Trump: Russia Has To Get Out Of Venezuela

Why is the Pepe crowd dropping Blompf like a hot potato for Yang and Tulsi?

“WASHINGTON — President Trump suggested on Wednesday that his administration had warned the Russian government to stay out of Venezuela after two Russian planes carrying military personnel arrived in Caracas this week, a move that places another significant obstacle in the White House’s slow-moving effort to oust President Nicolás Maduro.

During an Oval Office meeting with Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Juan Guaidó, the Venezuelan National Assembly politician recognized by the Trump administration and 50 other countries as the rightful interim president, Mr. Trump said that Russia needed to see its way out of the conflict.

“Russia has to get out. What’s your next question?” Mr. Trump told reporters. …”

I’m a Left-Authoritarian.

I have always been a swing voter.

My voting record has been remarkably erratic and yet consistent. I voted for Gore and Kerry in 2000 and 2004 out of share hatred of George W. Bush and the Iraq War.

In 2008, I voted for Ron Paul in the Republican primary because he opposed neocon regime change wars. When that didn’t work, I stood aside and allowed Obama to beat neocon John McCain in a landslide. I’m pretty sure that I voted for the Constitution Party candidate that year.

In 2012, I again supported Ron Paul in the Republican primary, at least up until the point when he started calling the Border Patrol the equivalent of the Gestapo. When Ron Paul didn’t work out in 2012, I stood aside and allowed Mitt Romney to go down in flames to Obama. I know for a fact that I voted for the Constitution Party candidate in the 2012 election.

In 2016, I was persuaded to support Donald Trump in large part because he condemned the Iraq War as a misguided neocon adventure and promised an “America First” foreign policy. He wanted to the end the Cold War with Russia. He didn’t want to get bogged down in Syria. He lost me when he attacked Syria in April 2017. In fact, I was one of the first in our circles to break with him.

In 2020, I am feeling pretty strongly Yang Gang. I can’t imagine what Trump could do at this point to turn around the brand. If Yang proves to be the Democratic version of Ron Paul, I will either sit out the election or vote for another third party candidate.

What’s the common thread here? Is it being highly allergic to neocons?

Note: Somewhere in this 18 year time span, the “alt-right” rose and fell, but I haven’t gone away. I’ve backed various candidates, but I have always been a non-interventionist. I’ve been branded a “racist” for not wanting to incite destructive conflicts all over the world.

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  1. Even I’m at the point that the only answer to our predicament is secession. We all know it will not be an easy or peaceful transition for anyone on any side.

  2. I’m starting to hear that opposition to more wars in the Middle East is anti-Semitic.

    The sheer nerve of these war criminals.
    I’m glad Russia told the US to get out of Syria, as the US and Israel together reportedly bombed Aleppo today. Not Idlib where their al Qaeda allies are holed up.

    The US needs to get out of dozens of countries.

    The US has no right to award territory belonging to one country to another, as in Kosovo and Golan.

    I see that China rejects the Washington gangsters’ description of Latin America as “our backyard.” China says that Latin American countries are free to pick their own friends and type of government.

    I wouldn’t vote for Trump again if he paid me.

    I think the only way he wins reelection is if the Dems nominate someone who scares the hell out of 70% of whites– that high because the level of fraud and funny business next Election Day will be breathtaking and historic. And you never know what the FBI will be up to…

    • I can’t wait for the anti-war is anti-semitic media campaign. I don’t think Shlomo can pull this off. Even grug brained boomers are smarter than that. Anti-war is like the access tube in Star Wars where a direct hit will blow up the entire (((Death Star))). We need to be publicizing the civilian casualties from US and Israeli activities on a weekly basis. Ryan Dawson seems to be the expert here. If I can get his attention I will suggest he does a formal update that can be redistributed.

  3. It’s called left on labor and right on values. If there is a default spirituality for whites that’s what it is, and it’s as old as time. That’s why they had to split it in two.

    Luther’s argument (in the simplest of terms) was “give them a bag.” Catholic argument was “no, values first.”

    What the fuck is a bag going to do for the poor? Is it going to give them sound culture? Are they going to be able to sit their kids in front of the TV while they work their fingers to the bone? Are they going to be able to send their kids to public schools among their own to learn sound values? Is that what a bag is going to give them?

    Holy shit could it get any clearer how absurd this hair-brained scheme is, dialectic farming or not? A bag of silver?


    “Better than nothing.”

    Now who says that?

    Time to get the names of the fucking retards who came up with idea. It was a round table of geniuses somewhere.

  4. Did Christ offer a bag or the moral authority to change values?

    If the bag was more effective than the authority why didn’t he offer it?

    If the bag is effective now does it mean God is dead or does it mean that God fucked up?

    What’s worse, to believe in something in spite of its failures or to toss aside that belief for a bag of silver?

    According to Luther’s writings, the answer is clear.

  5. The United States has become the world’s leading “Anti-nation” in that opposes all manifestations of true nationalism, first by sanctions then by war, both internationally and domestically. The Retarded Right needs to realize the United States is now the very antithesis of what the Founding Fathers intended!

  6. My voting record has been remarkably erratic and yet consistent.

    My entire voting record, consisting of one vote in November 2016, has been a grave mistake. My excuse is, understanding our terrible situation, I eventually succumbed to Trump’s lies. I have now resumed my former, correct, inaction on all vote days.

  7. It’s fun watching America fail on foreign policy over and over for years now. The writing is in the wall that the American empire is waning. Now ZOG doesn’t even have the power to enforce the monroe doctrine.

  8. The American empire is the new evil empire. And it now serves notice that it supports “sovereignty by conquest” (saw that apt phrase today) for Israel and the Kosovo Liberation Army (with its NATO Air Force).

    It views all countries south of the border as its subjects.

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