Left-Authoritarians vs. Right-Authoritarians

It explains … A LOT.

If the political establishment were to, say, UNWIND political correctness and offer universal basic income to the White working class … how would that change the American electorate? Where do all the various “extremists” and “haters” go after you lance that festering boil?

The Left-Authoritarians are the swing voters.

The Right-Authoritarians are much more comfortable with Conservatism, Inc. They agree on economics, but disagree on social conservatism. The mainstream media bubble is EXTREME Left-Libertarian and is content to accuse everyone opposed to them of “white supremacy.” They’re way down there with Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, AOC, Elizabeth Warren and the SJWs. FOX News is Hannity trying to stir up the Right-Authoritarians against AOC and the Green New Deal.

Generally speaking, no one is with Charlie Kirk, the Bulwark and the GOP establishment in Right-Libertarianism. The tension within the Right between the Republican base and Conservatism, Inc. is over how they get cucked in every election and get nothing but things like tax cuts and deregulation. They’re all for economic liberty but the inevitable result of that is oligarchy.

The Left-Authoritarians absolutely LOATHE Conservatism, Inc. because a handful of billionaires are able to buy all the policies and none of them are in their interest. This inherent tension between the Left-Authoritarian swath of the MAGA populist-nationalist coalition has boiled over since CPAC 2019. They looked at that shit show and concluded there is no hope for those people.

Political Correctness is the Great Wall between Left-Authoritarians and Left-Libertarians. They largely agree on economics, but not on social issues. This is why Yang has so much potential as a candidate. He doesn’t speak in political correctness and alienate people like Elizabeth Warren. That’s the reason all these Left-Authoritarians are warming to him.

I don’t envy the task facing the GOP in 2020. Here’s why:

1.) First, their base is old and shrinking and there will be fewer Boomer Christian Zionists voting in 2020, and many more Millennials and Zoomers.

2.) Second, Blompf has lost so much of his appeal to Left-Authoritarians since 2016 by focusing so singlemindedly on delivering the MIGA agenda. What does he have to offer his populist-nationalist base? How does he motivate them with stale Charlie Kirkism?

3.) Third, Democratic donors are FAR CLOSER to the Democratic base. Just the opposite is true with the Republicans. Virtually no one likes the Koch Brothers agenda. The task facing the GOP is that after delivering the MIGA and Koch Brothers agenda it has to excite the conservative base, which itself is in a different quadrant, AND reach into yet another quadrant to excite and win back enough Left-Authoritarians who are F**KING PISSED and about getting conned.

4.) Fourth, imagine if someone like Yang won the Democratic nomination rather than Kamala Harris or some old Boomer like Joe Biden. This is the ultimate doomsday scenario for Conservatism, Inc. It is literally the Hindenburg scenario. Up in flames they go!

Note: It would be interesting to hear their take on Yang. $1,000 bucks a month + no more political correctness could be an explosive cocktail.

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  1. The question will be whether the first wave of Gen Z can vote in high enough numbers to increase the impact caused by the death of even more Greatest Generation cucks and Boomer oxygen bandits.

    If someone like Yang makes it into the final contest, then I could see turnout among the young go high enough to make a difference.

  2. I think that they’re all scumbags, creeps, liars, warmongers and international gangsters. Don’t believe a word they say. Expect the worst from all of them. I certainly won’t be wasting my time on their phoney “muh democracy” Election Show next year.

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