BREAKING: White Nationalists No Longer Support Donald Trump

In my case, I haven’t supported him in nearly two years.

It is the rest of the movement that has finally thrown in the towel and caught up with my analysis of his presidency after the midterms and going full MIGA:

“Earlier this month, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney spoke out to confirm that President Donald Trump is not a white supremacist— after the shooter who killed 50 at two mosques in New Zealand praised Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.”

It’s not the first time Trump has had to vocally shake off allegiances to white nationalists; there have been a string of incidents in which the president has been linked to — or praised by — those who identify as white supremacist or white nationalist. But, in a surprising turn, many of his longtime supporters with “pro-white” views are now stepping off the Trump Train.

INSIDER spoke to multiple people who identify with labels including nationalist, anti-immigrant, “Western chauvinist,” and “pro-white,” who say those in their circles have become disillusioned by Trump. They say while he did invigorate them during his campaign and help bring their ideas out from the fringe, he hasn’t acted on the promises that initially drew them to him. …

Others in the movement disagree. “Pro-white” nationalist Brad Griffin, who goes by the pseudonym Hunter Wallace and runs a nationalist blog, told INSIDER that while there was a groundswell of enthusiasm for the president in 2016, “I don’t really know of anybody at this point who continues to support Donald Trump. There’s a pretty big consensus on that issue now in our little corner of the internet… the whole bottom has collapsed on Trump with his white nationalist voters.” …

I think he has a superior vision for the country, it’s vastly superior to Donald Trump’s vision,” Griffin told INSIDER. “I strongly support universal basic income and think it’s brilliant… I think Yang has solved the white nationalist problem.”

I’m increasingly allergic to labels.

The tag line of the site simply reads “Nationalism, Populism, Reaction.” This is the actual perspective from which I analyze politics, history, current affairs, etc.

I’ve spent the last year studying Lutheranism, Early Modern European history, virtue ethics, low carb dieting and intermittent fasting. My interests have always been all over the place. I enjoy science fiction. As always, I remain pro-White, pro-South and pro-Christian, a nationalist, a populist and a reactionary blogger, but I am tired of being pigeon holed and misrepresented and tied to all sorts of things which I don’t support and have never had anything to do with like nihilistic mass shootings.

I’d like to be thought of as a husband, a father, a thinker, a Southerner, a European, a Lutheran and an intelligent, highly educated commentator on current affairs from a populist and nationalist perspective. I’m also a fairly tolerant, enlightened and friendly human being who loves his country (Dixie) and wants to fix its problems. I’m not by any means a bigot, enthusiast or a fanatic.

Those people are my sworn enemies. This is who I really am in real life:

I’ve always admired Luther because he never pulled his punches. He would tell you exactly what he thought about everything. He would have had no time for political correctness.

We need a new Reformation to exorcise the demon that is political correctness from our culture. We need to clean out the stables of our culture. It is hardly unprecedented. We’ve had to do this sort of maintenance several times in our history.

Can you imagine what Luther would have said about political correctness? A bunch of Jews tone policing us and telling us what we can and cannot say, who we can and cannot associate with, what we can and cannot believe in our own countries, because … various -isms and -phobias?

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  1. That Trump has filled his team with the likes of Nimrata Haley, Bolton, and Pompeo and is conducting a foreign policy completely opposite to the one he endlessly promised us in 2016 is more than enough for me to throw in the towel. I can no longer support this “president for Israel.”

  2. Did you see the pic of Bennie Satanyahu, and JewRed Kushner, standing behind Senile Orange Man, as he signed the Golan Heights to Jizzrael?

    What American in their right mind supports Senile Orange Puppet?

      • Sigh…

        Orange man was groomed for this role his entire life. His family have been groomed for it since they first arrived in America. All you need to do is read about the communities they chose to live in and the business partners that made them rich. In the times when gentiles and Jews lived in different neighborhoods, people were surprised to see the Trumps living in Jewish neighborhoods.

        Surely its not that hard to figure out, is it?

    • His daughter married an orthodox Jew and converted. Both daughter and son-in-law have high-level policy positions in the WH. I’m neither surprised nor disappointed in Trump on that score. I did think he would do better on immigration though, both illegal and “legal”; that’s the only real issue facing the US and the West in general. I am surprised and disappointed on that. Maybe they cut a deal: Mueller/impeachment Vs overall policy, we’ll have to see. Maybe this was all a set up from the beginning, you cannot get more maniacally Zionist than Pence. POTUS is down to “at least it’s not Hillary” now, and even that is becoming a meaningless difference.

  3. Complaining about political correctness, Jewish oppression, and insulting the Christchuch martyr, like that autistic dimwitted unfunny cuck Ryan just did

  4. El cholo Chechar has an article from this site, that he says was deleted, written at the time of Breivik’s killings, that do not condemn – to say the least – what Breivik did.
    It seems your site is old, relatively speaking, and he has been monitoring it.
    And in matter of “evilness” Breivik was much worse than Tarrant.
    Muslims decapitated an old priest celebrating mass in France! What to do? A new reformation?
    Tarrant ruined his life for his people, he was quite effective, his manifesto is pretty good, no bad propaganda at all, so no need to condemn or insult the guy.
    I wonder how many Muslims are born every single day, a very obnoxious evil invasive destructive specie.
    1 Tarrant = 10.000 Ryans

    • I didn’t spend much time on New Zealand because I have seen dozens of mass shootings over the years and there is nothing really left to say about the phenomenon that hasn’t already been said.

      Some people thought it was great and wonderful. The reaction of others was more like I don’t want anything to do with this and morbid fascination with violence isn’t something I want to be associated with.

  5. Enough with the Muh Lutheranism stuff ffs – Adolf the Great knew to verbally support all branches of Christianity to get the people behind him and any White Nationalist movement here in the US should emulate that.

  6. I changed my mind. I’ll vote for Trump next year if he slips me a C-note.

    Otherwise, I’m sick of their shit, ultimately meaningless elections. No matter who wins we get flooded with Third Worlders and are perpetually at war for jews.

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