Washington Examiner: Ben Shapiro Isn’t Alt-Right

I can confirm that Shapiro isn’t one of ours:

“The Economist created a furor on social media when it mischaracterized conservative political commentator Ben Shapiro as part of the “alt-right” in a story published Thursday.

The article, which features a question-answer discussing his political views and his new book, The Right Side of History: How Reason and Moral Purpose Made the West Great , initially featured the headline “Inside the mind of Ben Shapiro, the alt-right sage without the rage.”

As soon as the story hit the web, its assertion that Shapiro was associated with the alt-right — a loose affiliation known for extremism, racism, and hate — drew ire over Twitter, ultimately leading to The Economist apologizing and changing the headline. …”

We’re a “fringe movement” because there is currently no money in loving your own people and honoring your ancestors. You’re not allowed to do that in “mainstream conservatism.” That’s why we are so excited about the possibility of Chairman Yang changing that dynamic.

He knows little about Western civilization, but gets to talk about it on television to Boomers.

He’s Jewish, for one … the rules of political correctness don’t apply to him. He can be an ethnocentric Jewish Zionist who calls for ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and it is fine. That’s perfectly acceptable in “mainstream” politics.

He’s a neocon warmonger who supported the invasion of Iraq. We are people who put Humanity First and have always opposed these destructive military interventions.

He’s also a conservative which means he inclines toward classical liberalism (except for his fellow Jews in Israel). In that sense, he is like the founders of The Economist. It is weird to see them being so cross with each other since they fundamentally agree on globalism.

“Radical conservative” is a more accurate headline. By definition, a mainstream conservative in the United States is someone who cares about no other people on earth except the Jews and Shapiro is a particularly ardent champion of the Jewish cause of annexing the Golan Heights.

I’m horrified by it.

I don’t have any seat in mainstream politics though. Shapiro is “mainstream.” I am “fringe.”

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  1. Ben Shapiro is a Jew. That’s all anybody really needs to know. His race has been doing their utmost to destroy whites from day one. This is because Jews are biologically predisposed to destroy us. They can’t help themselves any more than the scorpion could in that oft-told fable. You can call them conservatives, capitalists, communists, leftists, satanists, Messianic Christians, whatever you like, but these terms and others are merely labels they adopt and then discard whenever the need arises. A Jew by any other name is still a Jew. And there are no good Jews. That goes double for alt-right pet Jews like Shapiro and “Brother” Nathaniel Kapner, and a-little-dab-will-do-ya Jews like RamZPaul and Owen Benjamin. Even the Devil can appear as a confederate in the war on whites. A war that he and his spawn are waging.

  2. Ben Shapiro is controlled opposition. His (((backers))) pushed out Michael Savage for him, and support his neocon Daily Wire operation. You don’t get that kind of preferential treatment for loving Whitey. Vox Day calls Shapiro “the Littlest Chickenhawk,” because Benjy is always hoping to get gentiles to fight in a war. He’s like the ZioWimpy: “Let’s you and him fight, just so long as Israel benefits, goy.”

  3. CI advocates have long been a voice asking us to really think through the incarnational elements of Christ’s becoming ‘one of his brethren,’ and what the REALLY means. But their isolationist protestant aesthetic distrusts a number of foundational things; in this case, the True conversion to Catholicism (in Kapner’s case, Eastern Orthodoxy). Because CI’s are woefully ignorant on a lot of matters, the comment about “Brother Nathanael” rings false, principally because, in Orthodoxy, ONE HAS TO RENOUNCE THEIR VERY JEWISHNESS, as well as the SYNAGOGUE and its [sic] ‘worship,’ unlike Vatican Ewww ‘Catholi-schism.” Kapner has proven himself time and time again to be a faithful, (if odd to the point of aversion) Christian. CI’s all but deny the grace of God to convert whom HE chooses. One has to find a middle ground of ‘Yes, but…. what of the fruits of repentance?” before dismissing all.

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