The Great Plantation: Distribution

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I love my country.

I’ve long thought of my country as being Dixie. It is a Great Plantation. We might not recognize it as being one in the 21st century, but we still share a common culture. It is extremely attenuated and nowhere near what it used to be, but there is still a cultural residue.

This is where I live:

It is one of the blackest, poorest parts of the United States. This is what remains of the old plantation belt which once stretched across Alabama. The Poverty Palace is like the belt buckle in the middle of the Alabama Black Belt. If you can believe it, these people have been given $471 million dollars to demonize little old me and write shit posts about this blog.

This place is my home. I love this place. I want to fix it. Yes, it sure sounds strange coming from a “white supremacist” or “White Nationalist.” If I really wanted to live in a White ethnostate though, I could simply move to North Dakota and live among a bunch other White people.

Nah, I just want to sit here and read books and think.

How does the Alabama Black Belt … work? In the 21st century?

If you have traveled through here, you won’t find many cotton plantations. No, this area is heavily forested in the 21st century. The land is owned by timber companies or private individuals. I’m pretty sure we now grow most of our cotton in the Southwest these days.

There are no more chattel slaves. There are no more sharecroppers. There are just lots of poor people, really. The American economy, such as it is, doesn’t appear to be working here. There is a sky high poverty and unemployment rate in places like the Mississippi Delta and Alabama Black Belt.

Interestingly enough, I don’t notice many people who are mad. They go about their daily lives and spend their money at grocery stores and Dollar General and Wal-Mart. In particular, the black people seem to buy all their groceries with an EBT card. They already have an income provided by the federal government which simply gives it to them in exchange for social peace.

Virtually no one works in agriculture these days. I can’t help but laugh at Cory Booker and the reparations debate. Why is this n***er so mad about 40 acres and a mule?

Bruh, no one works in agriculture or has to be a farmer anymore. It is the year 2019. The whole question of who owns the land is obsolete. It doesn’t matter. American agriculture is so productive that we simply dump it on people and distribute it through EBT. No one who is black around here has anything more than a country garden and racializing the issue simply pits races against each other. He’s not advancing the issue of redistribution of wealth. He is trying to poison the debate.

The wealth is being created by land, labor, management and trade. The work is increasingly done by machines that have displaced agricultural workers. When I go into the grocery store, I encounter the black people with their EBT cards. They swipe the cards. They buy their groceries. They go home and cook their dinner. They probably eat the same kinds of Southern foods that I do.

We all love backyard BBQ in Dixie. Black and White.

Why can’t we have a Universal Basic Income and buy other goods in the same way? Fewer people than ever work in manufacturing due to automation. That’s a good thing. We’re generating more and more wealth. The problem is the distribution of wealth under wage slavery. The benefits of scientific and technological progress are being captured by a tiny elite, which I might add are not the White Nationalists, while everyone else works in their servant economy.

I’m not one of those people! I don’t have $471 million dollars to “fight hate” like the SPLC. Truth be told, I also don’t hate anyone in the grocery store either. I’ve just noticed that they are kind of being bought off to keep social peace. Things would be even more peaceful too if they had the money to move wherever they want and do whatever the hell they want in life.

Why don’t they?

As I thought about it, it occurred to me that having more money and distributing it more equally solves all sorts of problems. It solves racial conflict. It solves class conflict. When people are poor and overworked and exploited and pitted against each other with identity politics and incited against each other over issues the ended 150 years ago (i.e., chattel slavery), they get mad with each other.

If they all had the money, they wouldn’t be mad. We could unscramble the modern world. The modern world being … in the final analysis, nothing but the story of chattel slavery and wage slavery unfolding over the course of about five centuries.

Note: The culture has really gone to shit since the Middle Ages. When I try to read modern philosophy, I come away feeling … confused? Especially about morality.

The SPLC Freedom Dividend is an idea whose time has come:

I still say we should bust open and cash in the SPLC’s piggy bank. Give everyone in the Alabama Black Belt an equal share of the loot. They could be encouraged to go buy a few acres of private property and live among likeminded people. They could throw a party with their co-ethnics. The Whites could take this county. The blacks could take the other county. Everyone would come out a winner as we started to unwind five centuries of chattel slavery and wage slavery.

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  1. “The whole question of who owns the land is obsolete. It doesn’t matter.”

    It does matter.

    Wealth = power

    Wealth buys you the ability to control a country’s destiny for example by changing the demographics through mass immigration and forced integration.

    Or by buying control of the mass media apparatus and determining what people think. Or by buying control of social media and controlling what people say.

    If we don’t have political power (sovereignty) and our enemies do, then they control our destiny. In this case, they’re very hostile indeed.

    That’s why we need a country of our own, where we are sovereign and we control our own destiny.

    We don’t want to be slaves, even if that slavery doesn’t start at zero.

    • But, that same amount of wealth mollifies our rivals and buys more time to get more tightly unified and resilient—at the least at the DunBar level of a tribe….

      • Yang is fine, I am telling people IRL to vote for Yang

        But overthinking Yang is bad. Smaller brain is better here.

        Our long term goals haven’t changed, but we have a chance to get people unhooked from conservatism and get $1k (yeah right), then (in the unlikely event that we got it) invest that in nationalism and separatism. So, mostly just a chance to get people unhooked from conservatism and Trump.

        But going big brain with regard to Yang and Star-Trek posting… scares people away from Yang, rather than helping them move from Conservatism to Third Positionism.

    • Crud- the only people ‘scared’ of Yang, are those who are still dealing with their LOVE OF ENVY.

      I find stealing MY income to pay Niggers to live, a crime and a sin. In some respect, we are envious of the undeserving poor. BUT……
      If everyone is given an equal share of the pie, then, conversely, I am less inclined to find that ‘gibs’ as insulting, as before. I can understand charity, but only if it is equally applied.

      It’s also not ‘Star Trek posting’ – its merely the parable of the workers of Christ; in which He gives to the workers, equally the agreed-upon wage. It is up to US, to make our work viable, as long as we are getting paid fairly.

      And, if we all have more money, and can learn to use it productively, we become ‘good stewards’ for a change, instead of slaves of sin. Think about it.

  2. Automation and UBI aren’t gonna fly in the former United States®. The oligarchs will never allow it. Just like they disallow all of the other technica/scientific/medical advances enjoyed in Europe and Japan.

    American® factories are still going to use fifty and sixty year old machines, and if they’re really “modern,” forty year old machines, and wage slaves working for nothing an hour to fork over half their pay for high and ever higher taxes to provide UBI for Niggers and other biological aliens.

    The companies will claim automation is just “too expensive” to implement, and with plenty of cheaper human labour, unnecessary.

    In the meantime, they’ll retrofit computers onto a 19th Century work regimen and ancient machinery so that they can claim that they’re “up to date” and “modern.”

    The only way UBI and automation can work in America® is if it’s built, from scratch, in an independent Dixie.

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