Sloppy Steve Plots Cold War 2 With China

These people desperately need to retire:

“A group of Washington policy advisers and former U.S. government officials including Steve Bannon have revived a cold war-era advocacy organization to take aim at China, which it called “an aggressive totalitarian foe.”

The Committee on the Present Danger: China, or CPDC, will be launched to facilitate “public education and advocacy against the full array of conventional and non-conventional dangers” posed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party, the group said in an announcement on Monday. …

“As with the Soviet Union in the past, communist China represents an existential and ideological threat to the United States and to the idea of freedom – one that requires a new American consensus regarding the policies and priorities required to defeat this threat,” the committee’s announcement said.

The group’s vice-chairman, Frank Gaffney, a defense adviser to former president Ronald Reagan, said the committee hoped to “set the stage for a series of national debates about China” to address the threats the country posed. Gaffney has spent much of his time since leaving government in the 1980s propagating stridently anti-Islamic views. …”

Seriously? We don’t want Steve Bannon and MIGA “saving us” from China.

No, we want Chairman Yang to make us more like China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other flourishing modern countries which aren’t being run by retarded Christian Zionist Boomers for the sake of their f***ing Jewish donors who are stuffing their mouths with shekels.

Here’s a list of some of the awful things China has been doing:

Kicking our ass in international trade.

– Landing on the dark side of the moon.

Defying all expectations of conservative and lolbertarian ideologues that it would simply collapse and embrace the philo-Semitism and cultural degeneracy of the West.

Abolishing term limits so their Great Helmsman Xi Jinping can rule for life.

– China recently banned hip hop, tattoos, and degenerate culture from television.

– Investing in infrastructure all over the world instead of maintaining a massive military presence in the Middle East for the sake of Israel.

– Lifting countless millions of people out of poverty.

– Becoming one of the most optimistic peoples on earth because their future is so bright.

– Not squandering trillions of dollars on dumb neocon crusades in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria and Venezuela for liberal democracy.

– Investing in the technologies of the future like robotics and artificial intelligence.

– Building high speed rail.

– Getting rich after dumping the political correctness of the Cultural Revolution.

Conservative Boomers will not divide us!

This is what Blompf was hired to do for us in 2016. He has failed miserably. He couldn’t even build a simple $25 billion infrastructure project. We shall do better this time. We can’t afford another idiot in the White House surrounded by a familiar cast of political hacks.

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  1. Remember, this piece of crud is friends with Jeffrey Epstein. Another traitor up to his bloodshot, yellow eyeballs in Jews.

    • NO. I plan on harvesting body parts when needed from the clones especially stored just for my generation, moving next door to you, and regaling you with stories about how great the Eighties and Reagan were every single day. Now, get back out there and pay more into my well-deserved, decades-long retirement, you worthless little whiner!!

      • “…retarded Christian Zionist Boomers for the sake of their f***ing Jewish donors who are stuffing their mouths with shekels.”

        I’m a boomer, and I endorse this sentiment. To Hell with the Jews, already! I denounce Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and a culture that died with Reagan, that thought ‘Israel is our friend.’

        It’s not – Christian ZIonists are traitors to America, and to God.

  2. Remember in 2016 when people like Sloppy Steve ran a political campaign on a less aggressive foreign policy and then got power and started cold war 2.0 and a new arms race with Russia?

  3. The alt-right didn’t pay much attention to Bannon leading an effort by Jews to infiltrate and co-opt nationalist parties in Europe. Fortunately, European nationalists are not ‘muricans and told Bannon to go away.

    I notice the alt-right is now ignoring that a Jewish puppet of a Jewish oligarch/gangster who lives in Israel is leading the polls in the presidential race.

    The same Jewish gangster/oligarch is behind a supposedly white nationalist group that has been very active in trying to network with white nationalists in other countries lately. This group is also undeniably armed and trained by the CIA and other ZOG deep state agencies.

  4. They had one of these TV generals on Fox. I’ve never seen this guy before, and his subject was how our diverse-gender diverse armed services may cause inherent weakness in our military. Talk about a taboo subject, We will probably never see him on TV again.

    We can just pray that we don’t get into it with the Chinese, the Russians, the North Koreans, the Swiss!

    Just remember, it’s American trade policy that made the Chinese what they are…

    • Yep, without the USA pumping countless dollars into China, the Chinese would likely still be wading in their paddies and cultivating gourmet rats and long fingernails. 😉

      I exaggerate for the sake of humor, but there’s no doubting that American money and technology flowing into China turned them into a major power rather than what would probably have been a relative backwater.

      • It was the jew Kissinger who pressured President Nixon into normalizing relations with Peking, partly as a way of blocking Soviet influence over Red China but mostly to make Kissinger and his jew capitalist cronies extremely rich. They saw the economic potential of that country while conservative eunuchs were moaning and groaning about the Yellow Peril.

    • Unfortunately for us, the unspoken situation is that the Chinese and the Russians, too, for that matter, can readily see the degeneracy and incompetence in America today by watching the “American” people. The deliberate dumbing down and the feminization of our men, rampant homosexuality, our totally corrupt government, the confusion, cowardice, laziness, and the joke of women who think they are men. The flooding of our society with uneducated, low IQ, nonwhite, third worlders. The enabling, entitling, and empowerment of nonwhite minorities based on their skin color. The government mandated affirmative action, blatant discrimination against Whites, placing unqualified people, whoever they are, male and female, in positions of authority and importance, all for the purpose of displacing Whites who created this once, great, nation. This rapid decline and destruction of American society has been going on for decades and the parasitic jews are behind all of it. And the unthinkable idea of these patriotard goof-balls poking the dragon and the bear is truly frightening.

  5. Have we ever seen a leading Republican talk about Israel this way? It looks to me like The Narrative is buckling under the stress.

    Leader McConnell
    ?Verified account @senatemajldr

    Supporting Israel is not some conspiracy, or part of some hidden agenda supported by money and “dual loyalties”.
    A shared history and common values draw America and Israel together. Not to mention our mutual adversaries who hate us for our principles and pluralism.”

  6. Where were these Washington policy advisors and former U.S. government officials when U.S. industry was being dismantled and shipped to China? They all approved of the agenda of giving China American industry. Now that almost all American industry has been dismantled and shipped to China, now we’re told that China is an enemy country. When American industry was being dismantled and being sent to China, we were told China is a friendly country, an ally. Now that Uncle Sam and the top 500 Fortune companies have greatly succeeded in giving China America’s industry, they tell us that China is an enemy country. Dirty bastards. They knew China is an enemy country when they were dismantling American industry and shipping American industry to the enemy country of China. Filthy bastards.

  7. Military age 17-45………gonna miss ya but don’t worry, plenty of illegals (increasing daily walking through Trumps big shiny wall) to cut the extra grass growing where you once stood.

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