Boomer Biden: White Man’s Culture Has Got To Change

This is why Yang Gang has taken off like a rocket:

“Former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday called for a change among “white man’s culture” when it comes to sexual assault.

Biden lamented his role in Anita Hill’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings. …

The potential 2020 Democratic hopeful then noted how culture centuries ago allowed violence against women and said it is time to change.

“It’s an English jurisprudential culture, a white man’s culture,” Biden explained. “It’s got to change.”

Joe Biden is virtue signaling in political correctness to SJWs that he too is woke on the cancer of whiteness. In doing so, he is lending a lifeline to Donald Trump.

Yang has made a point NOT to talk down to White voters in political correctness. This is the major “social issue” of our generation. Yang can flip legions of Trump voters simply by not going out of his way to alienate and antagonize large swathes of the electorate.

Note: It is a safe bet that Joe Biden won’t be competitive in Alabama and Missouri in 2020. I’m not so sure with Yang. Political correctness is to younger populist nationalist voters what abortion was to their parents generation. Are you with or against SJWs?

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  1. “Professor Frederick Lindemann, the Chief Advisor to Winston Churchill and the inspiration and architect of the air crucifixion of Germany was in a reflective mood after the war. Toward the end of his life, Lindemann made a remark on more than one occasion with such an air of seriousness that he seemed to regard it as his testament of wisdom, and I accordingly feel it incumbent upon me to record it here, although with it.

    ‘Do you know,’ he asked, ‘what the future historians will regard as the most important event of this age?’

    ‘Well, what is it?’

    ‘It will not be Hitler and the Second World War; it will not be the release of nuclear energy; it will not be the menace of Communism.’

    These negatives seemed very comprehensive. He put on an expression of extreme severity and turned down the corners of his lips: ‘It will be the abdication of the White man.’ Then he nodded his head up and down several times to drive home his proposition.”

    * The Prof’ — R.F Harrod, McMillan, 1959. Page 261/2. A Personal Memoir Lord Cherwell

    • Lindemann always gets accused of being jewish, but that’s not a very jewish name. It figures that a Brit with German ancestry would be the main proponent of bombing German civilians.

      • No, it isn’t a very Jewish name, especially with the double “n”, but that’s what the article stated. I also don’t perceive any excitement in him when he made the statement. Some things often are lost in translation. However, Mike King at is pretty darn good with his research but it could be erroneous.

  2. Lindemann was the true architect of the Dresden Holocaust of innocent Germans. — all part of the “abdication” of “The White Man” to his Tribe.

    • Fuck that piece of (((shit))). Whitey didn’t abdicate anything it was stolen by (((bankers))) and their royal toadie jew inbreds that sold us into (((slavery))).

      • You’ve have got to be kidding to believe whites haven’t voluntarily surrendered anything. For crying out loud, today we have an endless supply of whites willingly handing things over to minorities. Many white parents – often even thrilled at the prospect – allow their offspring to date, marry, and breed with non-whites. They’re in our house because we let them in. And, worse, we let them stay despite the outcome.

        “The American pioneers resented the efforts of the parasites to follow them, and one of the
        longest debates at the Continental Congress concerned a proposal for permanent exclusion of the Jews. It was finally defeated by the curious argument that, as the Jews were not presently a problem, they would be unlikely to become so in the future. This certainly went against the grain of everything
        that was known about the Jews and their methods. The records of these debates have survived only in a few notes taken by some of the delegates. The drafts of the Constitution which contains the proposal for Jewish exclusion have all been destroyed. One of the Jewish vocations is that of dealer in old books and rare documents. In these dealings, records containing unfavorable references to the past can be sequestered and destroyed. Other rare documents, which contain no unfavorable references to the Jews, are sold to gentile collectors at huge profits. As usual, the Jew has it both ways, protecting his flanks by destroying all references to his activities, and financing this task with the gentile’s money.”
        (c)1967 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 43

        Yes, the thief is despised but the weak fool is despised more.

  3. Biden is nuttier than squirrel shit, but back in 2013 while heaping praise on a a cabal of Jewish oligarchs, he let the proverbial ‘Cat out of the bag.’ Biden admits the “immense ” Jewish role in American mass media and culture.

    Here’s a kosher nibble of Biden’s observations.

    “Jewish heritage has shaped who we are-all of us-as much or more than any other factor in the last 223 years. The truth is that Jewish heritage, Jewish culture, Jewish values are such an essential part of who we are that it’s fair to say that Jewish heritage is American heritage.”

    You can read the entire nauseating and traitorous speech for yourselves. Have a vomit bag handy.

  4. Brad, are you playing dumb again?

    ‘White man’s culture’ in Anita Hill was Olive Man’s culture – Roman Catholicism.

    Handsyman Joe, who headed the committee that interrogated Hill, is a Roman Catholic, as is Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh. They were educated in their formative years by Roman Catholics. As for the black angle on the Hill v. Thomas hearings, that was also Olive Man’s culture, in that the Mediterraneans – especially the Jews – orchestrated more of the dysfunction and corruption in the black community and political class that informed Thomas’s claims of ‘high-tech lynching.’

    As for your assertions about the Jesuits and the Council of Trent:

    This blurb just summarizes but does it well:

    “Ignatius Loyola founded a secret Catholic order called the Society of Jesus, also known as the Jesuits.

    At the Council of Trent, the Catholic Church gave the Jesuits the specific assignment of bringing Protestantism back to the “Mother Church.” This was to be done not only through the Inquisition and through torture, but also through theology and deception.

    The Jesuits have had a dark history of intrigue and sedition. That is why they were expelled from Portugal (1759), France (1764), Spain (1767), Naples (1767), and Russia (1820).

    Jesuit priests have been known throughout history as the most wicked political arm of the Roman Catholic Church.”

    Read some more about the 30 Years War, about the methods the Jesuits used during the Inquisition that they perfected to repress reform in Germany. You blaspheme the legacy of Luther and the Germanic peoples with your casuistry.

    I can’t turn my back on this blog for five minutes without outrageous anti-white falsehoods becoming dogma.

    Whose interests are you purporting to represent? Doesn’t your audience have a right to know?

    Are Jared Kushner and his Roman Catholic (Italian and Irish predominantly) cronies in Essex County representative of ‘White Man’s Culture?’

    • I was hoping the gallows. I’ll pull the lever, I swear I will, and do it proudly without a hood on.

      I will be so f*cking famous in a good way. Forever.

  5. Watch he videos of Biden groping women and young girls. The man is an absolute pervert. Will the MeToo feminists notice? Probably not as long as he can pose a challenge to Trump.

  6. To Lindemann’s thought I would add this from Harold Covington in his book Freedom’s Sons:
    “What kept us from being physically overrun by literally billions of niggers and gooks during the late 20th and early 21st centuries? A series of brushfire wars in Africa and Asia such as Mao’s Cultural Revolution, Vietnam, Biafra, Rwanda, Darfur, and of course the mass disease and starvation in Africa that came from the black’s complete and total inability to cope with the modern world and take care of themselves. If it hadn’t been for those natural culls, the world would all be black and yellow today instead of mostly black and yellow like it is.”

    Also, the historian John Lukacs noted that Churchill said the deciding factor of the 20th century was that America spoke English, Lukacs feels the deciding event of the 21st centiry may be that Russia is white.

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