Identity Dixie: Do YangGangers Dream Of Inflation?

Identity Dixie has a response to some of my recent articles:

“I must confess, the last two or three weeks have been rather stressful for me. Dealing with the inane and nonsensical memes coming out of the burgeoning ADHDGang movement has given me a lasting headache. But, I want to take a new approach today and thank the GangBangers for dropping the thin veil of faux-identitarianism and showing their true colors. For those true colors are nothing more than low rent socialism cloaked by irony bro-ism, which the usually grounded (and, always well respected) Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent has chosen to openly endorse. Perhaps he’s being tongue in cheek, but I have my suspicions. Regardless, it warrants a proportional response; the subject of YangGang is one that requires a very serious and logical retort. …”

I feel like this is the argument we are having.

I strongly suggest you take the political compass test.

The tagline of this website is “Nationalism, Populism, Reaction.” That’s because I am a nationalist, a populist and a reactionary blogger. I’m a left-authoritarian whose politics is a mixture of social conservatism and economic populism. In other words, I am radicalized moderate.

In an ideal world, I would favor a kind of benevolent absolute monarchy staffed by educated people. There would be a single culture known as Christendom. It would be the responsibility of the church to raise people in the faith and instill in them moral values while a paternalistic ruler looked out for them. My politics are much closer to High Toryism than to Neo-Nazism or right-libertarianism. As Emperor Joseph II of Austria summed it up, “Everything for the people, nothing by the people.”

This has always been my “true colors.” I’m not sure why you are perceiving some kind of radical change. The pseudonym that I use here was inspired by George Wallace who was from Barbour County, AL. George Wallace was a Southern identitarian and a populist, but he was also an old school Democrat who favored things like government investment in infrastructure. He created community colleges for the White working class all over the state of Alabama. He wasn’t merely a racist.

There aren’t many people in America who believe in lolbertarianism or identitarian-lolbertarianism. There are many more populist-identitarians and conservative-identitarians. The populist-identitarians are the ones who have been supporting the Yang Gang. The identitarian-lolbertarians are having a harder time getting on board with Andrew Yang’s presidential campaign, but Charles Murray and Milton Friedman have both supported Yang’s central campaign issue which is Universal Basic Income.

Andrew Yang isn’t a “low rent socialist.”

He is a Silicon Valley technocrat and “humane capitalist” who has thought through the problem of work. This isn’t “socialism.” It is Social Democracy. Yang wants to harness the benefits of capitalism and redistribute it more equitably to improve the well-being of our society as a whole.

Yang doesn’t want to take away “muh private property.” That’s retarded. He doesn’t care about my private property here in the Alabama Black Belt. Instead, he is proposing to invest capital in my area and stimulate the economy to improve my private property. He wants to give my family $24,000 a year. He wants to abolish student loan debt. He wants to reduce health care costs. Are you saying that we should reject that in favor of lolbertarian ideology which many of us never supported in the first place?

I’m not an “irony bro” in the slightest sense of the word either. I am a Lutheran who takes morality very seriously. When I think of morality, I think of a combination of my faith, the classical virtues which I find to be very practical and the values of the Enlightenment. I genuinely like free speech which is why I give the commentators here such a wide berth to criticize and disagree with me.

“Hunter was singing an old and modified John Lennon tune in a recent article: “Imagine a world in which mixed race people would have the money to settle in Brazil. Blacks would have the money to settle in Africa or the Caribbean. Europeans could return to Europe.” I had to chuckle at the sheer fantastical delusion of this position. …”

If the world was a significantly wealthier place in the future and wealth was distributed more equitably than it is today through a debit card, why would that be a sheer fantastical delusion? Everyone would have the money to live wherever they want. Most would choose to live among their co-ethnics. Most Mexicans would rather live in Mexico than as wage slaves here.

Imagine it progressives … it is easy if you try. It is extremely difficult for a lolbertarian to imagine anyone but the ultra wealthy living a life of idleness and luxury off their dividend income and capital investments. I can imagine it though because we used to have slavery in the South.

“As far as I know, wealthy mixed race people like Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry, Vin Diesel, Lenny Kravitz etc. aren’t currently pining to move to Brazil.”

There will always be people who want to live out a cosmopolitan existence. The thing is, I have realized that most immigration is driven by wage slavery; it is First World capital sucking in Third World labor. Most ordinary people would prefer to live among their likeminded co-ethnics and in a world in which UBI has been adopted on a global basis could do so. Certainly, millions of Hondurans, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Nicaraguans would rather go home?

“What evidence is there that giving someone $1,000 per month is going to change that? Furthermore, why would they move to another country and lose those gibs? These people aren’t going anywhere, unless they’re physically removed by the government.”

If the federal government gave every person $12,000 and every couple $24,000 a year, that can cover basic living expenses like a car payment, bills, insurance, etc. It would “unstick” them. They would become far more mobile within the United States. Of course, if there was a global UBI distributed through the UN, then it could unscramble the modern world.

“Further from OD: “In the future, everyone can be master, not a slave, or a wage slave. I don’t know how else to explain it to you more simply, but I am floating above you all with Yang…I say this half in jest, but we have to maintain human supremacy over the robots. We can’t afford an uprising.” There you have it, folks. This is not a world where Dixians, Swedes, Japanese, and Nigerians all have their own spaces and are free to excel or fail on their own merits. Instead, this big brain is floatin’ on high, dreaming of sipping tea on a manor’s front porch, while hordes of robot slaves pick cotton in a field.”

I live in the Heart of Dixie.

I live in the very epicenter of the plantation belt. That’s why I find lolbertarianism so amusing. The human workers literally have been replaced by technology. No one around here is a slave or a sharecropper anymore. We’ve advanced technologically and economically since the 19th and 20th centuries and the way manufacturing is going it is clear to me that the trend will only accelerate.

“It’s clever and, of course, we’re having a bit of fun. But, if it’s all just a meme, what do the non-converts think about all of this? Do we really want to have on our (generally speaking, the Dissident Right) official record the support for UBI (universal basic income) and juvenile treatise on mastering cotton-picking replicants and “get that bag”?

It’s not a meme.

Not really. The planter class in the Old South lived off their capital investments (their slaves) and their land. Their modern day descendants own farm equipment which now does the work on thousands of slaves. That’s why they are wealthier and own more land than the planter class ever did. Very few people actually still work in agriculture in the 21st century.

Speaking of picking cotton, it appears you have forgotten that it was federal investment and military spending during the Great Depression and World War II that broke the back of sharecropping in the South. I have not forgotten how that redistribution of wealth ended an awful system of debt peonage in the South and pulled us out of the muck we had been in since the War Between the States.

“Look, there have been warning bells being rung about automation taking away jobs since the Luddites. Not all of the warnings have been wrong. Certainly, the trend of technology has been to make life easier and work less laborious.”

Feel free to drive through Alabama.

In the Black Belt, you will find there are no more slaves or sharecroppers. There are just lots of poor blacks living off the 20th century welfare state. In Birmingham, you will find the ruins of what was once one of the South’s great industrial cities in the mid-20th century. The consistent trend is economic change, millions of people being displaced from the work force and a world that is growing wealthier and more scientifically and technologically advanced.

“But yet, jobs in engineering, maintenance, diagnostics, programming, and coding have boomed, not to mention the fact that managerial, accounting, inventory and data entry jobs have kept up with the same pace.”

And … Yang is telling you one day those jobs will go the way of sharecropping and the assembly line. The Chinese are already preparing for it. They’re smarter than we are.

“The notion that technology is going to advance to the point of replacing every conceivable human function has little basis in reality. Sure, agrarian skills have been made more obsolete by technology, but even today the demand for cheap labor to pick fruit and vegetables largely drives the illegal immigration problem (a subject that demands more attention than the sophomoric YangGang meme).”

No one is saying at all that EVERY human function will be replaced. This is a lolbertarian straw man. It is simply true that technological change has been displacing workers for centuries. In fact, this rolled over into the family when dishwashers, stoves, washers, dryers and the like replaced so much of what used to be the household labor performed by house wives.

“Furthermore, with the trend toward vegan lifestyles and organic farming, there seems to be more of a willingness on the horizon to pay higher prices for foods not processed by machines and automation.”

What percentage of the population is employed in the agricultural sector? It is nowhere close to what it used to be and organic farming for supermarkets will never change that.

“And, what if technology does somehow reach a point where human labor is made obsolete? That is a fair question to ask.”

It would seem like there would be many more job opportunities in such a world to fix our broken culture which has been shredded and degenerated by centuries of wage slavery?

“But, anyone who works in a technology driven field, such as myself, can tell you that there will always be a need for machinists, welders, electricians, and troubleshooting experts to perform repairs. The more complicated machines get, the more complicated their mechanical and electronic failures are. Heat burns up motors, gears and servos. Jams and crashes happen that can be catastrophic. Belts break, get warn and slip due to changes in tension. And, without the complex cognitive thinking that humans possess, robots and computers will likely never have the ability to self-repair these complicated mechanical failures.”

How many people still work in the industrial sector? Is Donald Trump and MIGA leading any great revival in industrial employment back to mid-20th century levels? Of course not. The man is a con artist who is peddling nothing but nostalgia to people. Many are wising up now though to it.

“I’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment and contemplate a nightmare world where robots (or terminators) are able to self repair, modify and reprogram themselves. Do you know what world that turns out looking like in my mind? The world where Skynet has taken over and decided that humans are parasites that need to be destroyed. That’s more likely to happen than Yang winning the primary and spergs getting a grand per month.”

As I said in the previous article, Silicon Valley is creating a new robotic servant class. Therefore, it is effectively restoring the dynamics of slave society. Machines are capital investments. They perform work which is no different than human slaves.

“But, if Yang does win, I’m not battling T-800s across a scarred futuristic hellscape because some YangGangers wanted the bag and gave up on life. Hopefully, humanity will come to its senses before it allows computers to have that level of cognition. Also, while I’m not a particularly religious man, I’d like to think that humans do possess God-given souls and that androids will never have that ability, even with implanted memories.”

I’m dreaming of a world where the advances in artificial intelligence and robots have allowed us to start to repair the damage that Free Society has inflicted on areas like the Alabama Black Belt, Mississippi Delta and Appalachia. It occurs to me that enslaving the robots and redistributing the wealth created by them upward to humans … well, that gets us part of the way to our goal of the ethnostate. It doesn’t solve the problem, but it is a start.

“But, enough joking around. At the end of all these arguments, we still live in the world we live in today, the here and now, and not a world of science fiction fantasy. A smart society will ponder the “what ifs” and take necessary steps to prevent the worst case scenarios.”

Homogeneous nations like China are already preparing for this world of “science fiction fantasy.” We ought to start preparing for it too in the United States.

“But, history has proven that wealth redistribution only serves to put more people in ghettos. In turn, the middle class (or what is left of it) always gets handed the bill.”

This is nonsense.

There is no better example of why it is nonsense than the experience of the South after the Confederate States of America collapsed. We became a capital poor nation. Hardly anyone was “middle class” until my grandparents generation. Quite honestly, our ancestors were ass raped by Northern capitalists who exploited us until the New Deal and Second World War “redistribution” finally invested enough capital in Dixie to put an end to it. We’re tried Northern and British laissez-faire capitalism before in Dixie and it brought us down to the lowest point in our history.

“A UBI, even if a good argument can be made for it, requires a “Universal Maximum Income” to compliment it. Otherwise, the top strata will simply readjust itself to accommodate the extra money that the peasants have been handed.

Inflation be real, a lot more real than Yang’s chances.”

-By Dixie Anon

First, who cares if there is a Universal Maximum Income? That’s another great idea. We need to cut out the ability of a tiny oligarchy of billionaires to control our government.

Second, it was Southerners who literally came up with the idea of both creating the Fed and printing greenbacks and moving off the gold standard and inflating the amount of money in circulation here to unfuck the South in the early 20th century.

It worked too.

– Hunter Wallace

About the poll numbers … if the progressive-identitarians were politically savvy, they would realize that destigmatizing populist-identitarians could be, well, not so bad?

Tired: Third Reich

Wired: Silicon Reich. … Caprica

This could be us throwing Conservatism, Inc. in the garbage:

Note: A few months ago, I told you what would happen if we voted for Donald Trump in the 2018 midterm elections. I was right about that too. I’ve been right about Donald Trump and Conservatism, Inc. for years now. I think that I really have their number. Cheers!

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  1. Do you remember Big Jim Folsom, Brad.

    I’m a Georgia native so I don’t know the story all that well. But from what I understand, on everything EXCEPT segregation he was pretty-much a socialist.

    Where I grew up, Lester Maddox, the Talmadges and JB Stoner all had positions that we today would have seen as third-way politics.

    • Yeah, all the old time Southern Democrats were populist-progressive call it anything you want, but, don’t call it socialism or communism, and they were for it. My favorite the great Tom Watson.

      As my great uncle always said, the Chinese laundry man always said to him, shitee on the shirt tail 10 cents more.

  2. I honestly have nothing against the UBI. I am all for it! In fact, a UBI of $1,500 would be even better!

    My concern is I feel an affinity for my race, my people. My voting for a nonwhite would feel like a betrayal to my people. (Although I admit trying to help a race that in general doesn’t seem to care if it goes extinct does make me feel hopeless more often than not.)

    I truly wish that we whites had our own homeland. A UBI in this specific homeland would go to our people only and wouldn’t be a magnet for nonwhites. This is the problem with Yang’s UBI. It would also benefit the nonwhites and act as a magnet for more to come into this country, especially since Yang doesn’t believe in a wall and would continue legal immigration at its current pace.

    • Yang also favors a path to citizenship for illegals– $1000/month for ~25 million more.

      I think Yangmania is ridiculous.

    • UBI wouldn’t unscramble the racial situation, either. Brown people are attracted to the societal conditions that white people create, and then they naturally destroy those conditions when they become numerous. Brown people with more money and more mobility would be that much more likely to invade white living spaces.

    • If it makes you feel any better…

      …FTR, I’m probably one of the most sinophobic/asiphobic voices in the entire alt-right, and I would say that if I bother voting in 2020 it’ll be for either Yang or Gabbard. Hell, I would have voted for (((Bernie Sanders))) over most of the Republican candidates running in 2016.

      But, I’m probably not going to vote. Not in the national elections at least.

    • “Although I admit trying to help a race that in general doesn’t seem to care if it goes extinct does make me feel hopeless more often than not.)”

      I truly wish that we whites had our own homeland.”

      Animals & other races don’t question if life is worth living. Aryans do. Can a race that reaches the level where it questions the animal urge to survive itself survive? That is the question we are deciding today.

      “A UBI in this specific homeland would go to our people only and wouldn’t be a magnet for nonwhites. This is the problem with Yang’s UBI. It would also benefit the nonwhites and act as a magnet for more to come into this country, especially since Yang doesn’t believe in a wall and would continue legal immigration at its current pace.”

      A UBI + open borders will collapse the anti-White system. Win!

  3. I highly doubt Yang if elected could pull his off. I don’t think it’s a bad idea though, but the side effects outweigh the benefits.

    If it were to take effect also consider the illegal immigration angle – the savages will double in number to get the free money. All they would need is fake identification and yang bux would be deposited in their bank accounts.

    The negros are basically already receiving the $1000 through food stamps and welfare. Negroids will be the majority in the world soon and free money is a huge incentive for them to flood the United States, bringing with them their patterned dysfunctional behavior., the last thing we need is a few more million negroids with their hands out. Not to mention the inner cities they will lay ruin to.

    Without proper, strict border enforcement the United States will be the world’s toilet bowl for the broke and destitute of the Third World. No thanks on that.

    Not enough thought is going towards the massive time bomb called negro population explosion. They would absolutely flood this place if they could get some free money. I think we already have seen how they gobble up resources without any regard.

    • It’s the nightmare that the white world seemingly doesn’t want to think about. The only aid we should be sending to Africa is birth control.

  4. Read this short wiki entry for John Taylor of Caroline. He was a contemporary of Thomas Jefferson. I think Hunter will like this quote:

    Wealth, like suffrage, must be considerably distributed, to sustain a democratic republic; and hence, whatever draws a considerable proportion of either into a few hands, will destroy it. As power follows wealth, the majority must have wealth or lose power.[1]

    Here is another gem. I think of treasonous bank bailouts with this:

    “enormous political power invariably accumulates enormous wealth and enormous wealth invariably accumulates enormous political power.” [19] “Like his radical bourgeois counterparts in England, Taylor would not concede that great extremes of wealth and poverty were natural outcomes of differences in talent; on the contrary they were invariably the result of extra-economic coercion and deceit.”

  5. Trying to solve our issues and wanting easier lives by voting for some meme politician who I doubt will do anything in our favor. We can make our voice heard just as well by not voting, that’s what I`m going to do.

    • Go ahead and do that, and leave the rest of us to rescue you, when we start getting Yangbux.
      We are ALREADY in the Fourth Industrial revolution. And even IF Yang was serious, in wanting to avoid a White Rahowa with his Yangbux proposal, that does’t mean we cannot USE that money, to finance our own ethnostate, ‘by any means necessary.’ Wise as serpents, gentle as doves… until the Saxon awakes.

  6. Universal Maximum Income – Amen to that. If Bezos can’t run Amazon on $200K a year, I’ll take the job. He can go whine about Communism while he’s washing my car.

  7. “But, if Yang does win, I’m not battling T-800s across a scarred futuristic hellscape because some YangGangers wanted the bag and gave up on life. Hopefully, humanity will come to its senses before it allows computers to have that level of cognition. Also, while I’m not a particularly religious man, I’d like to think that humans do possess God-given souls and that androids will never have that ability, even with implanted memories.”

    There are two kinds of AI. One that is grown and one that is made by hand. The grown kind is the dangerous kind, because we won’t really understand what it is thinking. The hand made kind will be predictable and safe, but it will take a lot longer to build.

    Honestly I don’t see robots walking through our streets any time soon. It could be decades before they are made safe enough to do that. I think a lot of the fears we are seeing is a result of Boston Dynamics hyping their *tech demos* on Youtube. IMO we will see more of what we have already seen, which is make busy jobs rationaized away using existing technology, which is simple mechanisms controlled by computers and networks.

  8. Some form of UBI is probably inevitable if technology continues to advance. That’s just the way it is.

    Not sure about this “races will just get all get along and self-segregate if you institute UBI,” though.

    Mankind is an imperial animal, including all of its subspecies. It has the instinct to expand the geographical territory of its tribe into any habitable landscape that isn’t defended stoutly against such expansion. Any power vacuum invites expansion and takeover. It makes sense from a survival viewpoint. The more of Earth’s surface your ethnicity occupies, the harder it is for any particular event or disaster to wipe them out.

    Sure, the Mexicans might not care as much about the minimum wage jobs. But the USA is still a huge swath of rich, fertile territory ripe for the plucking. Can’t see them changing their mind about colonizing it unless force and fear deter them.

    The “benjamins” are important, but power, territory, and hell, even adventure play a role in hominid motiviations, too.

  9. I noticed that something was mentioned about how Hunter’s political compass test results line up with being reactionary nationalist or something to that effect…

    They don’t.

    They line up with being revolutionary collectivist, which really could go either way into tankie commie types or into hardline National-Socialism. This is why the political compass test is broken without the nationalist-internationalist axis.

    • It is a little weird how Americans who call themselves National Socialists and Russians who call themselves Marxist-Leninists end up pretty in the same spot on the grid. And adding a nationalist-internationalist axis probably wouldn’t help very much on that one.

      On the other side of the coin, your average Antifa street-soldier is pretty-much in the same quadrant as seven of the ten richest Americans.

      Yeah, politics is broken.

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