TRS on Blompf and MIGA

UPDATE: We’re all on the same team again like old times.

Good points here.

The Golan Heights annexation is like, woah, this Jewish power and influence thing is going way, way too far. The “alt-right” may have had a point about our Israel First foreign policy.

Note: Why isn’t anyone investigating Trump’s collusion with Israel?

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  1. Even the normie-sphere is noticing this weird Jew mixed messaging going on in the past month. Jews have no power, AIPAC doesn’t exist, Dems are the real antisemites, but here is the entire Republican Congress pledging their loyalty to the Jewish race, attending aipac, and openly doing the bidding of Bibi. It’s like all of the smart jews died and the only ones left are Jacob Wohl tier shills who can’t help but overplay their hand and give the game away.

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