It was a huge disaster and China has since moved beyond that and into the 21st century. This country too will never move into the 21st century UNTIL the Jews are not controlling it and refighting World War 2 with Middle America. The Jews need to be sent to timeout for the Whites will come back.

If they can’t accept the Compromise of 2020 and Chairman Yang, the Jews can always Jexodus to the GOP. I’m afraid the Jews are keeping lots of people on the GOP plantation. If all the Pepes are replatformed and allowed to get back on social media, they will attack the GOP and MIGAites for screwing them over so bad after the 2016 election.

Identity politics and political correctness has divided us and made us enemies. If these Jews who control the Democratic Party had simply given these angry people back their identity, everyone would have agreed at Charlottesville. It is highly likely that most of our enemies would have happily traded Southern heritage and respect for a more humane form of capitalism.

Mainstream Conservatives Don’t Understand Black People

Why don’t the black people leave this poor area and respond to Charlie Kirk’s message? It is probably because they have roots here too. There is still a more relaxed pace of life in the Deep South. The modern welfare state allows them to stay here. They can just check out.

Now, what if White Southerners had a similar mindset? What if White Southerners made peace with the welfare state via Chairman Yang’s UBI proposal? If we adopted UBI it will only be a social salve at first (albeit a much needed one due to all the chronic stress and overwork in White rural America), but over the course of several generations the UBI could be raised. The floor underneath every White working class and White middle class person could be steadily raised to reduce poverty. In such a world, White people could also check out and live wherever they wanted. They could devote their lives to producing art, healing our culture, repairing the social fabric, etc.

Reconstructing The Plantation Order

What is the Alabama Black Belt and the Deep South in general but one big plantation? Culturally speaking, it is still a plantation over 150 years after the demise of slavery. Everyone had their place on the plantation whether it was the Whites or the blacks.

The Alabama Black Belt feels to me like MY plantation. I have a love for this area and a sense of duty to fix my home. I could have easily sold out to become a conservative pundit. The love of money is the root of all evil and wealthy donors control Conservatism, Inc.:

Rule of Acquisition #33: It never hurts to suck up to the boss!

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God Bless Israel ?? ????

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Do you agree, progressives? I know you do. I know you are watching this video and you are like … wow, that sounds exactly like the “conservative-populist” coalition. 😀

Andrew Yang is the Great Yellow Hope for Southern reactionaries. Finally, we have a candidate who sees the problem is wage slavery, which has dominated Dixie since we lost the War Between the States. If George Fitzhugh were alive today, he would be trying to liberate us all from the Money Power and wage slavery. He would feel vindicated by what he sees around him. He predicted the rise of the -isms and -phobias in Free Society as the social fabric collapsed the weight of free-market capitalism, but it has gone far beyond his worst nightmares in the 21st century.

The Southern master found this system highly distasteful. He saw himself as a benign Christian patriarch and steward of all those underneath him whether it was his wife, children or slaves. He has been misrepresented in the press which misses the forest for the trees. They focus only on slavery, not the virtues that slave society inculcated in the Southern planter elite.

The Southern master valued his leisure time and thought Yankees were too busy in life. He loved Aristotle who sanctioned slavery. He loved Sir Walter Scott. He was a Romantic. The biggest problem in the South is that the Yankees won and we are ALL now living under liberal capitalist democracy. This system is alien to our cultural DNA. We are repulsed by social anarchy. We are an authoritarian people who value social cohesion and honor. These progressives are offending us with political correctness. If they dumped political correctness, we would be able to TALK.

Conservatives like Charlie Kirk are the modern day defenders of “Free Society.” I’ve always loathed that system for a reason. It is because I am a Southerner. I think like one too because I was raised in the heart of what used to be a Slave Society. I want to attack the problem of wage slavery as revenge on the Union for winning the War Between the States. We need to extract revenge on Conservatism, Inc. for fucking the South and the way to do that is to intellectually demolish their idol Abraham Lincoln and his system of wage slavery. No one will stand between me and this objective because the damage wage slavery has done to the South is incalculable.

We need to go back to the drawing board, rethink everything and unscramble everything that is currently so fucked in America. We need love, investment and reconciliation. More than anything else, we need to move beyond the SPEED of life and FLAWS of the New South. We need to rescue the Old South by showing these dorks that our world needs to SLOW DOWN. There would be many benefits.

The South could be one Great Plantation again. It pisses me off when Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens take their shots at our plantation. John C. Calhoun is somewhere in the Great Plantation in the sky laughing at these people and helping me write this because he understood that social cohesion and economic progress are not MORAL enemies. The Americans couldn’t be more mistaken about this. We need to maintain social cohesion while advancing technologically and economically. The Chinese, Japanese and South Koreans have figured this out. Why can’t our dumb leaders?

Southern Populists Can Help Democrats Win Dixie

The Democratic Party used to be the Southern party. It needs a Southerner like John C. Calhoun to sort out the mess the Jews have made of it in the 20th century.

The Jews have made the Whites the enemies of the blacks, Hispanics and Asians by cultivating open borders, moral degeneracy and political correctness. There is plenty of room for Europeans, Asians, Hispanics and African-Americans to compromise on these issues because ALL of these racial groups are much more inclined to social conservatism and economic populism.

“Hate” is a very big problem that the world is trying to solve. Unlike the SPLC, we could assemble a team and solve it, but the people in power are too stupid to let us do that. If the people who are attacked by the SPLC were running it, we could defuse “hate” in America. I need to be in charge of the SPLC because I would give all the money to its employees and the people who live in this area. It would improve the well-being of everyone and cause them to relax a bit.

Populist Nationalist radio show host James Edwards of The Political Cesspool (it looks like a cesspool from Middle America) snarls at Katy Tur while plotting a Holocaust! He voted for Blompf in 2016 but is on the fence about voting for Andrew Yang in 2020.

I think populists, progressives, centrists, social conservatives and moderates should all bond over our mutual dislike of Blompf and figure out how to replace him and move forward into the 21st century. It would be a lot easier if people just bounced ideas off each other.

The sticking point is the bigots and fanatics known as SJWs who are polarizing the electorate. Political correctness is their religion. They are fundamentalists of the religion of political correctness. If you think about it, that is who they really are. They are fools. Give them free weed, health care, UBI and a way out of free-market capitalism and they will settle down.

The Enlightenment should be resurrected to defuse the SJWs who are ripping apart the social fabric and propping up conservatism by being their boogeyman. In fact, THEY are the bigots and fanatics who were condemned by Voltaire and others. They are so irrational that they would dismiss this proposed settlement outright simply on the grounds that I am in their minds a “fash” or a “racist.” We ought to use reason, tolerance and faith as weapons against their POISONOUS WORLDVIEW.

What do you say, Democrats? I think you should listen to us. You might need us in 2020 especially if you want to have any chance of moving beyond our current political polarization.

Note: Do you think you have a better way to win states like Arkansas and Alabama in 2020? Are you capable of reaching those people with the talent you have now?

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  1. With the new oil pipeline energy intensive projects like fertilzer, pesticide, aluminum and titanium production should become possible. Import tariffs could make this happen in a hurry.

  2. It’s not wage slavery that is the problem, it’s DEBT slavery. If the middle class could somehow reduce or eliminate its debt, today’s median income would be good enough for them to live in comfort without needing an inflationary $1,000 a month giveaway. That and blowing up the healthcare cartels will do the trick.

    • Barring Jews from practicing medicine and law would solve the healthcare problem pretty quickly.

      • the obvious solution to 99.99% of our problems is jewish related..would seem removing them would be more plausible than pretending that voting democratic nonwhites in the system of lies and jewish totalitarianism will do anything.
        Was never a huge fan of this sites articles and commenting format but always enjoyed reading the intellectual dialogue between commenters.
        HW is a smart guy and i would venture to say that trying anything that goes against what we’ve been doing is worth a try …but the white race doesn’t have 30 more years to find our grove and our niche , so to speak ,in a society inside of a nation our ancestors built that is being ripped from our grasp.

        • Some license certification is probably required at county level for certification to work in that county. Might be able to work with that. Local control is probably the only way out of this.

    • So basically, what you’re saying is that we need to break the thralldom of interest?

      But that’s not a Southern Nationalist idea… it’s a National-Socialist one straight from Gottfried Feder’s manifesto.

  3. Ideally, the South should be repopulated with whites of Anglo-Irish/Scots-Irish stock. How can you have a restoration of Southern identity when the population is full of racial, cultural and ethnic aliens?

    • I would be quite happy living in Flanders if the goat lovers could be encouraged to leave. Much of these differences would sort themselves out if were were to solve the greater problem.

  4. You’re right on so much but very wrong on a couple things. 1. Yang’s not the answer period. 2. The he and shee boons will NEVER grow a brain and know their place again. They need to be given a new place. America needs to be restructured into 3 or 4 Republics. Ours being … well, you know. They need to be shown what a Utopia it will be for them and they WILL demand their own Republic if presented right. The south must be all white Christian to be saved. 3. Look at Blompf as a small wrench in the deep states machine. He “temporarily” gives us TIME to fix the south. We MUST re elect him while fixing the south. Trouble is … no one’s trying to fix anything. Just blogging …

    You have to have vision. Share that vision through THE CONFEDERATE PARTY. It won’t get traction at first. But then it will. And you will save the south.

    Now … whites are superior yes, but those without God are operating on 4 cylinders at best. Get God … run on all 8 … and save Dixie. Or don’t and just keep whistling Dixie ……

      • Know what everyone has in common ? From the bum to the “intellectual,” we all have a “lazy voice.” That almost 2nd person in us that doesn’t want to do anything that requires effort. When presented with a GREAT idea, ( that requires effort, ) the intellectual’s lazy voice will produce some bs excuse why not to try. Like … using some half ass half hearted try at something similar in past … that didn’t work. He can then proceed to DO nothing, without experiencing guilt. Psychology 101 Bub.

        When jigaboos are raping him and his family then killing them and taking everything … the lazy voice will be very quiet.

        We can all sit like FLUNKIES and do zero. Or we can act like white people and create a superior country. The southern Titanic is sinking. WTF are we going to do ? Talk ??? Find excuses ??? Pass the time blogging ??? Or use our “intellect,” and our “platforms” while the using’s good ?

  5. What an exceptional essay! I will return later to reread and hopefully get those points I may have missed or not completely got. This gives me hope for all of us because ideas which makes us consider new options could end up being the thread that unites us. Well done sir, well done!

  6. The low IQ negroid will forever be a burden on the South, and anywhere they are. What is worrisome is their numbers are increasing exponentially by the hour. By mid century the black race will be the majority race on earth.

    Wrap your head around that. The negro takes what it sees and offers nothing. They won’t stay in Africa. They are headed to Europe and the US. One place they won’t be going is Mexico, or anywhere in so-called “Latin America”.

    No, they are definitely not welcome in Mexico. The Mexicans don’t tolerate their behavior. Chicago might be a negro crap hole but Tijuana is much worse, and virtually free of the negro. The negro will never get a foothold in Mexico. I have to respect the Mexicans for their view on the negro, and their non tolerant stance on TNB. They are not having any of it.

    So where does that leave the United States? In my area during the Obama presidency the Eastern African was brought in. Many of them. They are different from the run of the mill pavement dwelling American Black. They actually work for a living, they have a community and open businesses. I prefer them to the basketball American. They are quiet and tend to mind their own business, but they are taking up space, our space in our nation.

    Repatriation of the negro will never happen. It is here to stay. The Jews may soon discard the negro at some point, but for now they are valuable to them. Blacks don’t like YT, never have. The racial tension allows the tribe to thrive. The Jew is an expert of divide and subvert. Interestingly enough the negroid is not welcome in Israel. The Jews don’t want the negro in their nation or around their daughters, much like the Mexicans. Force is used to repel the advancement of the blacks in both nations. Again, neither nation tolerates TNB.

    In thirty or so years the United States will be awash in Blacks fleeing Africa. Millions will come, no one will stop the flood. Even states like Utah and Idaho will become negro. I don’t see the trend reversing itself, in fact the trend is kicking up, more negros. If the White man doesn’t soon stand up to the negro issue, it’s a done deal in the US. The negro will simply win by numbers alone – overpopulate the nation and drain all resources. Dealing with the negro is extremely tiresome. It is extremely costly to provide their housing and to feed their kids. The cost is mind numbing, the cultural decay is more costly than the monetary theft of tax money.

    The sustainability of this is limited, yet I don’t see a change anytime soon, and time is not something we have.This nation is pretty much done.

  7. Wage slavery in the South is caused by migrants, immigrants and illegal aliens. End these things… You end wage slavery. End immigration at all costs. Save our culture save our future. Yang would never do this. The thing that contributed most to wage slavery before mass immigration was women in factories during wwII. The women never left the factories and the soliders returned home. Before the war, middle class lifestyle was procured with one paycheck. After the war there were too many workers and too little jobs. Which led to wages coming down to a point where if there were not two workers in the household you could no longer retain a middle-class lifestyle. To reverse this effect you slimply need to stop the cycle of always having more workers than jobs. You make a human more important. This should be your main concern if you consider automation and robotics as a threat.
    So much more to be said on this subject.

  8. As a political centrist who was never part of the Alt-Right, I agree with everything you just wrote. This is amazing.

  9. So Hunter you are cool with Multi-Racialism? Good to know. I will stick with National Socialism, you can keep your Based Nigs.

    Everyone should read “Might is Right” if you want something thats not cucky like the writings of Jaye Ryan

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