Trump Threatens To Close The Mexican Border

FWIW, the Mexican border has spiraled utterly out of control:

This is who he is now until he turns it around … Blompf.

He is perceived as an impotent bloviating moron with an increasingly tiresome Twitter feed who is clearly out of his league and surrounded by a bunch of sycophants and grifters.

Contrast the substance and tone with this non-Boomer:

The choice is clear …

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  1. As soon as Trump cures his Twitter addiction, and those dastardly Democrats stop stealing his pens he will sign those exeutive orders.

  2. Does Trump even have the means to close the border?

    The military point-blank refused to obey him last time.

    The National Guard is commanded by the State Governors, who refused to obey him.

    That pretty much runs out of options. POTATUS appears to be promising what he can’t deliver no matter what, even if he theoretically wanted to. The sound and the fury, signifying nothing.

    • Trump could order generals and State Governors arrested, tried for treason ,and executed in double time. Then he could order soldiers to shoot invaders on sight. If they refuse, allow citizens to do this. But that won’t happen….

  3. This clown is constantly threatening to do this or that but he rarely, if ever, follows through. Only for his favorite country, Israel, will he go the extra mile. Prepare for millions more illiterate and unskilled illegals to get welfare, send money home, fill the schools, EDs, jails and courts and vote Democrat. And all these scummy politicians, both D and R, have been doing this to us for decades.
    I can no longer get interested in their fraudulent elections.

  4. Mexico just warned that the ” Mother of all caravans” is heading north toward the jewnited states southern border.

    I have absolutely no confidence that Drumpf will stop this invasion either. After all, Israel isn’t being overrun by third world refuses, so he doesn’t care.

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