Jared Taylor Has Been Banned From Europe Until 2021




“Dear Friends in Stockholm, Turku, and around the world,

I am sorry to have to tell you that I cannot attend the Scandza Forum in Stockholm or the Awakening Conference in Turku, Finland, where I had been invited to give talks. Today, when I landed in Zurich for a connecting flight to Stockholm, Swiss border authorities told me I have been banned from Europe until 2021. I will spend the night at the airport, and tomorrow I will be deported.

The officer at passport control in Zurich airport had already stamped my passport and waved me through to my Stockholm flight when she called after me to come back. She stared at her computer screen and told me I had to wait. She didn’t say why. In a few minutes, a policeman arrived and told me there was an order from Poland that barred me from all 26 countries in the Schengen Zone.

He said the Poles did not give a reason for the ban, and he asked me what I had done. I said I give talks on immigration, and someone in Poland must not like them. “That makes me a political criminal,” I said. …”

I’ve come to the realization that we are the normal people.

It is the world that has lost its mind under the spell of political correctness. Jared Taylor isn’t a threat to anyone. He wanted to give a speech at a conference.

There are some dark and shameful episodes in European history. This current round of secular witch hunting and moral panic over “racism” will certainly go down as one of the most embarrassing. Are they afraid that Jared Taylor was going to give someone the “evil eye” in Scandinavia?

Note: Imagine banning Jared Taylor from visiting Sweden while letting it be colonized by jihadists. The moral rot of Europe can’t possibly get much deeper.

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  1. I bet this because of that mass shooting in New Zealand.

    You know how when Republicans get power, they crack down on their WN supporters, to prove to the left they aren’t Nazis? I bet this is the same thing. Poland is a nationalist country. Nationalists cracking down on White Nats to prove to the EU that they aren’t racist, is no more than DemsAreTheRealRacists! Its cowardly.

    • The phony Indian Senator has already made it known she’s out to criminalize and prosecute pro-Whites, aka White Nationalists. It’s coming: White Nats and Pepe are terrorists. Shut them down!

      The silver lining in the dark cloud is that we are winning the meme war.

  2. HW, Europe does have two secular religions. One spawned the other.

    The governments of Europe practice a toxic mixture of holocaustianity and “1984” thought policing (I.e., political correctness) on PEDs.

    Jared Taylor is about the least dangerous American to European governance and sovereignty, since D-Day.

    Didn’t Poland recently put on one of the biggest nationalist demonstrations in recent memory? Obviously, zog is feeling threatened.

    So the question is how many shekels did the Polish official(s) receive from Soros’ to get Mr. Taylor banned until 2021?

  3. I do not understand. One Polish politician has this much power? And I thought Poland was a favorite of white nationalists.

  4. Jared Taylor is the original optics cuck. I take satisfaction in seeing him shut down and persecuted by the tribe he has refused to name for the last 25 years.

    • My sentiments exactly. I have no pity for “respectable” types such as Lord Jared who think they will be exempted from abuse because they don’t name the jew or use words like nigger, spic and kike. Truth be told I always thought Taylor was something of a poseur.

    • My only aversion to Taylor was his refusal to use effective memes. I stopped following him years ago because of it. Perhaps he’s changed.

  5. Well…..Jared……you shouldn’t have been there! YOU WERE ASKING FOR IT!!!!! >_<

    That's what you told me about us going to Charlottesville.

  6. Whether he said it was the Jews or not, it’s not just Jews doing this to us. Obviously, it didn’t help him. Then, you have to ask yourself why.

    You’ll never, ever defeat something you don’t understand.

  7. Milquetoast American Renaissance has banned my account from commenting on their news page.

    Jared Taylor was rightfully livid to have his books banned from being sold on Amazon, but the gatekeepers at American Renaissance suffer no cognitive dissonance in banning non-violent but politically incorrect speech on their Disqus site.

    Hypocrisy thy name is American Renaissance. Optic cucks indeed.

  8. Jared Taylor covers for Jews. I have no sympathy for him. His brand of boomer white nationalism needs to die out.

  9. i met him in 2002. a good guy with a solid message. but his effectiveness is limited by his strict policy of never talking about jews, ever. over the last 20 years i’ve watched him be totally ineffective, and during the obama years, hotels began banning the American Renaissance conference. something which didn’t happen before obama.

    he’s been completely neutralized by his actual enemies. sometimes i wonder if he understands who they are. not long until AmRen is eliminated from youtube i suspect.

    nobody needs to go full third reich. but the inability to the discuss the issue that underpins 80% of the problems jared taylor is trying to address, is like a doctor trying to treat AIDS without talking about viruses or a surgeon trying to cure melanoma without talking about cancer cells.

  10. Is 2021 the year White Genocide is supposed to be complete in Europe? The faster our enemies go the more transparent they become.

  11. As a few others have already stated well, Jared Taylor is ineffective because he doesn’t name the Tribe as the source of white genocide. This “limited hangout” approach gets us nowhere and keeps us trapped in the false left/right paradigm.

    But the real truth of the matter is that all of these happenings are the result of Almighty God exacting vengeance for us turning away from the true faith.

    For at its core, the real battle here is a spiritual one. The answers lie right in front of us, but we traded communion with God for the lies of Satan. Until we get right with a God, I don’t see how we can reverse this.

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