Pete Buttplug: Mike Pence Is Complicit In The Rise Of White Nationalism

Hey y’all, I don’t think anyone else but Yang currently running for president in American politics has the slightest clue about how to deal with White Nationalists:

“Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Wednesday that Vice President Mike Pence is “at best complicit” in the resurgence of white nationalist groups in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election.

Asked about his fellow Hoosier — Pence is the former governor of Indiana — on Buzzfeed News’s online show “AM to DM,” Buttigieg said the vice president has been “consistently horrible” and said Americans face a danger of the continued radicalization with “what seems at best to be a level of negligence, if not encouragement, coming from the highest office in the land.” …

Andrew Yang is like … wow, so automation is going to take away all your jobs, a horde of immigrants are illegally flooding into your countries, your culture has gone to shit, you have no representation in the US political system, you are persecuted by the SPLC and ADL and misrepresented by “journalists” and you are demonized by both sides of the political establishment.

You’re represented by a moron who sold out to Israel for donations. Can I help?


What do you think? Blompf 2020?


Get in losers! We’re with Yang now.

Yang has come up with a far better way of dealing with White Nationalists than Pete Buttplug who is currently running on an identity politics platform of being gay. He will simply engage with the White Nationalists and talk to them about how much they like China, Japan and South Korea. He will talk to them about how much they like anime and books and science fiction. He will offer them $1,000 a month to create memes to stick it to Blompf, Mike Pence and Conservatism, Inc in 2020.

Does Pete Buttplug know that White Nationalists actually don’t like Blompf and Mike Pence?

Does Pete Buttplug know that White Nationalists are really, really disaffected with mainstream conservatism and the MIGA agenda?

Does Pete Buttplug know that White Nationalists don’t like our current two party system?

Does Pete Buttplug know how easy it would be to defuse our polarized political system and flip all of these White Nationalists and “alt-right” people into Yang voters?

Does Pete Buttplug realize how radically the 2020 electoral map would shift if Yang won the Democratic nomination and walked away with the Populist Right?

Does Pete Buttplug realize how Charlottesville could have been completely avoided by striking a simple deal with all these disaffected populist and nationalist voters? Virginians like both health care and Confederate heritage. Why force them to choose between the two?

The current conversation going on in White Nationalist circles and the Populist Right in general is about how Yang’s path to victory could run through Alabama, Texas and Indiana.

Note: It is still very early in the 2020 horse race.

I’d say Yang is clearly at the head of the pack with the younger White ethnocentric populist nationalist voters. MARStians. There are lots of people who are older and not voting. The president is a distant third. This is just what I am seeing in the circles around me.

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  1. half-stuff, half-nonsense.

    chink Yang is no more our friend than ZOG-stooge Trump.

    yeah, HW, I’ll sell out my race/nation for

    1,000 imaginary jewbucks/month


    as HW continues to wander in Lotus Land,

    sniffing the poisonous flowers.

    • Haxo,

      I think you should try imagining the possibility that the GOP isn’t doing anything for our race and nation, that we will all still be here in 2020 and that someone will be president regardless. Maybe you are wandering in Lotus Land? You are enthralled about some imagined utopia that exists only in your own mind or nostalgic about some regime from the distant past.

      If I had my choice, I would disembark tomorrow for some other time. Such as it is, reality stubbornly prevents me from visiting Lutheran Germany or Stuart England or the Confederacy.

      • “If I had my choice, I would disembark tomorrow for some other time.”

        I’ve had the same thought for about 25 years now.

    • In a choice between a guy that works tirelessly to build Greater Israel on the backs of Whites and a Chinese guy who wants to give us all $1000/month while he does standard president platform shit, you are opting for the guy who’s building Greater Israel.

      Talk about jewposting…

  2. The one thing Omarosa Manigault got right is that Mike Pence is really, really creepy. And, the only reason Mike Pence would be complicit in the rise of White Nationalism is… he kisses so much Jew ass that even Scope 6M-X wouldn’t clean that level of foul breath.

    I wonder if Peter has been at a San Francisco Up Your Alley Fair yet?

    Peter won’t be a first. Our first gay president was Barack. And his “wife” won’t be a first either. Michelle/Michael was the first male First Lady.

    • George W Bush frequently had a gay prostitute over at his White House, who held a White House press pass by virtue of his simple blog, separate from his ‘working’ persona as ‘militarystud’.

      This phoney White House correspondent Jeff Gannon aka James Dale Guckert, had at least 12 ‘sleep overs’ in the Bush White House & 32 ‘nooner’ personal visits, per Secret Service logs.

      Bush’s tongue once slipped, and referred to a Texas resident by saying, ‘She’s a Texas girl, just like me.’ One time Gannon / Guckert was there overnight with Tony Blair as well as G W Bush, Blair and Bush said to have had bi-dalliances; there is a sauna photo of the two of them wearing just towels.

      This was rather immortalised by one video version of the Electric Six hit ‘I Wanna Take You to the Gay Bar’, a version with clever clips of Bush and Blair at a press conference, the lip movements seeming like they are talking about ‘going to the gay bar’ together … Pretty hilarious:

    • Yep, and Pence the ultimate Jew-tool thinking he’s all morally superior to us “haters”. There is a remarkably broad spectrum of ‘Conservatives’, including ‘Patriots’, who think the same way. Every one of them brain-dead.

  3. There were many legitimate reasons for disaffected, righteously anxious whites to vote for trump in the 2016 elections. The alt-right was simply a reaction to the blatant anti-white propaganda that increased greatly during the obama years. So lets see here, during the obama years, you had;

    Obama and co. passing executive orders aiming to integrate the non-white urban jungle crowds into the white suburbs, creating section 8 housing nationwide in classy and clean white neighborhoods (on the basis of phony discrimination laws and made up systematic racial injustices).
    You had an increased flood of “DACA youth” (central american gangs and rabble) coming across the border in 2014-2016.
    Obama made an executive order amnesty after the 2014 midterms for millions of illegals. Pissing off poor and middle class whites.
    Illegals were being flown in by planes.
    Illegals were being released from prisons.
    The massive gun grabbing propaganda began ever since the sandy hook incident.
    There was the bundy ranch incident, with the racist obama government showing it’s overreach and tyranny against an old white man defending his land and property.
    There was an increase of african refugees.
    There were executive orders to stop “racist” schools from disciplining out of control black students. Affirmative action on steroids all throughout government.
    Media and government siding with black rioters against police and whites.
    The list goes on and on.

    Trumps rise and getting elected was just a reaction to the pent up white anger. The problem is that trump is not a white nationalist by any stretch, and he cares about jews above anybdy else.

  4. @jim you’ve summed it up perfectly. I credit the Obama years for ‘radicalizing’ me. I had always before tried to just be a race realist, and keep my head down.

  5. The bitterly funny thing is that the entire established LOATHES us. Yang does too, my dear. He tweeted that we are a problem that needs to be solved.

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