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  1. “Don’t vote for Blumpf, Vote for Yang!”

    It’s gonna come down Biden, Hickenlooper, Insley and Delaney on the Democratic side. The rest of them either won’t make it onto the stage, or past the first primaries. They’re not going to elect another Nigger. That particular experiment won’t be repeated.

    They’re going to try to appeal to White steel mill hands and corn belt farmers in West Yankeedom. A bunch of muds, cruds and political circus freaks won’t cut it. But appeals to protecting no longer existent Union jobs and subsidies for corn surup and ethanol, will.

    Folks in East Yankeedom and the Left Coast will reflexively vote for Biden, or the other three “normies”, simply because they hate Trump. There’s also the unspoken understanding that the South and Interior West have to be kept in check and under control. Which the Democrats do with taxes, regulations, and the Federal Courts.

    • As I said on the podcast, this debate is likely purely academic. Yang is unlikely to win the Democratic nomination. In that case, it will be Blompf vs. someone else.

    • “They’re not going to elect another Nigger. That particular experiment won’t be repeated.

      They’re going to try to appeal to White steel mill hands and corn belt farmers in West Yankeedom. A bunch of muds, cruds and political circus freaks won’t cut it.”

      I think you are giving the Democrat party more credit than they deserve. They aren’t nearly that astute. But they might not need to be.

    • Biden would be the choice if Dems wanted to win. He could sweep almost all of the swing states handily. Not sure if the Democrats are sane enough to run him though. The Russian hysteria has really revealed that these people aren’t playing with a full deck. They seem to want to force Harris or Beto, so they can have the first female pres. It’s become something like a freudian psychological issue for them now. They need a mother figure to beat mean father figure Trump, who reminds then of their own daddy issues.

      • that’s a good point. But it looks like the demoncrat primary voters will go for Joe B…if he can keep his hands off other guys’ wives and kids for awhile.

  2. I will listen to the podcast, but I’m not a fan of Cantwell. He is after all a self admitted FBI informant.

    Yang is an interesting figure, one that can’t win though. Without the help of at least one major media outlet no one can win. And there is no way in hell the Jews that completely control our financial system are going to be giving out free money to White people. It’s laughable to even suggest that.

      • I enjoyed the leisurely, subdued pace of the interview, HW. I just wish you had conducted it in the barn or garage, where there wouldn’t have been so much background noise.

    • “And there is no way in hell the Jews that completely control our financial system are going to be giving out free money to White people. It’s laughable to even suggest that.”

      Jews are just a part of it. The Democrats is an anti-White brown people party now. The browns already get UBI. Why would they vote to let Whites have it too? Alt-Right is going to get schooled by reality again.

        • Welp, they better start a new party then.

          What Whites want is not relevant to the Democrat Party. The browns already get the bag, They will vote for the most anti-White candidate to get more bag from Whitey. The noisy, menacing, brown mob, doesn’t give a damn what is good for Whitey. They want to punish Whitey. Remember those menacing BLM marches under Obama? Those will be returning soon.

          Republicans are the rich Zio-Nazi/dumb White boomer cuck party, so good luck supporting them too!

          You know I am thinking the best outcome for us, would have been Trump to have narrowly lost. Perhaps then Whites would have faced up to demographic reality. The absolute worst outcome for us was him winning. When Trump won, Whites went back to sleep, and while they were sleeping Trump accelerated their demise. Anyone else winning would have been less damaging.

  3. 34th minute: Cantwell starts talking about Partition, Hunter responds by promoting striking a deal with Asians, literally “maybe we can work something out with the Asians”. Wow.

    Fortunately, it means that we aren’t far from the Partition movement. People are scraping the bottom of the barrel for any alternative because they are scared, soon there will be no alternative.

    Bargaining <- Today
    Depression <- Tomorrow
    Acceptance <- Soon

      • Smoothly or not smoothly, Separation and Partition is now the only outcome to be considered. It is the only acceptable option; all others result in extermination.

        There are various legal and political ways to save the Union, strictly speaking, but also to achieve White separation and self-determination. We would simply have to re-imagine certain aspects of federalism, and re-imagine certain legal concepts. I could explain some of the nuts and bolts if you like.

        Hard to do, but it could be sold as, Hey man, last best offer: preferable to civil war.

        • the Jews will permit no

          White bantustans. ((They))) intend to kill us.

          all.of.us. This is already a

          zero-sum game. The Jews

          understand this very well, Whites,

          like HW and Mr. Giggles, don’t yet get it.

          but they will.

          • As I said in the conversation with Cantwell, I think this line of thinking is the perfect way to accelerate our own demise. It doesn’t change anything or improve anything for us. It just makes things worse.

    • You’ve avoided answering specific questions on partition, even though you continually advocate for it. Anyway, I’ve come to think that the only way to get the kind of tribal separation that we want will be through a weakening of centralized political and cultural control. Gov’t power is ubiquitous, but that is also its vulnerable spot. To make the system into a modern Roman grain distributary (universal basic income provider) gives more freedom to live where one wishes, and less under corporate sway, too. The power structure remains, but has reduced force due to regional/tribal groups now being able to band together for their own interests. Most pols don’t support UBI yet, preferring a higher minimum wage, but as that tactic brings on more automation and fewer jobs, UBI (or something similar) will have to be eventually implemented. Unless the kakistocracy really does want civil war and widespread instability. They might be that murderous and stupid, but that brings the day of the rope closer for them as well.

  4. They won’t get rid of The Hammer (Trump) until they want a jew as POTUS (this is how close we are to their culminating full power). They will then release the damaging info on Trump (ruining his run and allowing a jew “savior” to fix what the evil white supremacist did to “ruin America”).

    Thankfully, the jews will fix it all.

  5. BTW: Cantwell was one of Trump’s biggest cheerleaders.

    Personally, I’d like to hear from someone who got it right, instead of all this mumbo jumbo from those that GOT IT ALL WRONG.

  6. It was near universally accepted that Trump was a vehicle. Yes, as things happen we let our hopes get away from us.

    If the vote was tomorrow I’d still vote for Trump. I will never vote for Pence and Trump may be the last we get. I don’t care. I’m riding the lols all the way down.

    I do not understand people jumping ship right now for a bag of silver. This shit is getting better and better. The triggering of the left is still at all-time highs (God knows why), the integrity of the media is completely collapsing and this is a powder keg about to go off.

    Why would anyone leave right now? It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s bottom of the ninth and half the team is running for the parking lot because there’s free food. It’s really depressing.

  7. Cantwell did a good job in pushing back against the socialist naivete Wallace was proposing.

    Yes, yes…the talking point is that Yang’s economic ideals aren’t “socialist”, rather, they’re “humane capitalism” or some such…but if words have any meaning at all, then Yang’s proposals are socialist. Unfortunately, I don’t think Cantwell pushed back hard enough, especially given his supposed libertarian roots.

    Right now, the official numbers for U.S. welfare expenditures are around 600 billion. There are around 350-million people in the US, and if the state gives each of them 12,000 a year, that’s upwards of 4-trillion dollars! Quite an increase from a mere(!) 600-billion.

    And how is this to be financed? Through a value added tax…says Yang.

    Really? Close to 3.5-trillion dollars through a VAT?

    Recall the maxim that whatever pollyanna “good” socialists want to do on the “front-end” (economically), their policies always end up destroying on the “back-end.” While Cantwell highlighted some social implications of UBI (ie: it would encourage people not to work), he failed to hammer-home the “back-end” disaster such an enormous VAT would have. Think the UBI will be a way to forcefully redistribute the wealth of the jewish international business elite? Think again! They’re not going to cut their corporate pay-checks at the end of the fiscal year. No. They’ll either pass the new expense on to the consumers of their products, or they’ll invest in more automation to get rid of the “workers” (whom the socialists claim to care so much about), or they’ll move their business out of America completely. Then where are the sainted “workers” going to be?

    Socialist policies *always* hurt those they’re ostensibly intended to help. Always. And they do it while robbing individual liberty and the hard-earned resources of the very people socialists supposedly want to help.

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